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I have lived the last several years subject to the swipe. I have dealt with the algo. I have also read the works of writers like Heartiste, Roosh and others in my quest to get a woman who sticks around for longer than a few weeks. Reading sent me on a mission of looksmaxxing. I might as well jump the rungs of the ladder as high as I can to see what women are available at greater heights. This quixotic journey introduced me to curious ways to optimize. I am now a jawmaxxer, and here to help anyone looking to max out height, face and frame.

I did not know about the world of jawmaxxing until 2020. My current girlfriend had no complaints, but one never knows. I had success in the ’10s with lifting and wardrobe changes and stumbled upon a world of men refining their looks to level up. It was so autistic that I wondered how many of these posters were using weighted blankets at night. I never considered my jawline weak, but there is always a way to improve, right? These posters introduced me to chios mastic gum and Falim chewing gum.

How does this help the average man? I was a child of divorce. My mother was the type who read 1990s magazine articles that said divorced moms can raise a kid just as good as two parents. She followed every expert bit of advice. If you’re wondering, she has a Fauci magnet on her fridge. We ate a balanced diet that was imbalanced towards carbs. We had red meat once a week at most. Surfing the Internet as a free man in the real world, I switched to a meat heavy diet and lifted. Besides the nutritional and hormonal improvements, I noticed articles that pointed out that because of a childhood devoid of chewing hard meat, my jaw was not as developed as it should or could be. The matriarchy’s thefts are both big and small.

For years, I gave it no thought until posts on jawmaxxing and mewing crossed my path on random men’s forums. Men wrote of this chios gum and a specific Turkish brand that is a softer introduction to this world called Falim. I rolled my eyes until men posted before and after pictures. They had improved the height/width ratios of their faces. They looked less neotenous and a little more machsimo. The secret was that their masseter muscles were not as pronounced, but by chewing this gum, they were in effect, working out those lagging muscles. They got jaw gainz. It was noticeable in their pictures and just after two weeks of chewing this gum. I took the plunge and bought a box of Falim this fall.

It was a flavorless gum that was rock hard at first like it had been left out in the open for a week. I took the posters’ advice, and chewed no more than ten minutes the first few days. I did not realize my jaw muscles were weak until I began chewing that gum. My jaw felt tired the first few nights where I had popped the gum in during the day for a chewing exercise. There were no clear indicators of structural change when I received an assignment for a construction contract for a month. I tossed fifty sticks of this gum into my suitcase and kissed my girlfriend goodbye for several weeks.

I got a little smarter with the process. Each night before bed, I chewed this gum in a simple up and down motion on both sides for ten minutes. Sleep would help my recovery. After a few weeks, the ten minutes was so easy that I moved to fifteen. I could feel a little difference on the corner of my jaw. Shaving in the mirror provided me with a better view of the change. The sweep of the razor revealed the slight difference in the form of my face.

What is the real test? Why do we do all of this? Why am I still tinkering and trying to looksmaxx? I returned home, I unpacked and threw the leftover sticks of Falim I had in the box in my bureau and invited my girlfriend over for a night. At first, all she said was I looked healthy and that I looked refreshed after the month or so away. She stayed the night over, and well, I was going to chalk this up to Internet autism and oversensitivity seeing what was not real.

The next morning I woke to make coffee, and chewed a stick of Falim while the percolator worked its magic. I spit the gum out and poured myself a cup, putting some music on to listen to while she stirred. A few minutes later, she got herself a cup and slipped over to my couch. She gave me a nice kiss and put her hand to my face as she did so. Those affectionate, little touches make me think she is the one. She sat back and asked me if I had gained a little weight without the gym and eating out all month. She corrected herself. I was trim and fit still, but my face looked a little fuller even a little cheerier compared to September. It worked.

I told her I was just happy to see her. She knows enough of my quirks to find them cute and not run away. My fall experiment only took seven weeks to produce results. My secret doesn’t have to just be for me. Jawmaxx brothers. Chew the gum. It works.

(ed note: This post was not sponsored by Falim or any chios mastic gum producer. We provide all autists with an opportunity to help each other.)

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  1. WS says:

    Check out Mike Mew if you’re curious for more info.

    This is a great lecture where he demonstrates that use of the jaw muscles influences form of the face. Take someone for instance who is paralyzed in half their face. The side with paralysis will have a drooping jaw line, and lots of malocclusion (crooked teeth). And why is that? Because the muscles aren’t interacting with the bone anymore. The side without paralysis will be perfectly normal.

    Westin Price suggested that diet is what caused western jaws and skulls to be malformed. I believe this notion is correct as well (asymmetries in the face and body absolutely do happen when someone doesn’t receive adequate nutrition as a child). But Dr. Mew expands this further by saying that our faces can be influenced by function.

    A good example of this he uses is a young boy who had a very normal healthy face until he was a teenager. What changed when he was a teenager was when he got a pet hamster he was allergic to. So the boy with a normal face became a mouth breather during the formative years of puberty and developed a recessed jaw, crowded teeth, and was overall less attractive

    Anyways. If you want to looksmaxx your children (and you should), you need to get into Deep Nutrition and heavy chewing gums during the formative years.

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  2. Peter Whitaker says:

    As a teenager I used to compulsively eat paper. The medical term for this is pica or xylophagia. I don’t do it anymore, but I still think paper is far superior to chewing gum. A small wad of computer paper is ideal for chewing on. It is firmer than gum and provides more exercise to the jaw muscles. Better yet, if you really want to “jawmax” try chewing on a small piece of duct tape. That is quite a workout!


    1. stallard0 says:

      Do not recommend habitually chewing paper as the industrial papermaking process means the paper is probably contaminated with chemicals. Wouldn’t particularly recommend duct tape either. The Lindy equivalent, I suppose, would be to chew bark like you’re some starving Nork villager.

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      1. Peter Whitaker says:

        Nowadays I only eat ethically-sourced, probiotic Haitian mud cookies.

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  3. GDR says:

    As an autistic min/maxer, I approve.


  4. miforest says:

    good lord we have gone full mouse utopia with the grooming . I am happy to See that the author intends to have a family with his girl. It is great to want to be physically as capable as you can be without obsessing . I Would recommend that when trying to “ladder up ” with the women that you go multidimensional rather than just looking for cuter/hotter/looksmaxxed . include some things like does she practice a faith or is she open to it? (my wife of 30+ yrs is trad catholic- YMMV) does she want to be a mother? preferably a stay at home type? Will she be satisfied with the income you make once you are married? Those things matter a lot. best of luck gentlemen.


  5. Ectropy says:

    This is pathetic.


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