‘What Do You Think is Going to Happen?’, Part 2+

By James LaFond

The American Sun is proud to publish James LaFond’s series on a range of American futures. His written works can be purchased at jameslafond.com or wherever fine books are sold. – Ed

Bitch World: Prequel 2020

Condition 1: the U.S. Government, has not since, at the very east 1914, been at all concerned with the well-being of the American Nation State or its subjects, but has instead been constituted for over 100 years to exploit Americans towards the goal of a Global Supra State. Any reading of history that neglects this political foundation will skew futurist predictions.

Condition 2: Since the precepts of American history are based upon lies, believed by liberals and conservatives, Christians and Satanists, Communists and Libertarians, socialists and fascists, this nation has a binary thought stream that operates on a false polarity of Utopian opposites. This thought stream, being organically grown under the long stewardship of the academic and entertainment steerage cults, provides the individual mind—even the dissident mind—with an inoculation against perceiving Reality. Hence, any predictions that are made will, despite proven accuracy of the prediction set, be mis-framed, misunderstood, railed against and ignored, especially by dissident thinkers who yet dwell within the polarity. Further toxifying perception is the doctrinaire nature of American thought. Despite a plummeting intelligence and literacy level, Americans, largely conditioned to endlessly schism into tiny factions over biblical doctrine—I was witness to such an argument yesterday—during the formation of this nation, in the spiraling fall into secular ethicism, will forever fall upon one another’s ideas and beliefs, and in so doing seek validation from the extant Social Steerage Cults of church, government and economy and serve the system much like Indian tribes feuding facilitated the original geographic expansion of the American Economic Zone.

Condition 3: related to condition 2 is the endless thirst for validation engendered in the seeking soul who has been weaned in the gutters of the Great American Lie. One will note that those people with the intelligence to parse the lie, will find some ancient misdeed to stake a claim of injustice on and argue that the tale of this war or that act was the reverse of what is told. Hence, the few people not blinded by the false polarity built into the Lie Matrix we exist within, will instead permit the false precept of Government Service to Individual, creed, ethnicity or good to infect their perception with the emotive volatility of justice and injustice, which is the balancing duality that entraps the individual mind capable of breaching the collective delusion within the false matrix. This is the beauty of gaslighting, that those emergent minds that can see the lie, fall to battling it within the collective field according to the very false pretenses that permitted the lie to begin with, the notion that massive, extra-human systems of control serve humanity. This is reflected in the toxic obsession with WWII, with most books published on the inquiry into the present human condition [called history] devoted to the study of that post-human war as either foundational to a just of unjust society. Every mind pointed towards a WWII book is pointed away from the past and the future and entrapped in the present.

Condition 4: Postmodern Society, as were Modern, Medieval and Ancient societies, is deeply religious. This reality is buttressed by the delusion that we live in a post religious world, with preachers forever claiming that cults are not religions, that ideologies are not religions, and within Christianity, that these dozens of denominations are not really part of that religious field. This is reflective of the fact that the vast majority of humans are incapable of original thought—really, how many spearmen failed to invent the bow and arrow?

The capacity for original thought in humans is statistically insignificant at the least, and probably, in my estimation, fails to exceed those of canines. For instance, I now live with a dog that can open sliding doors. Very few human possess that capacity to act outside of their template. Therefore, I see ultimate, witch-burning, Reformation levels of religious fanaticism returning, largely enabled by the belief that we are post-religious. Both atheist church burners and Christians will look at a Church burning and see a post-religious act when it is in fact as profoundly religious in expression as the First Crusade and the Acts of Paul, Peter, Luther and Calvin. We are such fools that we look at the return of iconoclasm and see an end to religious action and fervent faith.

Condition 5: Gross systems of control, such as policing, academics and medicine—now obviously under the direction of the oblique [media and political] and deep [criminal and conspiratorial] systems of control, have bene recently delegitimized. The foolish belief in government as public service prevents even seekers to understand that these systems of control are merely being demolished so that more sturdy systems may be constructed. The curse of identifying society and individual well-being with the health of the parasitic state is like saying a man with terminal cancer is hearty and thriving because his tumors are growing at a high rate. Hence another expression of Condition 1 is that the seeker sees a system upgrade as a tragedy and is thus geared to take the mental knee.

