Claiming the Middle + Friday Reads

Bill Maher is out delivering monologues about the crazy woke left. Sarah Silverman is publicly saying maybe the left is going too crazy and it is stifling things. Oh wow, this is really cool that people who nudge the normie left along are coming around… right after the election is secure… right as the radical left is pushing for the full suite of wishes now that the Democrats have the trifecta… now that the system is going after Cuomo. This is a transparent, fake messaging pulse to claim the moral high ground of the supposed middle.

Nothing has slowed down. Media is all about racial tension all of the time. Professors get fired for just hearing other professors state race related realities. Not agree, just hear them out, and you are liable. The military is going full on woke after a minimal pause on the trans issue under Trump. Corporations and schools continue the march to sovietization. Loudoun County schools are making lists, which is a step away from going after, parents who object to critical race theory.

The power structure already agrees with the street protests because the power structure educated and funded the street protests. They are all on the payroll; at low levels, but paid for these beliefs. All that remains is bloating the bureaucracy with more do-nothing jobs. Now there is one more thing in that regard. They need to pick off the white liberals who occupy plum positions within the administrations across the managerial state. This is where we see the racial MeToo action. All those middle aged white ladies that worked at your college are working choice jobs with pensions and lush benefits for someone with a diversity grievance badge to take over.

One could see this fight over the last few years with the NY Department of Education. Head honcho and perennial failure Richard Carranza recently resigned from his big money job. The NY Post published a steady drip of anti-Carranza articles about the white privilege curriculum push, the anti-white moves he was trying to force on teaching hierarchies within schools and even the accusation he was discriminating against whites within the administration. Those leaks were these good white libs using the media to fight for their jobs; the anti-white privilege and whiteness push was a convenient weapon to use against him since it wasn’t being deployed against flyover white proles in this instance.

This is all a scam because at any moment’s notice, the liberal establishment will turn these radical dogs loose again. The question is if they indulged them so much the last seven years that they cannot control them, and the pack is now chasing them down. MeToo was eventually stopped. It never skipped over to gay men in Hollywood, and once enough scalps were taken and Biden needed to be propped up, it was shushed and put away. This might be a tougher one to do because the Democrats are at that tipping point where half their voter bloc is non-white. The patronage network >ahem< must begin to resemble the voting muscle eventually.

There is no middle ground. Real racism was the normie voter thinking Klobuchar, Buttigieg and Biden were moderates while mouthing the same exact radical social policies as the far left just because those three were white. Biden’s administration is not going to supply the Bernie crowd with the economic policies they want, but it will be happy to implement all of the radical social dreams they have for re-working society to elevate the obese femcels angry that Western Civilization never properly saw them for the gorgeous gals that they are.

On to the links…

Need exit and voice – Buskirk says we need changes to the framework.

Masculinity Matters – More people see masculinity matters and should not be erased. The covid overreaction was a feminine move out of fear and risk aversion.

Woke Imperialism – The globohomo empire is roaring back.

Tracey on Substack – Mike Tracey tackles why journalists hate substack.

Burma’s Junta Are The Good Guys – Maybe. Central bankers and financiers are scared.

Sir Yes Sir – Our military has a deep spiritual problem Tucker managed to expose.

Artificial Wombs… for humans? – It is getting closer. Will women ever allow it to cut them out of the process? Well, did they allow the male pill that a Brazilian doctor created decades ago? No. He told his story of Betty Friedan losing it on him at the UN.

Small Town Incentives – This is a smart move to do if rural towns have the space. Towns can make a bet on remote work. It’s better than just waiting for refugees from FedGov.

Contra Reparations– How did Newsweek publish this? Enjoyed it even if it didn’t take agree and amplify to the extreme.

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  1. Vincent DeMio says:

    Thanks for the post. My far left friends definitely don’t like liberals very much. Perhaps horseshoe theory can be thought of in terms of how honesty polarizes people or something like that.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. miforest says:

    it is patently obvious that the us military is being disabled and has been since Obama . deliberately . probably our CCP friends. they want everyone who can really perform driven out .

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Earl Shetland says:

    >They need to pick off the white liberals who occupy plum positions within the administrations across the managerial state.

    Don’t call it a grave, it’s the future they chose.


  4. miforest says:

    I tis cleat that the burma “coup” was really Burmese patriotic soldiers taking their country back from internationalists. I thought that the CCP had t be aligned with the internationalists to get the trade deals they got, but I wonder if the dog may soon wag the tail on that one .


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