Nullification + Friday Reads

Oklahoma moved in a direction to set the right up for right wing nullification of the federal government. If an EO is unconstitutional, Oklahoma can disregard it. This sets up the stupid out for the feds where once the Supreme Court magically finds a constitutional basis for an EO that shucks, Oklahoma you cannot deny it. It does allow for picking and choosing within the territory, which per Justice Gorsuch might be half the state. This formally allows a red state, and if others follow entire regions, to nullify federal laws and orders. The likelihood of it holding up is low.

The left already does this and did it with demonic glee during the Trump administration with immigration enforcement. We all know sanctuary cities and even states popped up. Worse nullification actions were blue state and city administrators releasing violent felons our of jails back into their municipalities to escape a wicked, evil deportation or catch and release for illegals when arrested. Local officials felt no shame in publicly announcing this was what they were doing and explicitly stating why. At least Cuomo and Levine silently killed nursing home residents with their covid orders. It was virtue signaling over good management and protecting their residents. The left is not about good governance only maintaining their power. Marijuana states already get away with this with allowing a scheduled drug to be sold like tobacco.

This is a one way street. That which follows the ruling cabal’s goals is allowed to stand. No federal law or order can stand in the way of the march of progress. The right is starting along this path as Missouri also made moves on 2nd amendment issues, which could nullify federal law or execution of federal law. Any attempt at restricting abortion via law appears to be stopped as soon as the courts will allow because the female right to kill babies on a whim at any time is a keystone to our current order. We will see how guns go. Guns could be such a big tripwire because it crosses all state’s borders per the national gun crowd that it might be best to just wait it out.

One could argue states re-opening during the covid hysteria is another example of this. Florida has been mocked and demonized by the media and federal bureaucrat class for being open. The Dakotas have gone through similar demonization. None of those states have suffered worse than the closed down states all while living closer to normal, pre-covid lives. This now applies to Texas and Mississippi as they re-open. Pundits online have mentioned withholding aid or vaccines to those states. Once again, no direct threat of action but manipulating levers of power. It is not a fear of rising cases, but that there will be no difference for their experience, showing in crystal clear, side by side comparison that lockdowns do not do much. America has actually seen this state open/closed variance for twelve months, but those who choose not to see will never see.

This environment sets up tripwires for the ’20s conflict between the federal government and states. A key point is the government is such sniveling chickens that they always use some other lever to exert pressure. When Indiana wanted religious freedom with regards to gay customers, it received threats from corporate power and the NCAA. Montana is looking at protecting high school girl athletes. The response so far is the feds have hinted at withholding federal money from Montana, which would decimate budgets and heaven forbid schools take any funding hit.

This is a little test run for how USG would really handle a secession attempt. They wouldn’t roll in tanks. The optics would be bad. Arresting the governor and inner circle would make sense and possibly be useful for establishing a narrative, but tanks in Kentucky is not a good look. They would much more likely do something indirect like kicking a state and its banks off of SWIFT. A right winger I respect suggested that. It’s a good move because it is bloodless. So is countering by blocking all rail traffic through the state going elsewhere. There are federal facilities in all states that have effects elsewhere, so playing with utilities of deep blue cities is within grasp. Key would not being a first and only mover. Everything is easier when you have friends.

That is down the road, as the here and now concerns just these little moves by states against EOs and random issues. The system will likely shut it down quickly, and maybe, just maybe, the right will admit that it is not hypocrisy or double standards. It is that you are the outgroup, you are not allowed to rule, the full force of the legal code applies to you, and you must accept this. Learn your place. Admitting this is the scheme is key to rejecting it because any addict has to admit they have a problem before they can fix it. Do you want to though? Isn’t it better to be ruled by hostile occupation forces? After all, per Curtis “Moldbug” Yarvin, you are a provincial and do not know how to rule and run a government, the current aristocracy (you’re laughing now) knows how to rule well (stop laughing), they just need to see the light which they will any day now (seriously, stop), and things will calm down now that Biden is installed and the system is securely in power (OK, I am laughing now, too).

On to the links…

Sociology of Elites – Looking at the rise and fall of WASPs to think about our current problems.

Left on Left Slapfight – DeBoer goes after media lackeys. It’s a dying industry and all they have is the privilege of being an insider.

The Untalented 90th – Near the top half of his class after passing 3 classes and a 0.13 GPA. Note that this school district gets massive allocated education dollars. This is the answer to Barack Obama posting. For every Obama, there are millions of these fellas.

They’re coming for incels – There is no pity for the incel. All other persons who lose in the game of modern life get sympathy. Now after a dozen or so deaths, it’s terror designation time!

Greed + Opsec = Fail = (Twitter Thread) Teen had a good hustle going with insider knowledge. Then he kept talking.

Pandemic Brain – Guardian but have heard this from others that their brains are mushy now due to lockdowns… and self-imposed strict isolation.

Fake Famous – Social media influencers are as poisonous as normal advertising and celeb culture. The documentary cited in the article might be one to watch. I’ll keep waiting for the article on “IG Is A Hooker Catalogue” in the New Yorker.

Weaponized Midwits – This is good for sharing with more normie audiences. These midwits are like the disingenuous liberals of yore with an overwhelming deference to the system’s experts. They are an effective volunteer narrative police force.

Why are wokies scared? – They flex power because they know how fragile their ideological house of cards is so they must keep doubling down, which does not allow any competition.

Spandrell invites you to his Urbit – He is right that we need to take back our content. Escape Big Tech. If his crew on Urbit is who I assume it is, there are lots of smarties there. If he only has one (the super-smart one), it’s worth the price alone to become a comet.

Disgusting Trans read of the week. This woman makes every excuse in the book for the abuse at the hands of and wretched existence of their trans partner. These are true believers. No matter what reality reveals, she will not change her mind or revolt against this twisted, monstrous existence.

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  1. Lamprey Milt says:

    I’m Telling you…these pissy 20 something incels will be viewed like Sloppy Jihadist.

    You take a good hard look at the FSA and its affilates in Syria, they are all young,sexless and poor.

    Great Friday recap as always Landry.


  2. miforest says:

    that last story is tragic and sad at the same time . what a mess of a life they are both living. may god help them both into celebacy and faith


  3. orochimaru says:

    seems pretty clear to me that designating incels as terrorists is just another step towards making heterosexual sex illegal (mostly for white men). i dont think it’s just a lack of empathy. “incels” will get designated as a low-status outgroup, and one earns purity points by dunking on them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. R. Landry - Editor says:

      They just want a way to surveil more young men. Hard to reconcile that with incel stats. Asians way overrepresented and black/white incel rate is similar.
      Incel replaced creepy for young women. They called everyone creepy and it lost effect. Incel works even less but it’s a new word.


  4. Moose says:

    Since the Feds, as you stated above, cannot strike first at any rebellious states they would probably use their keeping vital infrastructure hostage as a means to get rebels to strike first out of necessity thereby giving them a causis beli to lay down the law like the cowards they are.


  5. NC says:

    City student passes 3 classes in four years, ranks near top half of class with 0.13 GPA =HBO’s “the wire”
    Men that don’t get sex get really pissed off and crazy, who’d a thought!


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