Condition 6:The panic of the entire global system directed at one hopeful nationalist leader who attempted little more than slowing the increase in global growth in certain narrow fields, leads this writer to suspect that either the Global System has become organically self-aware and is now an active evil leviathan thirsting to eradicate humanity, or, more likely I think, that the Social Steerage Cults, at some level, are operating according to knowledge that a global climatic event, probably a cooling and food reduction cycle, is underway or imminent.

Condition 7: This is a realistic science-fiction exercise. This means, that contrary to popular science-fiction and such fiction foisted as history that a certain nationalistic leader of the last century sought world conquest when he stridently sought the opposite, that there can be no “save the world” ending. The System of Control has a hunger, has been rendered hyper-aggressive by those fools who served it by attempting to cage it and causing it to find the untapped strength that enabled its gossamer chains to be burst so easily and imbuing it with titanic awareness. This Beast is directed, corrected and set upon enemies by its handlers and remains a great danger to these genius minds as well. The Social Steerage Cults sit upon the heads of the beast like ancient mahutes riding war elephants that have gone nearly mad over some bristling resistance. Such men had a hammer and spike to kill the elephant when it went mad. But their postmodern counterparts ride the many heads of an every growing beast, which may grow new heads, and has the aspect of the cannibal, happy to eat its own when they falter.

And remember, this series of articles is written not for political or academic purposes, its author being both uneducated and apolitical, and is not even written for “information purposes,” but is simply written to entertain you as we lurch towards damnation on the hideous back of the reeking thing of malefic hate that we were once told was beautiful and loved us.

Snitch World: Retooling Social Steerage Levers: 2021-24

Although I do not know if any of these near future trends are already underway, I expect that half of them are. These are measures I think are necessary to usher in the level of control desired—indeed organically thirsted for—by The System Steerage Cults and their individual functionaries in public office and employment. This is really all no-brainer stuff for anyone with at least a translucent window on reality.

1. Space exploration will once again be an approved activity, but only for diversity missions as an overt expression of post-Masculine, post-Caucasian human excellence. The real reason for renewed interest in space activity is going to involve ringing the world with listening post satellites, constructing an artificially active night sky. There, might, further down the road be noise made about how such space junk will for some kind of function protective of life and the habitat of earth, such as I predicted for the Sunset Saga, with the earth ringed by a buoy system facilitating system control.

2. Disease panic, mask cultism and vaccination will somehow be used—in many ways I think—to more closely control the population.

3. With the collusion of the single pro-American news network in the unseating of the usurper, there should be a creative new means by which controlled opposition news is repackaged and presented to the delusional conservative mind. Calling in the loyalty chips of that single news network and getting it in lockstep with the mainstream media priesthood, was an ugly necessity. The resulting lack of trust among the cucked must be restored by some stunt, overseas war or Creep State sham mass murder blamed on 2nd amendment yetis.

4. Military operations will escalate steeply across Africa and tale place in a majority of those nations. This is necessary to finally grow the Heavenly Hued population in America by the necessary tens of millions. This is under way but still slight in scale.

5. Creep State ops will be used to justify another level of patriotic social control. Expect the end of freedom of speech and continual restrictions on gun rights to be wrapped up in this feel-good anti-hate initiative.

6. Medical personal will be increasingly used to survey and police Americans.

7. Numbers of police directly employed by the 50 states, by the federal government and by private contractors, will far exceed the numbers of municipal police reduced through defunding and revocation of lethal force and arrest powers by local officials.

8. Not having sex with a member of the Heavenly Race, or with a person of your same sex, will increasingly become taboo and be used to excuse violent crimes such as rape and also deny certain levels of employment.

9. A new level of apex high-speed internet communication will be used as an excuse for enhanced spying on the public.

10. Many urban and suburban zones in the nation will become over anarcho-tyranny sectors, in which members of the Heavenly race will enjoy the powers of life and death over members of the Devil Race. This is simply the logical evolution of the current reality in which a person of the Devil race is not permitted to defend himself against a person of a Sainted Race, as established in federal law in 1968, yet still rarely acted upon. Part of this initiative will be federal leadership in prosecuting hate crimes against Devil Race “defenders.” This leverage mining of federal codes, has been done with the Osauron Administration using WWI Era espionage laws to deal with dissidents. Such retooling of long under-utilized levers of control will be a feature of this phase.

11. Reparation measures for Heavenly Folk will be enacted nationally. We will be told that this can never be enough and that regular reparations measures will be necessary as well as ongoing atonement and worship.

