Why Cuomo, Why Now & Friday Reads

The regime has come for Cuomo. They won’t jail him, but the system’s tools will now be applied to him. How could this be? Cuomo was a hero! He was a solid dictator when New York needed it most. The media loved him last spring. They even floated out Cuomo as a replacement for Biden on the ticket. This has a lot in common with the Lincoln Project’s downfall. He is no longer useful.

Cuomo was useful in 2020 early in the covid hysteria campaign because the Democrats had no reliable face to counter to Trump for the potential “rally ‘round the leader” effect. This rally effect happened with every leader in the world except Trump. America had an election year, and Trump is a unique figure, but the media system needed to put forth a foil. Cuomo benefitted from DeBlasio’s bungling, but Cuomo was a fool who killed thousands of elderly New Yorkers. The administrative diktats he signed did send convalescing patients to nursing homes and absolved nursing homes from any liability. The management of resources, including not using the USS Comfort at all and leaving temporary hospitals set up by the military, was either incompetence or malicious ways to juice the death toll. On top of all of this, he was fluffed by the media with his brother performing softball interviews.

It did not work on the right, but it worked wonders on the left and center. New York having the worst statistics for covid in the world did not dent this image. New York maintained draconian shutdown regulations despite numbers falling dramatically as they do after every covid wave, except for their moment of St. Floyd protest-riots. This was a further effort to suppress the economic bounce back of the nation as other states re-opened and things slowly moved to old equilibriums. New York even released a cartoon about the mountain of covid and how New Yorker’s persevered. The entire point was to flood the discourse with a good Democrat for this plague instead of giving Trump any credit for the moves to contain or mitigate covid consequences.

Those days are gone. The election is over. Trump is gone. People are angry. The system does not want Cuomo to attempt any move in ’24 to challenge Biden Kamala. There are no Democrats with accomplishments. Cuomo could have run as a competent governor in Democrat eyes. They need to reduce him to normal, corrupt Democrat governor. The additional help the system has is Cuomo is a disgusting human being who resembles Moe from The Simpsons. There is a reason he was not considered a presidential candidate. He is awful, and white, and straight, and male. If they push this far enough, he will be done this term, paving the way for a hand picked minority-LGBT puppet for NYC interests.

Irony of this is the Biden administration nominated the trans health commissioner from Pennsylvania, who signed the same type of order in Pennsylvania, for a position in the administration. It was all an op. Stop normies from saying it is left wing incompetence. Just ask them why multiple states did the same move, but no one else did. Same as the vote count stopping in the middle of the night. Ask them why a handful of swing states did this. Your take is not a conspiracy if you ask them to explain the phenomenon. Their explanation becomes a conspiracy.

This is the same act as the Lincoln Project’s rise and fall. The Lincoln Project received tons of press despite no one supporting them. They were ineffective has-beens, but they were useful for the election to persuade those independents and squishy suburban republican voters that they were not alone in voting Democrat, and all would go back to normal if they just voted in Joe. The election is over. End the op. This does not just apply to covid lockdown rollbacks. It applies to all of these pawns in the system’s game. Antifa in Portland, BLM, Cuomo, covid restrictions. They thought they were somebody, but they were just bums useful at the moment.

This might not end with Cuomo. Gov. Gavin Newsom should watch his back. The straight out of central casting for President puppet could be the next sacrificial lamb. Maybe we will finally get to see the Gettys’ trove of Newsom blackmail. On to the links…

Spandrell on Strategy Twice – How do you take the regime down? Spandrell has an idea. If Scott Alexander’s fight is an indication, it can work.

Human Origins – “Contrary to what many believe, neither the genetic or fossil record have so far revealed a defined time and place for the origin of our species. Such a point in time, when the majority of our ancestry was found in a small geographic region and the traits we associate with our species appeared, may not have existed. For now, it would be useful to move away from the idea of a single time and place of origin.”

We rule by hit pieces – Older essay but the media admits they are attack dogs.

Minority Buys Franchise, Hilarity Ensues – Hispanic buys an NHL team and it goes sideways. Interesting woke moment with a draft pick and avoiding him for comments made years earlier.

Boomers YOLO– Boomers are spending their wealth on experiences. Their kids won’t see the money. No one saw this coming.

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  1. Van Helsing says:

    Gavin Newsome is a wholly owned subsidiary of the ruling class.

    His entire political career has been funded and curated by a handful of wealthy families.

    He has no ideas of his own, other than the fact that he agrees with his donors, who desperately want to own a President.

    If you watch him speak, you’ll notice he has mastered the managerial art of talking and talking and talking without actually saying anything.

    He spent the last year over-reacting to the media’s over-reaction to something that is no more dangerous than the seasonal flu.

    Because he wants to prevent any media outlet from accusing him of “not doing enough”, when he runs for President in 2024. He is also piling on to the preferred narrative of the media-Democrat complex, who spread bullshit to unseat an incumbent GOP President. The facts on the ground remain irrelevant.

    But now it’s all backfired on them and Gavin is being recalled by a grassroots effort of California voters.

    I don’t see the ruling class coming to his defense at this point. He’s going to be sacrificed just like Cuomo.

    A very rare and enlightening article on how Democrat politicians are created:

    Los Angeles Times: The 8 Families who purchased Gavin Newsome


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