The Right’s Warrior Monk Problem: a Response to David Hines

Submitted by Eli Wallace

At this point, most readers of this site are well acquainted with the work of David Hines. The prolific tweeter and sometimes writer who has usefully documented the minutiae of the organization and history of various left-wing activist groups in the United States. 

Hines’ latest at TAC is a useful analysis of the January 6th protest-riot on Capitol Hill. But if you’ve read one Hines piece you’ve read them all. The analysis is almost always the same: in short, Leftist dissident groups are well organized, well lawyered and only engage in direct actions in which all reasonable contingencies have already been planned for. Unsurprisingly, the Right’s dissidents are the complete opposite of this: completely unorganized, naive about even the most basic opec (still using discord, not concealing their identities to own the libs, etc.), utterly unlawyered and naively trusting of federal law enforcement.

All of this is stupidly obvious and has been for years. Still Hines’ detailed analysis of it is useful, particularly as an explainer for Right-Wing boomers (who frequently need to have the stupidly obvious explained to them). The problem however is that Hines’ solution (to have Right wing dissidents mimic these tactics) is not a particularly good one, at least not at the current time.

The reason it is a bad idea, however, is not the classic critique of Right Wing activism offered by the likes of Curtis Yarvin. Curtis, though an extremely nice guy and delightful dinner guest, is frequently wrong. His critique of Right Wing activism, falls under this ‘frequently wrong’ category which he often falls into. I’m not going to argue against it at length here, as this is not my purpose in this essay. I will simply assert that it is not the case that activism is always bound to fail unless it is a transparent cat’s paw of a powerful and well monied interest. Certainly this can work (as BLM’s hero treatment from the media this summer showed), and it’s common sense to cultivate as many powerful allies as possible, but the initial lack of many of these things doesn’t necessarily prevent a movement from achieving ultimate victory. Let’s just say that (although this statement can obviously be debated at greater length) in the 50’s an 60’s J. Edgar Hoover and much of the U.S. establishment were not exactly fans of the Left, yet they ultimately prevailed in the end anyway.

The actual reason the activist tactics Hines details probably can’t work (at least at scale) for most Right wing dissidents is a sociological one. Namely because the Left has something the Right doesn’t: warrior monks.

Now obviously the Left doesn’t literally have armies of bow staff twirling celibates in long robes leading the charge, but spiritually they do.

Christianity and Buddhism are the religions with the most well developed forms of monasticism and this attribute played a key role in helping the rapid spread of both religions (especially the former’s).

The common stereotypes of the Christian hermit fighting off inner temptation alone in a desert cave or the the Buddhist acolyte ascending to the heights of quiet enlightenment on some deserted Himalayan mountaintop both have elements of truth in them they are far from the whole story.

Though the role of monks obviously varied, depending on the time and tradition in question, a primary function they played were as shock troops, a militant and courageous vanguard willing to take the greatest risks against the longest odds to advance the interests of their faiths.

This included not only participation in actual warfare, as was famously done both by crusading Christian monks and Buddhist ones during the Medieval period, but also as vanguard missionaries to extremely hostile or otherwise utterly desolate shit holes (6th Century Ireland for example) or to wage decades and centuries long wars of extermination against rival sects. Because they were celibate and had sworn off worldly possessions these men possessed a freedom which was second to none, they literally had nothing to lose, and this is what gave them their immense power. And it was this power which enabled these monks to ultimately subjugate large swaths of the world for their faiths.

Now obviously the comparison between a crusading celibate of the 13th century Catholic church and a blue haired transvestite activist from Berkley isn’t one for one, but the fact is that, in spite of their obvious differences, both serve to fill the same ideological niche within their respective faiths/ideologies: as the vanguard.

The activists who are the actual organizers of the left wing actions Hines’ describes are the tip of the spear (or perhaps in this case, the “tip of the dildo”) of modern liberalism. They, by and large, aren’t weekend warriors or soccer moms who got radicalized by facebook memes but rather professional and committed ideologies who have been doing this for years.

