Creating the Problems You Fantasize About

If one walks the Mall in Washington DC today, one will come up to a tall fence with razor wire. This metal fence is supported by a row of Jersey barriers behind it. Standing fifty feet or so behind this fence are members of the National Guard. This fencing goes for blocks to the east and west of the focused target. The protected target is the US Capitol building. This is a theatrical show of force for an imaginary threat. The defenses show how fast the system can build up protection. They also can fuel a problem that is not real yet but may manifest itself in the future.

No armed insurgents rioted in the Capitol on 1/6, yet the reaction is as if some did. The reaction shows the forces mustered, which numbered nearly 30,000 brought into the heart of DC. No one thought to bring weapons and as normie conservatives and MAGA faithful no one probably gave it a second thought, but after this, what if groups do? The book is being thrown at 300 people, so far, for their participation. The Department of Justice is pressing hard to get them behind bars. Unarmed rioters who took selfies and clowned around will face jailtime. When the punishment for being late is the same as rebellion, well, the Chinese generals said they might as well rebel.

Signal and Telegram saw users spike after 1/6. All of these new users never thought of needing encrypted chat or messaging until the system showed them they should consider it. Now anyone leaning against the system now feels the need to act exactly like a true blue dissident or insurgent would act. If radicalization expands and also deepens with these individuals, they will have started down the encryption path well before getting serious. Using Telegram & Signal means the regime cannot count on blue haired nonbinary e-janitors to do their monitoring work. Suddenly, the system has real problems of encrypted chats that they only worried about in their wildest fantasies of evil, white supremacists hiding in every corner.

The history of espionage is one of networks that were informal becoming formal. It is not hard to see how the British intelligence system that was slick and savvy in the 20th century developed out of centuries of global trading. Port merchants would understand who players are, develop sources friendly and open to outsiders, learn what makes the regions tick and accrue language and cultural knowledge useful for a formal spy agency. Contacts take time to develop. Beyond contacts, behaviors take time to learn and master.

The American right does not currently operate like this. The majority of the right believed in neutral systems and fair play, let alone a supposed neutrality in our judicial system. The last five years should have burnt whatever faith they had in those institutions. The system’s platform oppression is encouraging this type of network formations and behavioral development. This is just to talk about simple things, but it gets the app users to become comfortable with more secretive methods. In the event that cold civil conflict gets hot, flipping the switch in what information travels between users is not going to be difficult. Signal might be used by an uncle for disappearing messages and family chitchat that may include cancellable language, but the habit of using the app and knowledge of who to trust starts to develop.

The social aspect is the bigger feature of the change. With the rise of the volunteer thought police and woke SJW commissars in public life as well as longhouse behavior in private life, right wingers have already become careful with conversations. Those in industries that are dominated by the left have already learned the double life method. More right wingers are picking up on this. There behaviors are shifting to be cautious about who to talk to and what subject matters to bring up. This is all practice of a double life before any real insurgency or disturbances have begun!

If one reads reports of the early communist spies, it is not hard to see the steady existence of homosexuals and Jewish individuals in books on both Red Scares. It is not a big leap to think it could be due to two populations that feel apart from broader society, feel a need to hide parts of their lives and live double lives in their everyday lives. The Cambridge Five was mostly a gay espionage ring. While the spy’s life of a compartmentalized existence or a near schizophrenic mentality taxes anyone, is it not an easier load on those who already feel they live and practice it each day at work or in public settings?

This double life training applied to half of a nation is a sickening situation. We have a systematic surveillance state of comms and an informal social surveillance network of behavior. The opinions of 2012 can cause loss of income and status, and one could argue that this applies to the opinions of 2015. The fever dream of the system is that armed white supremacists are going to storm capitols and kill them (arguably for the crimes they know they have committed), that every white driving behind a black woman is going to follow them home to murder them or some other made for Netflix scene. These are not real threats. The real danger is that in their hysteria, they are fostering behaviors in a benign population that will create a future insurgency or movement that the system will be unable to control.

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  1. anacardo says:

    Would you define “longhouse behavior?”


  2. Electrician says:

    The truly wise man does not play leapfrog with a unicorn.
    – Indian sitting under a tree

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  3. NC says:

    Skin deep is your uniform. Turn coat would require the “Bolton” method.


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