12. Some lie, some assignment of blame by the media and government, will be used to focus the hate of the squishy multitudes once it becomes obvious that global cooling is a fact. First global cooling will be blamed on global warming which already has an enemies list. But, other measures will be taken, including a feel-good term for food rationing, continued crackdowns on food service, and measures to punish home food growing and preservation by families, communities and individuals.

Glitch World: Ritualized Social Control: 2025-29

The second reign of the Reparations Cult will be clutch and I expect it to be messy. The very people now overtly targeted for second-class subject status and wytch-hunting are the class of people who built, and now maintain infrastructure. So there will be bumps in the road. If you doubt this you are lost in the Lie. But consider, as one final thought, why are U.S. Citizen’s discriminated against structurally in the way of acquiring licensing and identification in favor of “U.S. persons” who also have a more human designation?

What follows are conditions that need to be met to grow Leviathan on a planet undergoing reduced carrying capacity for the cattle it dines upon.

1. The Middleclass must finally be reduced to niche, specialist status. The stage is set for this in many ways. But you greedy little people just work so damned hard to maintain your aspirations! The targeting of small businesses via continued looting might not have been feasibly maintained during the transitional four years. Shamdemics, however, will likely continue to favor corporations over small businesses and reduce construction, which has emerged as an overt goal of Shamdemicism. The powers behind the media throne do not think we are going to need more residential housing or business sites. That is a chilling suggestion that radical environmentalism has been a Creep State op all along.

2. The second most important aspect of this period will be the final destruction of the indigenous family. The extended family is long dead in most areas of the land. But the nuclear family threatens to remerge as a social building block in reaction to the fact that housing is now too expensive for young families and extended nuclear family living is emerging as a survival strategy under vertical wealth redistribution. I see tax codes tweaked to favor individuals over families, unless immigrant families.

3. Immigrant populations will be permitted extended family living in order to further reduce the security of the Native Infrastructure Race and render the remnant of traditional America into a specialist servant class for the elite, operating in security as well as transportation and mansion construction.

4. State parks, national parks and national forests have become refuges for native nuclear families of the industrious type, living in campers to escape shamdemic lockdown. This has been noted by the Creep State and will be addressed. Expect severe restrictions on public lands use by natives. Also, expect the Asiatic tourist to be wooed to such places to infuse the System with…what exactly?

5. Expect cash money and physical currency to come under critical attack in this period, under cover of the ever useful “War on Drugs,” or other such fictions of public good. This is well under way. However, I think the Creep State will have some difficulty retooling currency to its own specifications, in light of the fact that it is our sacred article and at once their prime lever. A system of credit, already in place, is a likely replacement.

6. Existing credit systems will be retooled, in cooperation with social media platforms, to include a social justice score, or some other method of reducing the credit score of hate-speakers and wrong-thinkers.

7. A major military antagonist: Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, will be required to focus international threat mongering away from the ongoing shit show in Africa. Hopefully we will at least have some aviation combat. Syria would be a nice place for this. However, I expect Cold War levels of ork and goblin double-dealing and no real large scale combat like 1991 and 2003.

8. Laws, enforced by smart phone tracing, limiting mobility, will most likely be sugar-coated and soft-served.

Much of this period will be about setting up the bogus “mandate” of the next administration and trying not to be too heavy-handed in advance of the hard turning point ahead. The textual aspect of this period should be the glitch creep as system dysfunction due to purging native functionaries from the machine. After Stalin purged his army officers he found it almost impossible to fight off an inferior force in 1941. Likewise, since the enemy of the American States is the American People, we can expect the war on Americans to suffer from technical problems as well. Fortunately for the system, the slavish nature of the American Mind will prevent substantial resistance. That said, many fake ghost attacks on the sacred system will be conducted by Creep State agents to work up fervor for the War against Hate.

Rich World: The Face of Post-Human America: 2030-33

Below are items which I perceive as System Goals. How expertly Leviathan is steered by the Cults of Control and how much native resistance and imported chaos and inevitable purge-related glitches interfere with the final anointing of the world-straddling God of Things and Lord of Thought, is a field of broad potential. A natural catastrophe, could for instance, accelerate or derail the system growth and control. What follow are the expressed penultimate desires of the Social Steerage Cults, as demonstrated repeatedly over my lifetime by their words and actions.