While they certainly aren’t celibate in the traditional sense of the term, they also usually don’t go home to the wife and kids at night either. Fucking, for them is actually encouraged, but not the procreative kind, or if that kind does accidentally happen a quick trip to the butcher shop usually alleviates any unwanted consequences associated with it.

As far as compensation goes, yes it is true that certain members of the leftist activist class (the ones who receive most of the attention) can be well paid and quite wealthy. These people are usually the heads of NGO’s, Nonprofits or other activist groups, many of whom are also Ivy League educated and sometimes scions of famous liberal families.

But claiming that because of this that therefore most of these people are ultimately just grifters in it for the money would be wrong. The same thing as claiming that, because a handful of Catholic Bishops in the Middle Ages were vast landowners the motivation of the average monk was therefore primarily monetary.

In reality the average liberal activist lives a relatively meager existence, usually paying exorbitant rents for a tiny apartment in large blue cities that are split among roommates while being employed in a poorly paid gig as an adjunct professor, media dipshit or mid level employee of a non-profit. Their only real rewards are social: the praise and respect they get from their liberal peers when they inform them that they work for a non-profit pushing to ensure 8-year-old boys in Macedonia can have their dicks snipped off at affordable rate, as well as the personal satisfaction of knowing they are fighting the good fight for a worthy cause and thus “on the right side of history.”

And it is these poorly paid, almost homeless bohemian warrior monks who make up the vanguard of the Left which puts on the actions Hines’ is so rightfully impressed by.

The problem is that the Right just doesn’t have this, and potentially never will, because its ideology simply doesn’t allow for it.

The Right in the United States is primarily a (for lack of a better term) petty bourgeoise movement. Simply put, it is comprised of an elite of fantastically wealthy donors and a voter and activist base comprised primarily of small business owners and other members of the Upper Middle and Middle Class. This group of people is characterized by a mindset which favors practicality, lionizes family formation, and therefore tends to be generally quite materialistic in its outlook (there is a reason one of Trump’s main achievements was cutting taxes for upper income brackets).

The practical outcome of this worldview is the creation of a Right-wing ecosystem without a meaningful vanguard, along with a tendency to produce shameless grifters. The ‘grifter’ as we have come to know it, in reality is usually a failed Right Wing activist. Essentially someone who likely started off quite idealistic but eventually was forced to cave to the pressure created by the materialistic ideology of D.C. conservatism in which net worth is frequently used as a stand in for personal value and thus was pressured into grifting to maintain a respectable net worth (or at least the illusion of one).

Simply put, until the right figures out a way to produce, maintain, and reward a class of activist warrior monks it will never be able to competently pull off the kinds of direct actions Hines documents so well.

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  1. BaboonTycoon says:

    I think this is wrong on first premises. The left are the ones that have cultural dominance, and no matter the internal culture of the right, achieving right wing ideals in the current cultural environment is not only difficult, it is growing more and more illegal by day. The atomized incel is more than just a meme. I know from experience. The reactionary right is fiercely Christian and largely anti-materialist. Many of our public figures are young and unmarried. They have little to lose. And even those who are married are more likely to consider their personal mission to be of more importance than their marriage. Your description applies more to the neocon boomer right and the Republicans on Capitol Hill, which have no future.

    The truth really is as Moldbug describes. We don’t lack for idealogues, there’s simply no vector by which they can be effective. They have no institutional support, no resources, they get deplatformed off the internet, preventing them for calling for organization to begin with, and the judges put their thumbs on the scales when our guys go to court. We elect ourselves a president or a congressman and they get viciously attacked by Republican and Democrat alike, slandered by all but a few tiny alt publications and publicly supporting said person will not only get you fired, it will get you arrested on bogus “incitement of violence” or “election interference” charges.

    And even were all of the above not a problem, we would then face the hurdle of most of the right wing constituency still operating in a left wing cultural framework. Consider the pro-life movement, for example. It’s a complete failure in political terms and was destined to be that way from the beginning because it doesn’t address the actual root cause of abortion legislation, which is the fact that women have the right to vote.

