Self-isolation + Friday Reads

There have been cringe videos going around the Internet. They are musical videos of whites excited to rejoin society thanks to the vaccines. The protagonist is an in-shape white living in a very nice home on a nice street, singing about how excited they are to leave their home again. This is a pretty short, informative window into the white liberal mind. Their draconian isolation is a self-imposed feature of covid life.

These people are the most gullible Americans. Sub-cultures may believe any conspiracy theory or statement concerning their history, but they do push back on statements from the supposed experts when not about broader life. White liberals, especially the centrist types depicted in these videos in upper middle class environs, will buy the screen messaging if from an approved authority. A white will always want to be holy in the authority’s eyes.

They cannot even listen to the authority clearly. Dr. Fauci, their guiding star, waffled on recommendations, changing from media interview to interview (that’s all he does for his job) on what constituted safe moves. The slew of data was what they said they were focused on: THE SCIENCE. This was a lie. What they were focused on were the boxes on their screens listing deaths and cases with no context. They did not see the fatality rate was sub 1%. They did not notice the deaths were overwhelmingly for those over age 75. Facts did not matter beyond the screens message that everyone must stay isolated because one death would be a tragedy.

They treated every meeting as if it were a high risk event of catching a virus. Simple math would tell them sub 1% of Americans had it at any time, and if two people are not sick, they have nothing to fear. Even if they caught it, unless a high risk individual, they had nothing to fear. Their isolation was all their choice. There was no using facts and logic to get through to these people. These are the people that pride them selves on being educated and informed, yet they were the most misinformed people for the last twelve months.

The other implication is that these people turned something that should have been a factor in decision making and turned it into the only factor in decision making. The relationships they had with friends and family did not matter. The quality of life their low risk teenagers and toddlers had did not matter. The only thing that mattered was showing they took the virus seriously, and that staying alive in the face of a minuscule risk was what was important. Now it might be that these secularized atheists and agnostics at best do not believe in an afterlife and are clinging to this earthly time like dogs with a bone. They may fear nothingness and want to keep the Netflix and takeout life going forever.

The damage we will see mentally and emotionally will be immense. It is already popping up in the deaths of despair and children’s mental health data. This is a very large experiment on isolating children whose brains are developing with a constant threat of death. That is child abuse. A kid who was beaten as a child may say the random beatings were not the worst part but the constant fear that anything might trigger a beating.

I hope you carried on where you could these last twelve months. I hit the gym when mine re-opened. We saw friends, my kids played with friends, did school sports and we took small vacations to places open. I know this was not available to everyone because my social circle in the Northeast. I remember smiling and saying ‘and?‘ to relatives who FaceTimed and asked why I didn’t have a mask on in a picture at an outdoor event. I get why the politicians did it. They wanted Trump out. I’m more sickened by the people who enjoyed their enslavement and one-upped one another with their tales of isolation. Maybe their children will forgive them, but they won’t forget.

On to the links…

Covid Study – In short, viral load matters a great deal in spread, asymptomatic spread is quite rare, hospitalization is non-existent in the young and those w/ no comorbidities, roommate/housemate spread relatively rare, and 2% of positives had 90% of the total amount of viral particles on campus.

Ann on Asian Coverage – Coulter writes on the recent anti-Asian media roll out. This applies to most 2010s college students and young women discussing any interaction with anyone.

Equal Pay Murky Waters – The wage gap is difficult to discuss in an honest fashion because there is nuance. equalized gender pay but in the end, there are likely raw gaps in pay.

Sports Covid Theatre – Sports media should be leading the way on getting people to mentally feel better, but like all media, is all in on the psyop. Reporters wear masks on camera when no one is around them in a giant empty stadium.

AI Jet Fighters – Interesting read on the concept of AI jet fighters. Truly frightening and awesome weapon if deployed.

The Great Centralization – Hank Oslo was savvy to this, but yes, the feds are using bailouts for the terribly run blue states. This will cause centralization, and enable bad behavior to continue. The FED money printer keeps all the plates spinning, and MMT hasn’t even begun.

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  1. Electrician says:

    Recall Gavin Moldbug

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  2. miforest says:

    the arrogance of people to think they have the right to criticize those of us not concerned about covid is unbelievable.
    the Baizou are the enemy of all. they are truly brainwashed and dangerously self righteous. I live among them in the Midwest.
    I fear for the future of my kids and grand child. I had relatives who cut me and my family out of their lives entirely because ” we know (me) is not going to follow any of the precautions and we don’t want to get around his family ” . These are life long relationships that were destroyed .
    the Z man linked to a movie I saw years ago that should be mandatory viewing foe everyone, because it lays bare the benign evil the average person is capable of supporting. it’s called “the chekist” and was made from the newly open archives of abuses after the fall of the soviet union.


  3. Lamprey Milt says:

    Now it might be that these secularized atheists and agnostics at best do not believe in an afterlife and are clinging to this earthly time like dogs with a bone. They may fear nothingness and want to keep the Netflix and takeout life going forever.



  4. NC says:

    Meh on the this post but latest after dark episode for Mot2c was fantastic


  5. Disemelevatorized says:

    Ann forgot to do Hispanic women but it’s still a good article.


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