We have heard much about “incels” recently, but just who is controlling the narrative for so-called “involuntary celibates”? How did this designation coalesce into a discrete subgroup in the first place, under what circumstances, and for what purpose?

 I recently interviewed prominent “incel” streamers to hear from those who subscribe to this point of view, one which I strongly suspect to be manufactured. I had begun questioning the narrative surrounding the incel designation, since it seemed to have come out of nowhere. I’ve been entrenched in redpill related topics, and I had not even once heard the term “incel”… until the Alek Minassian van attack took place on April 23, 2018 in Toronto.

Then, suddenly, the epithet of “incel” was everywhere.

Most manosphere subgroups are echo chambers promoting self-isolation, self-actualization, and self-improvement. These are all entirely rational choices and a legitimate means of empowering oneself during a societal collapse. If one is atomized to the point where it’s easy to go unnoticed for days or months, why not embrace it? The problem, of course, is that it’s unnatural to self-isolate, since man is a social animal. But how does a social animal adapt to a cultural circumstance in which he is increasingly being left out of?

 I remember seeing a bombardment of commercials for AXE body spray and BOD in middle school. Ads promoting somatic views of men, implying that if you didn’t buy their product, you would be regulated to the role of beta orbiter. Many young men just assume that having rock-solid abs, a perfect haircut, a chiseled jawline, and a wardrobe full of the latest fashions would give you a greater chance of getting laid. I was never susceptible to such marketing gimmicks, yet I clearly recall many male teenagers falling for it. They went out and bought oversized Polo’s and were hitting the gym on the regular, always anxiously gazing at themselves in the mirror to see if they measured up to the ideal fad that had been foisted upon them by their social engineers.

What technology has done is it moved from the mirror to the photograph, from the photograph to digital photograph, from the digital camera to the in-built camera in our smartphones. The incel community has embraced the vanity and insecurities of women as they internalize the locus of control in superficiality. Such ideas of “looksmaxxing,” “whitemaxxing,” and “surgerymaxxing” are all in the realm of appearance. The incel belief that looks are all-important for the achievement of romantic success leads to them even going so far as contemplating the intentional mutilation of their bodies.

 Meanwhile, the typical incel’s social skills are stunted and atrophic, since he lacks any form of social feedback to see what does or doesn’t work when communicating with the opposite sex. What further fuels the wasting away of communication are young women’s flat personalities. Her communication skills are insincere and solipsistic. She has zero interest in getting know the other. If anything he says or writes that forces her to acknowledge his existence, she quickly removes him from her internal Rolodex. She wants a walking dildo that spews diamonds and never ending vacations(Perpetual Disney Dreams).

Women today portray themselves as hypersexual and histrionic, and frequently have bizarre sexual codes of conduct (bodylore). One often sees them in scantly cladded clothing talking about the thought of sex(muh genitalia), but it seems that this behavior is largely manipulative. They dress (or undress) to be noticed, yet if they receive unwanted attention, they get offended and accuse those ogling them as “harassers.” The sanity of my body my choice but the body is constantly being defiled. This behavior contributes to self-destructive attitude in young men, particularly those who perceive themselves to be low on the social totem pole. It’s all contradictory as both sexes engage in an avoid approach repetition. This gives rise to cognitive dissonance psyche and a maladjusted citizenry. 

The overall lack of care for young men’s needs and wants is what has given rise to the incel community, which shows no class distinction and blankets all races and creeds. Male mentors, including both actual fathers and “father figures,” were once the bulwark to regulate younger men’s determination. Now, due to the rise of the fatherless home, the internet has come to fill this void left behind. These alienated and rudderless young men are now being programmed to embrace violence, narcissism, fatalism, and despair by the echo chambers they find on message board sites, which only has the effect of affirming their worst suspicions about themselves and society.

 When women reject someone who identifies as an “incel,” it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, feeding on itself like the sinister ouroborus snake of legend. Many in the incel community state that they have taken the “black pill”. It’s no secret that the black pill is a term for a depressive state that embraces misanthropy and apathy. One might say that “taking the black pill” is akin to being stuck in the anger stage of the five stages of grief.

 It is in my suspicion that the concept of “incel” was astroturfed in its nascency to cause a more significant schism between the sexes, making both men and women feel less safe around one another. Undeniably, there are prominent forces in our culture who benefit from promoting gender disharmony.