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  2. WS says:

    Surely Baked Alaska would count as a warrior monk then

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    1. Earl Shetland says:

      Except, the people we get inclined towards the warrior monk life wind up going the way of the rando:

      Organization of some kind, at the very least to provide guidance and purpose, is clearly necessary. Which I think is part of the point of the American Sun itself.

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      1. WS says:

        I’m not sure exactly what the mission statement of the Sun is (despite writing for them…). Definitely guidance like you said. I’m less sure about it having any type of organizational capacity

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      2. Earl Shetland says:

        Yeah I should have been more specific. Guidance.

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  3. Mike says:

    It is worth noting that Moldbug does not quite say that right-wing activism always fails (nod to Mark Yuray’s old Social Matter article), for he does point out an example where it worked, Weimar Germany. Right-wing paramilitaries and parties were free to speak as they wished, march as they wished, and kill members of the Socialist/Communist parties as they wished, because, just as in America today, the judiciary would look the other way. The difference being of course that those Weimar judges were right-wing while ours are left-wing.

    That being said, Moldbug quickly goes on to say that this situation of genuine, right-wing capture of key institutions exists practically nowhere post-WWII, and so it is indeed completely pointless to engage in right-wing activism today.


  4. GDR says:

    Righty vanguards quickly get doxed, libeled, life-ruined, and compromised to working agaisnt us (See The Right Stuff RE Jayoh De La Rey for a good example).

    There is not future for us in collective action. The system is optimized to obliterate and weaponize against us collective action, mass organization, even just protests, human shields, and financial support.

    David Hines is full of shit largely because he sees lefty tactics and strategy working and he conveniently ignores the full spectrum dominance of lefties in 99.9999% of institutions. When we don’t use their methods, we lose fast. When we do use their methods, we lose slow.

    The most important thing you should know about David Hines are:
    1. He can flee to Israel if SHTF via his ethnic heritage.
    2. He can flee to Taiwan (and probably anywhere else with significant Sino populations) via his wife’s ethnicity and that of their child.
    3. He lives in Los Angeles where he tweets like a 16 year old art hoe about movies – presumably with mouth fully open, Redditor style.

    He has zero skin in the game, and as such his opinions are worth far less than if he were risking life and limb to help us.

    Everyone has some good information, but he’s full of shit about anything outside his purview: movies, his career (which he probably only got through ethnic nepotism), and having plenty of free time to read lefty books. He’s not going to risk his own skin to save us, and with that in mind he doesn’t merit much consideration except for his criticisms.

    The only way forward for us is massively parastizing lefty-held institutions in the hope that we can suck all the juice out of the behemoth and watch it fall before it kills us all, and before China nukes us after all the missile silo and sub commanders are replaces with sheboon FTM troons.


    1. GDR says:

      What we need are the right-wing equivalent of Jeffrey Epstein: ruthless scumbags who see the left as food, and who use see non-righties as tools to further their cause.

      When I take some asian thot home and nut inside her, it’s not because I am trying to save the white race, but because knocking her up and making asian men turn away from her in disgust in shame when they see her at the family reunion with my hapa kid is a revolutionary act. I have cut her off as an ally from her kin, and made in her a potential ally to white shitlords. This is the same method that black men attempt to use against us, but they’ve run out of naive white girls and are stuck with fatties now that they’re whiny women and not the badasses that movies told us they were for decades.

      We don’t need to formulate new methods; the methods our enemies use against us clearly work. We’re smarter than our enemies, so we can use them to greater effect than they do.

      Nothing I wrote about in my Ride the Tiger articles is ground-breaking. None of it is new. It’s just the enemy’s methods, turned against them.

      But what do I know, I’m just a “transgender” womyn who sued xir employer and is now a proud homeowner.


      1. Exile says:

        You can’t beat a collective as a movement of atomized individuals. Individual action (and individualism in general) is politically irrelevant by definition. Nothing is easier to subvert, intimidate than an individual without strong collective support from a family, church, party, union or other group.

