Compressed Time + Friday Reads

I have not shilled the book in a month or so. Come on, you got some Amazon cards for Christmas. Spend a little on my book.

There were a few threads that came together when I was reading some posts. BAP’s take of modern men being de-mystified is true. The many posts about the new religion spreading is true. America becoming a post-Christian nation is a long term trend. The masses on the left have wound themselves into a knot over a cough for almost a year. Why? They are petrified of death. Why? They are agnostics at best and de-mystified atheists in reality. They view this life as the one life there is and are desperate to hold on.

This has secondary effects with their chase of the new high. They do not form families, and become genetic dead ends. Every focus is on the here and now. Very little thought is given to the near or even far future. They have compressed time horizons. This makes conversations about difficult problems near impossible. They cannot comprehend nor want to, and they will be distracted. The normie is eternal. It is not just libs, but normies have become this way as well.

Kids and the afterlife matter. No children means no investment in the future. No belief in the afterlife means they’ll cling to this life with all they have. Another element is no fear of judgment. No one to call their bet and see their hand. No devil to fear. No God to stand before and face the actions of their lives. YOLO and no worries. “Do what thou wilt.”

Lesson in Taleb’s fragility/antifragility idea from this year. Who handled it better? Did families make people more robust or even antifragile during covid hysteria? It probably aided people and assisted in weathering the storm. Some may have found themselves to be antifragile simply by staying on the same level as pre-lockdown behavior. The singles in cities were very fragile. Take away their restaurants and bars, and they crumbled. We saw this daily on social media. With their focus on this one life and no belief in an afterlife, they became paralyzed and afraid of basic human interactions. They can only conceive of the here and now and the doomscroll news feed fed this paranoia.

The attention spans have decreased and dopamine hits have increased for the dumbest declarations. Like lab rats, we’re hitting the bar for the cheese. People doubt P-Man’s focus on SCALE and the mouse utopia experiment, but with each passing year, it gets harder to deny it. When I read posts or articles about childless single 40-somethings living in a bubble in their apartment during covid, I cannot help but think of the mice sheltered away grooming themselves and doing nothing else.

On to the links…

Online Star Chamber – No they really made the acronym for the online surveillance system be Star.

Dems Just Don’t Understand – Democrats from flyover lament that their party doesn’t get working class concerns. Imperial rule on display here.

Raze the NGOs – Prog billionaires use their money to create concerns, create the dialogue and create the solutions.

Apple v. Facebook – Would be wonderful to see Big Tech start infighting.

Bad Billy on the End of Trump – Billy has a book coming and one hopes it reads like this.

Greenwald on Substack – The heat will come for Substack so they have to prepare now.

Trump’s JV Squad – Patrick Byrne writes on the post-election fumbling of the election legal battle. Hard to say how much is real, but Gen. Flynn comes across as competent. Must be why the Deep State wanted him out fast in ‘17. If this is true, it’s just the fitting end to an admin that operated this way from the very start.

The Traitorous Elite – Great article on a historical parallel for our elite selling us out to China. It is jaw dropping and in the open.

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  1. GDR says:

    This article is the best I’ve ever read on our current problem.

    >The Traitorous Elite – Great article on a historical parallel for our elite selling us out to China. It is jaw dropping and in the open.

    Maxed out my screaming rage, lifting right now to redirect my desire to – well, you know – towards lifting.

    That said, it’s important to stawp fedposting, and to stop engaging our enemies on the left and right altogether. One should spend no more than 1 presidential term acting like Cassandra. Those people (if you can call them that) who mocked us – and who now luxuriate in what they think is our defeat (all of America was defeated, not just us) – don’t deserve to interact with us, and they certainly don’t deserve any insights as to what is coming from the Biden-China kleptocracy. They deserve only silence, isolation, and the company of the demons whom they value above us.


  2. WS says:

    I’ll vouch for Landry’s book. I enjoyed it. It introduced me to meditation and ultimately the Wim Hoff method with the cold.

    Lot of good things to get your mind straight in there. How to raise boys and girls to their potential. How to conduct yourself. What to focus on. Why our current system is utterly insulting to masculinity. What skills are worth learning, etc

    One notable line that I had to show to a couple people because I laughed so hard was in regards to the condescending peaceful parenting method where you plead with your child in a chipper voice to get them to do what you want. I don’t have the exact quote, but roughly: “The irritation you feel in your chest as an adult is nothing compared to what that same child will feel as a teenager when a parent uses this method.” If you’re a parent and you’ve seen this bizarre parenting method, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

    My one critique for the book is that I wish the chapters had a title. It would help when searching for a particular thing or line. But hey, that’s small potatoes


    1. ia says:

      I’ve known people who moved there business to China because if they didn’t they’d lose it. When you have a labor pool that works for about 1/10th the cost of Western labor you don’t have much choice in terms of competitive pricing.


  3. miforest says:

    we are in it now. there is no turning back and the brakes on this runaway train have burned up and fallen off. it concerns me most that it seems to be accelerating in a parabolic way. which means that the time till real difficulty is probably less than we would like .
    it seems clear that the global econ forum owns it all now. but what are they going to do with It/us? That endgame stuff about moving our consciousness is to impossible for anyone to really believe . so what do they want that they couldn’t already buy?


  4. PeanutArbuckle says:

    The Greenwald interview was tough to read given how dishonest the interviewer was in his/her(?) claims that Twitter was right to censor the New York Post article. Even Greenwald seems to accept the idea that “misinformation” should be censored, just not in as much of a brazenly partisan way as is now occuring


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