These things should rightly, according to the tortured duality and false polarity of the Great American Lie, be implemented or achieved in the wake of a signal executive expression:

One of three possibilities strike clear:

1. The controlled opposition of a traditional Republican president, such as Nixon, would be a good pretext for screwing the very fools who would vote for such a candidate.

2. An anointed candidate with impeccable demographic qualifications, such as Osauron, will usher in the final solution.

3. A third party candidate will insure a hardline social control candidate such as Woodrow Wilson.

System Goals 2030:

1. Operating vehicles by non-state actors, or private citizens must be eliminated or strictly licensed to insure that individual vehicles cannot be navigated by criminals in violation of travel restrictions.

2. The conservative fear of being herded into reeducation camps will instead be realized by being atomized severely in one’s own assigned dwelling and even room, essentially making every renter and home owner a solitary inmate linked to the world remotely, educated by gaslight and subject to visiting medical and law enforcement personnel. By forcing people into their own private reeducation camp, we will at once invalidate their fears as kooky and reshape their minds.

3. Growing food for home use must be outlawed and/or severely regulated, as will meat-eating and hunting.

4. Documentation of some kind, something like a passport, will be required for interstate travel.

5. Private ownership of firearms outside of State and Corporate issue, must be made strictly against the law by this point, or else ultimate control will cause a destabilizing level of friction. This will be tied with #3 above. Of course, for a million dollars, one will still be able to hunt as did the ancient kings while their serfs starved on grain.

6. Subjection of innocent infants to the hazards of home birth and midwifery shall be a crime.

7. For a Native American mother to qualify for medical facilitation of her child birth, her and her mate must graduate from a social norms course. Failure to do this will result in foster parenting of the child.

8. Sexual assignment of infants must, at this juncture be decided by medical staff and not the parents, based on the special knowledge of said professionals and the needs, norms and accommodations of society.

9. Indoctrination of new children shall begin under initial medical care and continue along the span of one’s life. For children born in this period, if the System has achieved its goals, compulsory education will be forever, with ongoing courses and testing required for any person who wishes to enjoy a minimal standard of living. Note that doctors already live such a life, and that modern corporate medicine, is the life-way model society is currently expanding to embrace us all.

10. At this point, physical money and barter must be outlawed if society is to continue the grand collective course.

11. Also, mandatory wearing or implanting of infotech tracking and observation devices must be mandatory, for the safety of all.

Expect such initiatives to be advanced at first in commercials, product design, insurance regulations and social justice initiatives. These will then be presented in soft light to the perpetually not very bright American dolt and their introduction will be heralded with acclaim by the media and an ecstatic end of suffering narrative will cast a glow of angelic expectation across the land. Half of “conservative” will embrace such measures, just as they embraced the War on Drugs in my youth and still do despite the fact that tat war has been used to born cities, churches, to make them kneel.

Ye, Christian readers doubt me. I am looking at a deluded newspaper right now, The Epoch Times: Truth & Tradition, October 14-20, 2020 a conservative Christian newspaper. The cover stories all support atheistic system control and narrative that the newspaper is supposedly against, focusing on “Chinese Disease,” a Creep State narrative put forth by rabid church-closing atheists, and the peril of pot, in an article worthy of the 1920s! Just like these Christians disbelieve that their own Creep State created shandemicism, they also foolishly believed that their President would be reelected and that it’s good for them to have SWAT teams kicking in doors at 4:45 A.M. every morning in almost every large city in America. Such fools will fall victim to wordage calibrated to their sense of social order and thus support the implementation of laws aimed at them. Recall, that atheistic systems of control aim for nothing less than a level of control exercised by the Pope and Caliphate at their medieval apex, and that they will tap into such ancient sentiments of law and order preserved in extant religion and secular ideology.

Lich World: Cosmic Aspects of Post-Human America: 2034 and Beyond

What follows are my interpretations of the desires of control possessed by our often unseen masters and what I view as the resultant System Thirst in line with the perverse aspirations of system functionaries.