I did a quick search on Google trends to see if my idea might hold water. I found that the term “incel” was quick to develop an infrastructure with its own IncelWiki, various forums popping up all within a few months of each other. The alt-right was quick to embrace lingo, which was born out of inceldom. Terms such “Chad,” “Becky,” “Stacy,” “larping,” “normie,” “coomer,” “cuck,” and “cock carousel” are just a few examples of this shared lingo and terminology.

When incel-related content started to gain prominence, many men’s rights and MGTOW outlets began to have their channels demonetized, deleted without strikes, doxxed, and trolled by a constellation of angry and often incoherent “cels”. All the while, incel YouTubers seem to have had no issues having their channels monetized. There is also the fact that many incel forums and mainstream news sources put heavy emphasis on dates as a way to prove the legitimacy of incel origins. (“In 1993 so and so coined the term incel”, “In 2014, Eliot Rodger became the ‘incel’ killer”). But such claims cannot hide the fact that the term “incel” only came into prominence very suddenly around two and a half years ago.

Here we have MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way), which is a meek form of the Sovereign citizen movement. A substantial decline thanks to the termination of popular YouTubers and Reddit forms over the past few years. Note the gradual and natural climb in popularity followed by a rapid scale downward. The MGTOW community today is most popular in South America, creating a linguistic barrier for English speakers. Youtube enjoys censoring only videos spoken in English, so MGTOW continues to thrive in Spanish and Portuguese. In addition to this, the two most popular MGTOW content creators now get paid to promote sexdolls, turning MGTOW into a kind of standing joke.

Incel, on the other hand, displays a massive spike after the Alek Minassian van attack. The gyrations thereafter were from mainstream media, creating a hysteria causing searches on the topic. These spikes trap new followers into incel related topics. One can argue that incel has been around and the mainstream never noticed since they only parrot each-others talking points never to investigate cultural undercurrents.

Here is MRA (Mens Rights Activist), anchored solidly by the likes of Paul Elam, who is unreasonably disliked by some simply for being a Boomer. He has provided trustworthy guidance for men who are having difficulty going through rough breakups, divorce, and consultation through his websites.

PUA (Pick Up Artists), which is not included in a graph, once included Roosh V, who saw the jib of his vessel break as he saw no opportunity in peddling pick up strategies to lonely men anymore. He had no choice but to adjust to “red pill” or “conspiratainment”- like content. The PUA’s have generally been seen in a poor light as being sleazy, opportunistic, snake oil salesman.

Let us not forget the story of George Sodini, a frustrated pre-incel who was attending PUA classes right up to the time when he committed a massacre against women taking part in a aerobics class at an LA Fitness aerobics class in 2009.

This is not all a coincidence. Given all online media platforms’ nature, it appears that young sexless men, from Sodini’s time until now, are being nudged deeper into a nihilistic echo chamber. (The vast majority, of course, do not engage in violent crimes, but their alienation and despair is just as real.)

Viewed connotatively, the very word “incel” exudes a whiff of danger. On the one hand, it savors of imprisonment: men who dwell, it could be said “in cells” of loneliness. But “cell” can also signify something tiny and secretive but potentially deadly, like a “terror” cell or a “cancer” cell. So the “incel” categorization winds up evoking introverted deviancy.

A factor we need to look at is the radical left has used the fringes of our society including those who may or may not identify as incel as a vanguard. The island of misfit toys( political coalition based on their loser status) is a battering ram against normalcy and these excess males face a sexless bleak future of no prosperity and wish to see the destruction of old power structures which includes the lopsidedness of our prevailing gynosentric culture.

In a post-Trump America, the media will likely increasingly set its sights on this new demographic; thus reclassifying single heterosexual males as potential terrorists who need to be monitored. Given the woeful state of current sexual mores, the incel community is likely to grow exponentially, thus dragging any form of moderate “boys clubs” into it, as the misogyny they boldly enunciate will become yet another excuse for increased mass surveillance.

With the Overton window busted wide open, incel has been an approved outlet by our techno oligarchs as a path of rebellion.

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  1. BaboonTycoon says:

    I didn’t think about it this way, but you are probably right. I’ve seen numerous twitter accounts which are probably bots using this word (albeit actual women that use this term often speak in a manner indistinguishable from bot accounts). I don’t think they thought as far as you have, though, and are likely simply using the word to show that their political opponents are low status (in a left-wing framework). There can’t be any crackdown on “single heterosexual men” because that would invariably hurt them more than it hurts us. They’re the ones that don’t believe in marriage and family.