        I don’t see how a “mass” movement of atomized Tyler Durdens has better odds than an American Freikorps or White labor movement. The answer to deficient organization and lack of common ethos is not to nihilistically reject both. We simply have to get better at the necessary skills of opposition.

        Moldbug’s a Pied Piper for either nihilism or some magic-thinking tech solution. I don’t find meaning, hope or purpose in happa-hate-sex – YMMV.


      2. Michael says:

        Your choice of examples is very telling, particularly in contrast to the author’s examples of Christian and Buddhist monks. What exactly is “Right wing” about coming up with grand ideological rationalizations for “muh dik” behavior (or more likely, fantasies about said behavior posted on the internet)?


      3. 000000000000000000000twist says:

        That last part, suing your employer, did you really? I would like to read the story. What has life been like for you since 2019 when you wrote riding the tiger articles?


  5. Anon says:

    This article is on point, and it seems to reflect a growing consensus around our sphere about the utility of having a vanguard. See this from last year:

    BaboonTycoon’s point is also worth considering. Given the harsh truth of what he lays out, theoretical Right Wing warrior-monks would probably have to work outside of and beyond electoral politics, carving out their own little domains from which they can exert power over greater society when the time comes. The article doesn’t mention the need for that type of strategy, but it doesn’t condemn or contradict it, either.


    1. GDR says:

      What exactly is “right wing” about not reproducing and chasing strategies that haven’t worked for the right since the 1930s?

      The bare minimum you need to do to win is reproduce. Everything else is secondary to that, because without white people there is no white people’s party. Thus one should knock up as many white women as possible and teach those women how to get the system to pay for our spawn. It certainly works for our friends the blacks, so why wouldn’t it work for us?


      1. GDR says:

        Shit, I meant to reply to Michael.


  6. nc says:

    lliK eht sretasM


    1. GDR says:

      @Exile you’re missing the point.

      1. Use the enemy’s weapons against them.
      2. If you see something falling, give it a push.
      3. Adapt to the hell world and rule as a demon lord, or die.
      4. “Meaning” means nothing if you are dead. Lose and the enemy will decide what your struggle meant, as world war 2 demonstrates.

      The enemy has given a massive list of tactics, strategies, methods, whatever, that we know work. We know they work against us, that’s for sure. These tactics/strategies/methods are weapons, they’re tools. And they’re sitting right there waiting for you to pick them up. Do you have the balls to do it, or are you going to nitpick about how “that won’t really work, blah blah blah I just want to tell lefties how they’re hypocrites and play my vidya gaymes”?

      We live in Hell, but Hell only remains Hell because the Good who are damned to live there go to their jobs and contribute to it’s continued functioning. If the Good abandon “Good for it’s own sake” for “Good for my guys only” and behave as demons towards those who are demonic to them, then Hell stops being Hell.

      You want your life in Hell to stop sucking? Grow some talons, thicken your hide, fork your tongue, and meet Evil with Evil.

      Otherwise die.


      1. BaboonTycoon says:

        Even supposing this stuff works, you’re not going to convince enough people on our side to do this and be able to make a difference before everything burns down. I see this as counterproductive. A lot of people are siding with us now because they see us as having the moral high ground, which you are asking us to abandon.

        I find myself agreeing with Jim. I don’t think there’s anything we can do to stop them and our best bet is to lay low and wait until they start killing each other off. As much as I’d like to organize and do something about it, people were getting shut down and infiltrated by feds even while Trump was in office. Even you sound like a fed. I don’t trust anyone except the people I know IRL.


      2. GDR says:

        Here’s what I propose:

        > Even supposing this stuff works, you’re not going to convince enough people on our side to do this and be able to make a difference before everything burns down. I see this as counterproductive. A lot of people are siding with us now because they see us as having the moral high ground, which you are asking us to abandon.