1. Hunting will only be permitted for the super elite.

2. Human reproduction must be controlled by state and corporate entities, not individuals and never by families. This is where the Creep State agenda of bringing in tens of millions of breeding families to marginalize those Native Americans who had largely already been seduced by safety and plenty into not reproducing, hits the wall of critical system failure. Hopefully, robotics and drone technology will have rendered the System capable of the massive genocides necessary to cull breeders. If not, the hazardous course of designer disease to wipe out Mestizo and Bantu Americans will be undertaken. The humane hope, is that the breeders will self-sterilize like previous American demographics. The System could come under such continuous low-intensity Islamic, Amish, Mormon and Catholic resistance that a critical fracture occurs. I favor the devolution of “Hinterlands” into rural religious regions and cities into elite enclaves, as this is an ages old pattern and is currently supported by the “red-blue” municipal political map.

3. By this point it should be known if the global cooling cycle is going to abate or intensify and/or continue. If the news is bad, The System will be tasked with moderating mass population movements. Failure in this could further wreck the machine.

4. At this stage, the Elite hope is that They have gained the ability to perpetuate itself willfully as a Risen God. Upload of the knowledge and personality is currently in vogue as the likely method. Although this is clearly desired, I think that it will yet remain beyond man’s ability before the system cracks. The first means by which this will be done will be human fabrication, the birthing of designer babies, at first using donner sperm and eggs and tweaking the genetics. This is already well under way. I see, rather than cloning, a more egotistical desire to be a parent of a better self, the designer and developer of one’s own upgrade. Such activity, if successful, may result in a separation of humanity into Titans and serfs, and, ultimately, facilitate the AI upload drawn for some apex character or elite cabal.

5. The rampant insanity of atomized life will require very personalized diversions. The sham sports that have been our bread and circuses for so long will give way to something more personal. Most likely, such diversions will combine voyeuristic detachment such as in viewing ball sports and pornography and music videos, with the video gaming immersion and drug enhanced trance induction and maintenance. I see this being dominated by drugged emersion in a manga self.

6. At some point, once popular support is no longer required to align with System goals, I would expect to see the secret activities of the elite being elevated to the scale of spectacle and religious ritual. In such a setting, video streams of the hunting, rape and torture of criminals—particularly fallen servants—would become the delicacies of the atomized anti-masses and the sublime joy of their Masters. In short, if the system continues to progress along its current, and 400-year long trajectory, I expect a world where a future Slick Willy will conduct erotic child sacrifices before millions and be loved and envied for it.

My overall prediction is that what remains of humanity on earth will be ordered in the following manner:

1. Elites or Titans, with median IQ in what is currently the genius range, with a concurrently retarded ability to interact directly with the serfs, placing great potential power of the janissary and Mameluke kind in the hands of their ruthlessly manipulative and violent servants

2. Servants, highly intelligent and ruthless functionaries in corporate and state employ, from doctors and educators to slave traders and soldiers

3. Serfs, imagine a post-moral media-minded America with a medieval IQ—a Baltimorean

4. Tribal/Ethnic/Religious dissidents, most ethnically prominent being African, Mestizo and Middle Eastern. Religious resistance will come from most to least: Muslim, Catholic [mestizo only], Mormon, Amish [they will resist the outlawing of organic childbirth] and Black Hatted Abrahamics, evangelical Christians, with major branches of Christianity controlled by the System. Metaphysic outliers will also include neo-Heathens which would be a tiny minority and bridge with the criminal class. Reformed, Hindu, Daoist, Buddhist, Sikh, New Age, Shinto, Mennonite, and Confucian followers are expected to offer little dissent and people the system posts alongside the secular humanist, deist, masonic, Atheistic and mainline Christian and remnant Caucasian Catholic servants of the Titans.

5. Criminals, lone, gang, clan and cult based, with ties to all of the above classes, will have dynamic and conspiratorial interactions both positive and negative, with each of the classes. Once resistance is triggered, the Titans will need the criminals as a counterbalance to their increasingly powerful servants. Crooks might foster Amish babies away from the medical establishment, provide counter-intelligence on the elite to aspirational servants seeking to supplant a master, murder un-corruptible cops for the elite, run slaves for the religious heretics and the elite, round up pale serfs to be sold for meat to Nigerian tribesmen—and provide drugs for all of the above, which will likely be their universal in.

And thus, we could return to a fair model of medieval Christendom under its evil pope, witches burning on the horizon, degenerate monks copying books they cannot fathom, savage murderers stalking borderlands, the huddled mass of humanity shivering in misery, criminals preying on them all, and out in the hinterland and in unused basements amongst the ruins of once graceless cities, religious heretics preaching that the mechanisms of control are neutral, and that if only they would replace the evildoers working the levers of power, that misery would be banished and plenty would blanket the lot of Man against the cruel winds of change under the One True God.