    The concept itself definitely is real enough even if the sudden push for it isn’t. I myself am in my late twenties and have never been on a date. I don’t dwell on it much or waste time in “incel communities,” and I reckon many on our side are the same. We don’t operate in their framework, don’t value sex for its own sake in the way they do. That and it’s hard not to join the cult of self-improvement as a young man of the right. If they want to target wizardchan or /r9k/ or whatever, they’ll just be rounding each other up, which would be kinda funny.


  2. Earl Shetland says:

    The term “incel” was around before 2009, but then at the time guys like me were in a much smaller, more scattered group. Since then, hypergamy has taken off and the proportion of incels has gone up at least tenfold over the course of a decade.

    You hit the nail on the head with “The island of misfit toys (political coalition based on their loser status) is a battering ram against normalcy and these excess males face a sexless bleak future of no prosperity and wish to see the destruction of old power structures which includes the lopsidedness of our prevailing gynocentric culture.” – though I take objection to the term “excess”. If the UN wants world peace, they’d promote monogamy – but having “excess males” die so that the rich get richer is more Lindy than sliced bread.

    I remember being disappointed that Sodini hadn’t done something “real” with his anger. I was horrified at his actions then and am more horrified today. I am a straight white Christian male with a wife and kids now, which in itself has become a revolutionary act.

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    1. Lamprey Milt says:

      The Sodini clips were heartbreaking to say the least. I got wrapped up into the MGTOW sphere by accident after I did a call in with Stefan Molyneux. Its not really my cup of tea but it brings in views and cool people. Its all interesting from a sociological standpoint.
      Check out Not All Dead White Men by Donna Zuckerberg (yeah thats right).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Earl Shetland says:

        bro i still have to actually finish Karl Stern’s The Flight from Woman and like three hundred other books on my shelf. at the rate i’m going, it’s a lifetime supply. but it does look interesting – thank you!


      2. Lamprey Milt says:

        I hate to add but here is a few to add to your wish list:
        Women and the Common Life: Love, Marriage, and Feminism- Christopher Lasch

        The New Politics of Sex- Stephen Baskerville

        Can Families Survive in Pagan America? – Samuel H. Dresner


    1. Lamprey Milt says:

      Yeahhh…I actually have his email. I should shoot him a message and try to talk to him. I always listen in when hes a guest on Myth.


  3. DD says:

    The current iteration of “incel” is something extremism researchers, deradicalisation activists and other members of the credentialed dipshit class salviate over. Just like “racism = prejudice + power” the imagined formula for “Incelism” involves not only sexlessness but also misogyny, right-wing beliefs and the use of imageboards (of course reddit, forums and imageboards are happily conflated here).

    Meanwhile part of the (sometimes acknowledged!) actual incel phenomenon consists of minorities who fail at exogamous dating i.e. they fail at getting a white girl. The other is that leftist spaces are filled with incels who’re not counted due to their ideological conformity.

    Of course the narrative can and will be routed around such inconviniences: Just like black attacks on asians are the fault of “white supremacy” you can count that ethinc minority incels will be turned into honorary whites and leftists will be disawowed should they erupt into violence.

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  4. Русский Человек says:

    You don’t have a right to speak about “echo chambers”, when you say you didn’t hear about this term until it basically hit the mainstream media and all your research on the subject is a bunch of surface-level google queries. The article is pretty hysterical in tone too, feels like it was written by a post-wall female fact-checker for some NGO rather than American Sun.
    You even used typical blue-pilled placates about “social” skills, ignoring the fact that these “social skill” depend entirely on your looks. For fuck sake Harvey Weinstein, a fucking jewish hollywood billionaire (bastion of americanism basically), was binned for being an ugly balding jew and not even a menopausal jewish lesbian lawyer (another bastion of americanism too) could help him out of this situation. He was lucky he isn’t a manlet, otherwise he would be executed right in the courtroom. This case alone proves women don’t care about status/power/wealth since he had plenty of those and still landed with 30+ years sentence, despite being a super loyal liberal minion to boot.
    Also you are speaking of “old power structures” like it’s something worth preserving. In case you didn’t notice, the “old power structures” is a thoroughly fake and gay liberal matriarchy, it absolutely deserves to be destroyed. But sadly “incels” aren’t going to be the destroyers.


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