        The “moral high ground” 4GW stuff only works if the enemy can’t persuade the vast majority of people that you didn’t deserve it. Given that the media persuaded at least 60 million people that the Orange Man is Literally Hitler, what makes you think they won’t paint you as Hitler after they drone strike your kids while they wait for the school bus?

        The future belongs to whoever shows up. Reproduce or you lose everything.

        >I find myself agreeing with Jim. I don’t think there’s anything we can do to stop them and our best bet is to lay low and wait until they start killing each other off. As much as I’d like to organize and do something about it, people were getting shut down and infiltrated by feds even while Trump was in office.

        I agree, organizing is futile. To make a D&D analogy, the system is a dungeon in which we are stuck. The dungeon and it’s inhabitants are optimized to annihilate warriors, both loners and teams, and to redirect their efforts towards propaganda that keeps the mass of peasants also stuck inside it working to sustain it. The people (if you can call them that – let’s assume they’re drow or kobolds) who run the dungeon are a cabal of rogues, with a few bards and maybe a sorcerer/wizard/cleric doing the technical mass surveillance spell casting and keeping the trains running on time for the elites.

        The Cabal wants you to take classes as a warrior. It needs you to do that. If you level up as a warrior, then you become a boogeyman to keep the peasants in line and justify intensifying crackdowns on the peasants (the Cabal loves nothing more than tormenting peasants).

        If you try to take classes as a Wizard (tech guy off the reservation), Sorcerer, Cleric (religion in opposition to the Cabal), or Bard (Trump), the system will use all it’s resources to destroy you, and eventually they warriors they have brainwashed or who are members of the Cabal will imprison or kill you.

        The one thing the Cabal doesn’t prepare for are Rogues. Take levels in Rogue – train your Bluff, Diplomacy, and Perception skills – and the Cabal can’t stop you so long as you use your skills in deception and subterfuge to deceive them the same way they deceive others. They spend decades lying to others. To master deception, you must lie to yourself and believe your own lies or have a deep well of sardonic loathing to draw on to morally justify it to yourself. Without that well, you lose the ability to detect lies from others, especially in regard to well-trained liars.

        The Cabal has a single, systematic blind spot that they literally can’t account for, because to do so would erode their ability to control the peasants: they can’t easily detect deception, and when they detect it they can’t severely punish it without making one another nervous that they may be purged next. A wise Rogue, once busted, would muddy the waters as much as possible to make it seem like an internal purge.

        Worse than that, they have rigged their control mechanisms so lying is easy and comfortable for anyone who wishes to use deception to defect against the peasants. Any incel man can claim he’s a woman, grow his hair out, dye it the color of a poisonous tropical frog, and from then on he is de facto allowed to bash feminist women whose defections ruined our society decades ago. If he somehow goes to prison, Biden’s executive order ensures that he does soft time in a woman’s prison and gets the full benefits of the Pussy Pass (early release being most relevant here).

        The Cabal has optimized their dungeon for Rogues; you are a fool if you don’t train as a Rogue, or at least take a few levels in it before you pursue as a career as a Barbarian (street fighter), Fighter (soldier or cop), Ranger (innawoods), Cleric (religious leader), Wizard (technician or scientist), or Bard (charismatic entertainer).

        If you go pure Rogue, or maybe take some prestige classes or archetypes, you get an easy, comfortable life… until food production in the dungeon collapses, then the knives come out. But you’re a Rogue after all, you should be prepared for that.

        If all the peasants took classes in Rogue and lounged about like Mediterraneans (instead of working like Teutonics to keep the Cabal fed and happy), the whole thing would collapse in months. There nothing’s wrong with work provided the work benefits only you and yours. If it benefits someone else, it’s not work and you shouldn’t do it.

        > Even you sound like a fed. I don’t trust anyone except the people I know IRL.

        I’m making as many analogies as I can in the hope that one of them will stick. I’m not a fed, nor have I ever been one. You should never talk to the cops for any reason, and if you think I’m a cop then stop responding for your own sake.

        You shouldn’t trust anyone except close family.


