Roosh’s New Book + Friday Reads

Roosh has a new book out. It is not Bang Religion or anything to do with pick up. It is an engaging read about his turn away from the old hedonistic life, and his initial attempt to walk a path with Jesus. It is a fun read I recommend.

There are two major narratives in the book. One is a man discovering his faith. This is the obvious one via Roosh’s public posting. The other is a man discovering his home country. Roosh never visited the rest of America, choosing to dive into foreign travel for over a decade. He discovers the cultural bits he had denied himself as well as the natural beauty of this nation that he never bothered to check out.

The religious bits are a little funny at times because he is new to it. He still uses his casual language and is self-deprecating or critical at times. He learns much about faith as he visits more churches. I personally chuckled at the contrasts of church services between parishes across America. No matter the faith, there is no monolithic church.

The national narrative makes this worth a purchase even if you don’t care for the religious transformation. He has always been a great observer of culture, and the state of America is revealed here. The cities are monoculture holes of dysfunction. Regional flavor will be found outside the metros in specific regions. Our library system is really homeless daytime management. The rainbow flag is everywhere so if you don’t have them in your town, you’re winning in life.

There is another thread. Along the trip, Roosh meets or stays with men and shares the talks they had. If you piece the subject matter together, there is a cabal of sorts that seems to operate and control different realms of business and society that uses vices to corrupt anyone seeking advancement. It’s there for you to see if you put it together. I can’t imagine who makes up that cabal.

I was lucky to meet up with Roosh during this trip and just after in DC. Despite the short time between being in the middle of his trip and ending it, he seemed a changed man. He mentions addiction at some point in the book, and he sounded like an addict angry at himself when we met mid-trip. After the trip, he sounded like a man who had processed that anger, recognized it was behind him, and was ready for the next step in life. We’ve met a couple times since, and he is strongly taking those next steps.

On to the links…

Calling for regime change – It’s funny reading these powerless deep state lackeys call for regime change in China. They’re going to flail for years.

Myers-Briggs Tests – Journalists and muh punditry hates MB because their MB results. I’ve been a part of corporate uses of it, and while not perfect, it does categorize people very very well. Journalist probably get “life’s natural scumbags”.

Managing the left – The media chides the dirtbag left for even being friendly to the far right. God forbid a 5Star/Lega alliance happen here.

Hawley’s Money – Two months ago it was reported that Hawley was losing a few big donors post-1/6. No. He is pulling it in. This is fantastic news.

The case against lockdowns – Lemoine on the irrefutable case why lockdowns don’t work.

Subcultures are dead – Subcultures are dead because straight men stopped engaging.

Cultural Brain Hypothesis – Humans are copiers.

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  1. Earl Shetland says:

    Myers-Briggs results can change. I went from INTJ to INFP after a few years in the real world. I ought to take it again soon.

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  2. NC says:

    Sub human cultures:”You don’t get rewarded for hiding yourself, ignoring the opposite sex, and taking zero risks, insulated by porn girls who trick you into thinking you’ve already got sexual options”. More like REAL men don’t need/want to be put down by these mutant women every minute their with them. Just a thought from a father of 2 young men that these woman would be in the same age group. EXP-Hay read “white fragility”(AWLF) = ok I’ll make that deal if you read mein kampf was my son’s reply to said mutant sjw female.


  3. miforest says:

    Even though I am older I ran into roosh’s writings long ago while surfing around for masculinity and philosophically interesting stuff. I also wanted to get a feel for the zeitgeist of the times that my children were living in. I think it was at return of kings . I had accidentally stumbled onto some red pilled reality about women in my misspent youth in the late 70’s . I knew from experience that being a PUA was unsatisfying after a fairly short time. It was clear to me that a conversion of some kind had to come for him . Either that or a tom leykis like descent into complete depravity. I am glad that he found god and is working on purpose. I also love the weimerica and social matter sites.


  4. GDR says:

    New book out on Timothy McVeigh. He was a fed informer. Lots of other stuff.

    It’s on


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