Shampeachment + Friday Reads

It is a sham. The Democrats let Kramer lookalike Rep. Raskin run this impeachment, and it is an emotional dumpster fire. There’s no discussion of real evidence. There re no real crimes. This is an emotional event. There are denunciations. There are painful sob stories of scared congressmen. This is useful in the narrative of insurrection and de-Trumpification that the system wants to perform.

The giveaway was the sequence where they tied all these different clips of things from 2015 to today as if Trump wanted a race war for his political goals. Anyone with half a brain knows that the racial agitators have been from the left and that Trump was a naïve normie who thought he really was president to all of America. Boomer Trump thought he could re-run the Clinton ’90s playbook because he never updated his race and gender setting from the ’90s. This is the state that many Boomers find themselves in, which is why those independent suburban men swing left this election because “Biden is a moderate, things will go back to normal”.

The shampeachment also provides cover to the left for an immediate month of business as normal moves that are 180 from the sales pitch for voting for Biden. If you are diabetic, enjoy the skyrocketing insulin costs. If you thought you were getting $2,000 checks, good luck with that poors. If you thought Trump was the warmonger, enjoy new troops rotating into Syria. Media can skip over these items if there is a circus act to cover instead, and the shampeachment sucks the oxygen out of the room.

This is the media’s job. They pick and choose what to cover on behalf of the system’s interests. There can be no other explanation for the repeated hit jobs on the new Q Anon friendly congresswoman from Georgia, Rep. Greene, than to distract the population and create a new demon for them to direct anger at in our troubled times. Do not be mad at congress performing a silly impeachment rather than pass direct relief after shutting down the nation for hysterical purposes. Join in the emotional pain of congressmen against the Orange Bad Man and look, look there is a new goofball villain. You’re not dumb like her! You believe in double masking and anal swabbing for a common cold. You are a good person. Cry along with AOC.

On to the links…

We’re using the China model – No going back to free speech for us. They’re selling China’s model as the right method.

Marshall Plan Against Extremists – The machinery of the state will be applied to any contrarian opinion.

Anonymity Matters – Anon voices matter. Of course the system will attack this.

Case against Open Borders – A reviewer uses Caplan’s book against him.

Understanding Deleuze – Long but informative read.

China Super Soldiers – I laughed at this fearful essay on China engineering super soldiers. All China has to do is not become mentally ill like America and it wins.

The Longer Telegram – USG LARP as if they are fighting the USSR is pathetic. USG is all talk and doesn’t even believe its own BS.

America Copies China – Persuasion is dead, coercion remains.

Kotkin on Cali’s Collapse – This is where progressivism leads, well where it leads with an exit available.

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  1. GDR says:

    The shampeachment is a distraction for thier base. They’re dangling keys over their heads and saying, “Oooh, shiny,” while their base gurgles and claps.

    Pleasureman made an post a few years ago about how the AR failed because it relied exclusively on the temporary sugar high of negative emotional energy. I’m not sure, but I think the left is doing the same, which explains why they feel trapped and their mental health is steadily deteriorating. One could cause much gnashing of teeth by starting an /r/ex-leftist subreddit or something similar on other social media sites.


  2. NC says:

    sretsam eht llik


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