      3. Exile says:


        The “ride the tiger, otherwise die” bit has its place and you’re flashing the right signals to ride the BAP-tiger ladder to internet status. But to be honest it sounds very 2016. The meme war is over and the manosphere edge-lord bit is dated. I’m nostalgic for it myself but it’s not a road forward for those want something more substantive than a posting career.

        If you want to LARP in some mishmash of D&D and the Matrix, be my guest. There’s a role out there for monkey-wrenching grey men whose fantasies can sustain them – but it’s a very limited niche.

        The rest of us have to concern ourselves with mundane things like having children and building institutions that make the future relevant and worth fighting for.


      4. GDR says:

        @EXILE you clearly didn’t read my comment, or my extremely practical articles about screwing over the system. If you want anything but well-deserved contempt from me, take time out of your busy schedule of skimming the Cliff Notes pdfs on Evola and actually read my articles.

        I made sure to keep it at about 10th grade reading level; you should be able to muddle through them.

        Your comment indicates you’re more interested in tone, tone-policing, and being an wanna-be elitist prick in the same vein as Dickie Spencer.

        I wish you well in your endeavor.

        I already have permanent income by following my own advice (at least until the government collapses lmao), I’ve bleached my enemy’s women, I’ve counted coup.

        I’m not here to help upper-middle class failures like yourself. I’m here for MY people; dumb lower class white boys with no hope, who unlike you never had any opportunities to bungle in the first place.


  7. Vetrani Sui Sunt Circuli says:

    Up what BABOONTYCOON says.

    Author: any movement needs organization, any political movement needs OPSEC, and as far as tactics look to what worked for the Right when there was a right. If that means duplicating the Bad Uncles of the 1920s and 1930s so be it. It worked, and had not Bad Uncle number #1 attacked all the major industrial powers on earth at the same time there’d be a right today.

    One could also look at the real Trump electoral victories in 2016 and one may daresay 2020 and look to organizing the White working class. We cannot advance or even survive the system they have created.
    We will not vote, talk, internet or meme our way to survival, never mind a sane world.
    The working class has everything the Right really needs: everything.
    The term Vanguard implies there’s a main body following…by the way.

    There’s NOTHING. Because we eschew organization, discipline, hard work.
    The Left values organization above all.
    We seem to value atomization.

    The Left exists, the Right does not. Not in any real sense.

    The right is motivated by rationality and acts like women or children at their first rock concert.
    The Left is motivated by emotion and acts with cold, calculating sociopathic rationality.

    As far as elections and the GOP, yes…agree with “OK Boomer.”
    As far as Moldbug ‘OK J— ”

    No women, no Boomers, no publicity, no more online anything.
    We don’t need professional activists as that will go nowhere. That’s leftist employment for silly young or otherwise not employable bourgeois privileged leftists. They are the man, they can afford to employ their idiot relatives, we cannot.

    We need a movement of the people, the working class that has been betrayed yet again and someone or something will, will fill that vacuum.


    1. GDR says:

      The street fighters of 1920s and 1930s Germany had judges on their side. They had control of institutions. That’s why they could riot, street fight, and kill one another. Today, the left controls all the instititions that matter, and we control none. Therefore we can’t use the tools that were used 100 years ago if we hope to win.

      Marches, protests, riots, and street fighting don’t actually do anything useful in and of themselves. They are tools used to create pressure and inflict material harm on enemies, neutrals, and “allies” with a bad habit of defection. Without media control to spin the narrative in your favor, any real life actions at best do nothing to help you and at worst are spun to harm you as much as possible.

      Collective and individual IRL resistence is a death trap, and should be avoided at all costs. The only thing that works IRL is subversion, deception, and parastism of enemy/neutral institutions.Everything else should remain online or not exist at all.

      If you want to do something good, get photos of the IRL lefties you know, make a fake snapchat filter of those images featuring them saying the Gamer Word, and post it to Reddit so lefties can dox and life-ruin one of their own.