End Cycle.

Turn off?



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  1. miforest says:

    extinction will happen long before we get to this. The elites and the complex systems that control all this require energy input and super complex manufactured products. the creation of both of these things will decline as this progresses. creating an conflict between the progress towards their goals and the need for hardware to allow that progress. The economic damage from the holy virus has yet to be reckoned with. supply chains are cracking under the strain and that will accelerate and compound over time.
    to be honest about the future, there will be no legacy Americans in it . the circles I am familiar with , the young women marry each other at a much higher rate than they marry men. and even the ones who marry seem to prefer dogs to children. So you should probably remove them from your assessment since they won’t really exist. buy alas , I fall into the sin of despair.


  2. OneGodOnly says:

    This makes PissEarth seem tame tbh.


  3. Mujahedeen Martin says:

    This is the best thing ive ever read of its type (surely something by “metanomad” who i learned of on this site was it until this article), top 3 in this category of word length easily.. If i can “swap tips” as it were in gratitude i can only say to look up the “USA Genocide”s (related to the “Friends of David Goldberg” series) on bitchute as a supplement to this spot on perspective


  4. nc says:

    To a or not to a….
    The reset will be the reset, the smug pharaohs think they are going reload at the last save point but little do they realize the AI (mother nature) will set it back to zero. Whether the current iteration of “human” survives is TBD!


  5. GDR says:

    This is hilariously pessimistic and assumes that elites are far more competent than they appear. I’m tempted to say it’s demoralization.

    Apply Occam’s razor and it’s just a bunch of boomers poisoned with leaded gasoline to Mestizo tier IQs, now running the nation into the ground as they hold on for dear life and pensions.

    Look up the cost of 20 gallons of muriatic acid, the Wikipedia article on concrete degradation, and the age of our infrastructure that hosts vehicle travel, rail shipping, power lines, and communication lines. Look up YouTube videos of radio tower demolition via guy wire cutting using a $150 portable gas powered rotary saw. The big metal pylons used to transport power thousands of miles are held in place with 2″ nuts; a 2″ wrench and 4 foot long steel pipe can’t be more than $200 at Home Depot. I saw a video yesterday of some 80 IQ Yeminis using a $400 racing drone to tow $30 of razor wire into the rotors of a helicopter, crashing it. It should work on all rotary wing and turbo prop aircraft, which is all helicopters and drones.

    You can buy a mylar lined poncho and wool underclothes for $200, effectively becoming invisible to IR when it’s raining or cold out at night.

    This is not rocket science.

    They have portraits of Mao in their living rooms, yet they apparently never read his works on their war against the Japanese and the Nationalists. Why else would they create fortress cities that a smart 14 year old with a quad and $1000 in equipment can completely isolate?

    Besides the ease with which their underpinnings can be destroyed, without the vile honky race, America can’t survive. It will be colonized by cartels and millions of totally not insincere Chinese flooding the West coast and seeking reparations for indentured servitude in the 1800s.

    We build the ships, the weapons, the planes, the drones, and most important the machines used to build the machines that build weapons. We are the only ones who can competently sail ships – look at the fuckups caused by diversity hires in the US Navy in the past 10 years.

    The paid killers in our military other nations fear are all descendants of Confederates. Purge them, and no nation will fear us. Without fear, they will not buy and sell oil with US dollars. With trillions of dollars on the market, we get hyperinflation. Hyperinflation leads to Weimar, which leads to Hitler.

    Development of ocean-going kamikaze drones will destroy naval force projection in 5 years. The USA is a naval power, we can’t project force beyond Mexico without it. The elites will rule over an empire of dust if they kill us all, and it’s in our best interests to remind them of this.

    We don’t need to fight to win, we can just drop out, stop contributing, and let the diversity hires ruin it while we impregnate as many women of all races as possible.

    We should disperse and disappear for the next 4 years to force the enemy to own their failures. Spend your free time getting disability, knocking up women, sparring, and working out. Teach Jewish and Asian women to cheat on their husbands with you and 5 of your buddies. Have your white girlfriends pump out babies and let the government pay for it. Teach your kids to lie to their teachers and pretend to be retarded so they get disability at 18 and sell pot to Jews.

