Fracture CIA

Repost as an answer to dismantling the IC

Destroy CIA. Fracture it and scatter it to the winds to paraphrase President Kennedy. Pitch it as reform, but let’s do it. Take advantage of opportunities to drain the swamp to also destroy different cathedral nodes. The empire is going to end, so let’s start disassembling its pieces. The public waffles with lukewarm support of CIA. A proper PR campaign can help. This should not be hard to create and shove in people’s faces. The final result needs to be a splintered CIA.

Keep in mind that if not for the current reorg going on in CIA right now, they would be full speed ahead with regime change. The Pentagon is tired of it. An opportunity will arise as or provided that Trump radically alters our Syria strategy (ed: sort of happened) . A simple Congressional autopsy of what exactly happened in Syria could work towards this goal. The blame game has been played a bit already even within CIA as the grunts out in the field criticize it. Pinning down who supported what jihadist group in Syria would be a tremendous PR coup. How many head choppers did CIA do business with? Given television coverage or media attention with rats pointing the finger at each other, just how horrified will Americans feel? Lukewarm support for CIA would turn negative. This is not quasi-torture for uncovering terror plots. This is arming, training and enabling terrorists that also wish to attack Americans. Drain the swamp so that it never happens again.

CIA is an independent entity but often aligns with the Globohomo Empire goals of State. Syria is a perfect illustration of this where CIA-State work hand in hand with rebels. If you read its history, MI6 and the Brits foreign office did everything in their power as World War Two raged to help guide the creation of CIA in a mold that mirrored MI6. It was elitist and mocked Hoover’s prolish FBI. Hoover was constantly attacking CIA in turf wars both from a fiefdom angle and a responsibilities angle. Hoover fed McCarthy, Dies and Nixon all information to push communists out and to smear CIA enough that it might be wiped away. There was a legitimate threat to CIA that it would be wound down and portions rolled into Hoover’s FBI. CIA has morphed and changed as well with mass layoffs of human assets and more reliance on signal intelligence. Non-government entities like the “Safari Club” received money and support after the ’70s public revulsion at CIA’s antics.

The goal now should be splintering CIA to pieces under the guise of reform. Why are there field agents when we can roll that into the Army’s intelligence department? Let DoD select, train and run those men. The DIA runs through similar training and should handle all personnel. Let them have zero control over anyone in the field. Obama had even shifted control of drones from CIA to the Pentagon. Let analysis of data be handled in Langley? Why? Roll that element into the NSA. How different is synthesizing the intelligence from multiple sources? Merge and fire the redundancies always from CIA. Keep some on for longer studies. They can write white papers and offer policy suggestions.

For that matter, they can be disbanded entirely and rolled into the State Department (beautiful since CIA sprang from State). Any intel programs they had will be slid under DHS. Merger of course, but shucks, we have budgets to address as we make America great again. That means we can get rid of a bunch of them via redundancy job eliminations. Every single time we merge CIA with someone, we fire the CIA employee. Every single instance. There is no employer law that protects departmental mergers from being discriminated against. We are not even losing human capital here as these people are a net negative due to their ideological objectives. Stop funding to non-governmental organizations (via CIA or State). If they are truly doing God’s work, they will find the philanthropic donors to keep them afloat.

The cathedral is not dead. Organs still exist even if discredited. They exist as zombies. The Left has long term electoral success due to demographics if all trends continue. This is not just immigration but the sub-replacement white TFR rate (1.7). This also means the US has to hold together, which if you have been watching the news or Internet since the election, is highly doubtful. While the USG system is in place, it would behoove any administration that does not like the mandarins in charge of the empire to reform and destroy vicious pieces of the empire. America’s global empire will come to an end. Our goal should be avoiding or minimizing the wars. Fragmenting CIA and tossing it to the winds would be a noble accomplishment.

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  1. Banned Hipster says:

    Calm your sidelocks Ezra. CIA dosn’t get in the way of your Pentagon or FBI run operations that often. They let you roll up all those useless MAGA proles after fleecing them. You’re welcome.

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    1. R. Landry - Editor says:

      This is a bit dated as now every natsec institution is fully converged

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    2. Cthulhu says:

      This is a repost from soon after the Trump election it seems. I’m more interested why it was reposted than the content itself though.

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      1. R. Landry - Editor says:

        Topical in relation to the Tuesday post

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  2. muunyayo says:

    Reblogged this on Muunyayo.


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