      Best case scenario, a lefty is life-ruined and becomes either neutral, powerless, or a righty (or they kill themselves in despair lol). Worst case scenario, Reddit gets sued and is shut down, and the lefty in question spends the money in his NES cart collection or something equally stupid.

      Create win-win scenarios for yourself, and lose-lose scenarios for your enemies. Never reveal yourself for what you are. Never do anything that is explicitly illegal. Never talk to the cops.


      1. Rollory says:


        I love you, in a manly, non-sexual, completely hetero way. The kind of thinking you’ve been outlining in these comments is exactly what I’ve been trying to articulate for years.

        In fact I just got called a fedposter by half a dozen retards over at Correia’s place for a similar argument. Correia’s “two settings: off, and shoot fucking everybody” is a mental trap: by excluding any other possibilities and making the marginal cost of switching so high, it guarantees those who accept it are permanently stuck in “impotent rage” mode and never take any productive action. It’s a premise ideal for controlled opposition because it serves the enemy’s cause so very well. There’s TONS of valid options out there for doing unto them before they do unto us, just needs a little imagination and work.

        Thank you, and please keep up the good work.


  8. j. says:

    Mostly accurate, at least in theory. More broadly this describe the issue that the right can’t live without the left. The people who can be taken up by a dream. Who are unrealistic. Fanatics, once for Christianity, now for social justice and egalitarianism. Its the left’s fanaticism, its eternal fanaticism that the right can’t do without, because no matter how much the left claims to be materialistic, no matter how much our culture seems to be materialistic in the acquisitive sense, it’s not realistic in any sense.

    My point is, of course, while the right can’t live without the left, the left ALSO can’t live without the right. But the problem is, the left HAS the right. The right, always realistic always practical, gets up and goes to work, feeding the machine that lets the left thrive and be warrior monks. These hardworking people are trapped. The left, liberalism in general, can be viewed from one angle as a system designed to trap the right and free the left. The right works, by instinct, and, disconnected from any control, the left is free to live off the right. What is the right going to do? Not be conscientious? The sad fact is the right can work as hard as they want, but hard work does not equate to money, nor power. Because work itself is consuming. It takes over, obviously, and there is no time for hard working folk to do anything but work, and those who get wealthy aren’t the hard working, they’re the clever inventors and the manipulators. The right thinks they are simply working for themselves, but it’s rarely true. The economy feeds left wing people. Libertarians fill the top ranks, and libertarians are liberals.


    1. GDR says:

      Sounds like the Right should stop contributing to society and instead leech off it until it collapses.


  9. Vetrani Sui Sunt Circuli says:


    You stay home with the Cat Ladies and make Cat memes.

    And what I said we need to do is organize, and yes look to what works.
    You avoid danger at all cost though.
    In fact it’s very dangerous putting up what you put up here, you may want to hide even more.

    And no dear, your version of German History in the 1920s is incorrect. Very.
    There are also many models to follow besides Germany.

    What I said to do is organize. Yes in reality.

    I’m so sick of cowardice on the right it really makes me wish I was a Lefty.


    1. GDR says:

      It’s not necessary to organize to defeat the enemy. They could throw us all in camps and still lose, because they need us to survive.

      Thus the simplest, easiest, lowest-risk, and most important of all perfectly legal method going forward is to teach everyone how to leech of the system and prepare for it’s collapse. Even something simple like running cash-only businesses that can’t be easily audited like illegals do, or learning how to set up a speakeasy and vet clients like half the people in the apartment complex across the street from me did.

      I made my mortgage payment by charging people I trust to use my home gym, and I made friends with local bureaucrats, firefighters, EMTs, store shift managers, regular dudes. I already leveraged that into deals on goods that are hard to find in a pandemic, and was able to profit from insider info on how systems actually operate.

      Organizing isn’t a bunch of retards wearing costumes from a dead movement from 100 years ago. It’s just making friends, even with people who don’t agree with you 100%.

      Besides all that shit, if you’re tired of cowardice you can always facedox yourself.