    If the enemy wants us to act like hoodrats and they’ll pay us to do it, well shit, let’s become hoodrats then!


    1. I agree with this far more than LaFond’s essay.


      1. GDR says:

        You PhDs at the American Sun are really gonna annoy me out of my sex- and PS5-induced haze to write more articles, aren’t you?

        Me – certified retard, literally insane, father of hapas, mestizos, and mischlings who God willing I will never meet, and a complete and utter scumbag.

        You – some dumbass who wasted 10 years paying university boomers to bamboozle you, unable to take things to their logically absurd conclusions, looking for a tradwife that doesn’t exist so you can be farmed for tax dollars by BOG (Boomer/Bureaucrat Occupied Government).


      2. GDR says:

        By the way, our old pal Joe Stalin was a train robber, bandit, and federal informer before the revolution. Rogues are especially well adapted to tiger riding.


      3. Sam J. says:

        Thank you GDR. I get so glum but your reply has made me much happier. Every time I get glum from seeing the trajectory of the country I’ll just read your comment and smile again.

        Don’t get me wrong I like LaFond and believe that he is dead on with what they will “try” to do. And I expect that it will go their way for quite a while but…at some point people will have had enough and lose all hope then…hells a coming. All the tricksters like you will come out and make life a living hell for them. Their pets will start going after them in
        their high places when they can’t deliver the soylent. Life will become, hard.


  6. nc says:

    GDR gets the blue ribbon or a box of 9mm as a prize.


    1. GDR says:

      Looks like I was pessimistic about ocean-going kamikaze drones.



      China already has the drone part down pat – they’re submersibles too – now we need to wait for them to figure out how to put 500 lbs of plastic explosives in their nose. Or maybe a detachable mine for the lulz. Can you imagine the US Navy hearing dozens of “clunk” noises and suddenly noticing their entire battle group is covered in mines? That’s definitely a better intimidation weapon, and it has none of the downsides of an actual attack.

      Now imagine what will happen when Iran gets this idea. Or Syria, Russia, Venezuela, Pakistan, and Cuba. Or cartels who are tired of the US Coast Guard seizing their cocaine shipments.

      Pakistan could load a suitcase nuke and 500 lbs of cobalt in one, hire a series of fishing boats to tow it across the Pacific, and make the Salish Sea radioactive and unnavigable for a century. There goes a major US submarine port, the economy of Washington state and southwest British Columbia, and all fisheries on the West Coast. Whoops!

      Pakistan being Pakistan (irrational, stupid, emotional, and unable to develop ICBMs), they’ll probably use it to target India first. If India retaliates and China steps in, we may finally be free of the curry menace and I can get a job in IT seven years after I got my degree lmao.

      Iran could isolate all bases within hundreds of miles of them from resupply by sea, then use aerial kamikaze drones to take out the hardware on the bases before they walk in and take everyone hostage. No more Bahrain naval base – no more US presence in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, or Arabia. Thousands of hostages to use as bargaining chips with the senile Biden bureaucratic kleptocracy.

      Venezuela could destroy all US shipping and fishing on the East Coast, or at least the Gulf of Mexico. They could wait for Biden to send a battle group out deep, cripple them with kamikaze drones, then threaten them with more unless they surrender. Whoops! There go all those sanctions, and we end up paying each troop’s weight in gold (which will be excessive cause they’re letting fat asses in) to get them back unharmed.

      China could destroy all shipping in the Pacific, and destroy their neighbor’s navies. If they can get a million Chinese “tourists” in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, and Taiwan to “riot” and attack infrastructure with sledgehammers and muriatic acid ($7.99 a gallon at the nearest big box hardware store, 1 gallon will destroy 1 cubic meter of steel-reinforced concrete in 8 hours), they could destroy a lot of transportation, communication, and electricity-transfer infrastructure in each of these nations. Follow that up with aerial kamikaze drones on military hardware on US bases and it’s over.

      None of this requires new technology. China could prototype and build all this stuff in 3 months if they’re lazy about it. They’d lose access to the USA economy (unless they take hostages, of course), but they’d gain Taiwan, all the islands in the South China Sea, and probably a few Japanese islands if they have the skill to hold it. Granted it wouldn’t last once Japan develops their own kamikaze drones, but it’s more than enough time to prove America’s weakness and get everyone to abandon the dollar, leading to hyperinflation and probably civil war in the USA.


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