      Given your provocation, your implied threat that me telling people how to navigate bureaucracies is illegal, the stilted way you type, and your inane attempt at an insult which displays a lack of familiarity with the lingo, I say you’re a law enforcement bureaucrat. Probably 35 lbs overweight, prediabetic, and with hypertension.

      I’m not gonna hassle you over that – a man’s gotta get paid somehow – but maybe you should read my “7 ways to ride the tiger” articles and apply the lessons to your own life. You could come out as “trans” at work without actually doing anything, avoid being fired, and shitpost with us until your pension activates.

      There are worse jobs.


  10. Vetrani Sui Sunt Circuli says:

    The Left’s strength is Organization.
    Our weakness is Atomization.

    They are few but organized, we are many, vast but Atomized.

    All we need to do is organize a fraction of our strength and the entire power equation is reversed.
    At present Organization beats Atomization by forfeit.

    The Left only wins by Default because there is no Right, not really. Not yet.



    1. GDR says:

      Better idea: how can we turn our weakness into a strength?


  11. info says:

    There are always male incels. That if they become religious would be a de facto monk. There are plenty of Men without an inclination to relationships in general who would also fit the bill.


  12. E M Lowden says:

    This could have been boiled down far more effectively. The reason the Left wins is because the Left is a religion. The reason the Right loses is because the Right is just stuff. The Right doesn’t control institutions because institutions for the Middle Class don’t exist to be controlled. Government is a machine that is created to just run, it’s not a project to be directed and adjusted to produce the correct social results (that’s the Left’s mindset).

    The Right does not exist in an ideological world. It’s simply part of the landscape, to be moved and altered depending on what the Left is building.

    Don’t organize, don’t agitate, don’t subvert. Don’t waste your time: if you are a rightist, you have no goals and no future.

    You want a future? Abandon politics and find religion. That’s what the Left has done. They succeed because they confess a core set of beliefs that grant their broad social phenomenon (to which conservatives belong, as liberals) indefectability (the truths are “self-evident”, from the inalienable right of obscenity to minority access to White people to HRT and abortion) infallibility (they are all on the “right side of history”, either because progress is ontologically good or because America is the Greatest Country on Earth), and authority (the social order, the soft totalitarian power, anathematizes anyone who so much as expresses meagre doubt of their self-evident Truths, and this anathema is enforced by all members of the mainstream regardless of self-identification as “left” or “right”).

    Some of you will recognize what I have described here: the three attributes of the Catholic Church. In fact, if we were to say the entire Atlantic World is nothing but a mock-version of the theoretical Catholic Church, a sort of Anti-Church, this would not be inaccurate.

    The catch is this: right and left both exist inside their Antichurch. The Left are the theologians, the monastics, the hierarchs. The Right are the folksy peasants who can’t read and draw their theology from pretty pictures and stained glass windows. The two come into conflict because they have developed opposing interpretations based on the material available to each. But they ultimately all confess One, Unholy, Universal, and Authoritative religion.

    Unless you have an equally Unitary, equally Sacred, equally Catholic, and equally Authoritative (or better, Apostolic) religious atmosphere to super-saturate, permeate, and define everything you say, do, and are, you have no future that doesn’t involve Pedophiles and Trannies murdering and eating your children to the cheers of your fellow-citizens.


  13. Dwayne Zilchani says:

    Well, you would have a warrior monk class of working class men, few of whom really labor to create families anymore because it’s practically impossible to afford, but the “Right” leadership simply always sells us out. If you have a good paying job a couple of times in your life it’s practically a miracle anymore. Build up a life with a little savings at a good job and that job will immediately be flushed down the toilet by either open borders Koch family funded immigration or by being shipped overseas. So it gets a little hard to keep supporting these guys. The Left has absolute fidelity to their base. Pro-abortion, Pro-gay, Pro-immigrant. Maximum benefits in cash, education, and social support. The Right will force you into destitution, destroy your job, and hand you a Bible.

    Whoever is leading the Right should start by actually helping the right wing base for once rather than just using religion and patriotism to enrich themselves while stabbing everyone else in the back.


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