Oh No Ukraine

It did not take long. Worrying about where the Deep State would start something, we missed Ukraine. It had been quiet for so long. Just a couple months into the Biden administration, suddenly, tensions are rising and cease fires are over.

The Deep State wants a return to 2015 with everything picking up where it left off. In 2015, figures like Edward Luttwak discussed how America was sleepwalking into conflict with both China and Russia with its moves in the Pacific, Europe and Syria. For all his mouthiness, Trump was wise to avoid these potential war starters. We are back at square one.

People call President Biden China Joe, but he still uses confrontational language sometimes. The Department of Defense is still leaking war game results where China beats America in a Pacific dispute. The pivot to Asia has happened. Trump’s confrontation of China made the Biden team stick to it, just in a good cop fashion. It’s not that China is ripping us off and giving us a virus. It’s that they have to be nice to their minorities and play the human rights game.

Fighting China over Taiwan is dumb, but Taiwan’s semiconductor production has strategic value. Ukraine offers America nothing. It does offer the American elite a new vassal to plunder. We know Biden’s family connections there but he is not alone. There are contracts to win, partnerships to form and natural resources to sell off. It offers the elite a proxy war to combat Russia.

The scary part is that Americans have had six years of anti-Russia propaganda to develop a hatred of them. Going after Russia for their supposed crimes meddling with the ‘16 election is foremost in some liberals’ minds. These people still believe Trump was a Putin asset. This was a consistent daily message for tens of millions of Americans. Nothing is worse than treason. Nothing is worse than installing a leader to betray us. Some of these Maddow viewers would gladly smash the nuke button right now.

This is important for selling a war. The actual causes do not matter. Strategic value of involvement does not matter. The elite want it, and have an emotional hook for enough of the people. Details matter little. Sentiment matters. They have a segment of the population primed for it. They just need a trigger to start festivities.

This might all be positioning and showing strong for better negotiations. Ukrainians were hung out to dry by the Obama administration, so they should not expect better treatment now. It would be foolish to think Ukraine would gain anything beyond arms deals and dead soldiers by restarting a useless war.

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  1. Michael says:

    Also relevant is the open U.S. backing of the schismatic Ukrainian “church” over and against the saintly Metropolitan Onuphry and the canonical Ukrainian Church under the Moscow Patriarchate. It was bad under Trump with Mike Pompeo and could very well get worse now.

    Although I imagine most of the establishment views this a purely geopolitical matter, another weapon against Russia, the persecution of the Ukrainian Church really lays bare the spiritual side of things and reveals the demonic energy underlying so much of what our elite does.

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  2. miforest says:

    We are not “sleepwalking” into anything . we are being deliberately manipulated into it.

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  3. Earl Shetland says:

    Funnily enough, they might be getting ready in case Taiwan is lost:

    “Among other interesting aspects of the infrastructure plan is support for a new “CHIPS Act” that would invest $50bn in semiconductor manufacturing and research.

    The plan summary notes: “President Biden believes we must produce, here at home, the technologies and goods that meet today’s challenges and seize tomorrow’s opportunities” – and semiconductors are a key part of that.”

    from https://www.theregister.com/2021/03/31/president_biden_broadband_chips_infrastructure/

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  4. stallard0 says:

    Ukraine is surely the last gasp of the decrepit NATO cabal. Hegemony in Europe has shifted massively to the Franco-German axis, who have no great interest in expanding their state when they have nothing more to gain at this point but another incompetent state’s fiscal liabilities and millions more halfwit immigrants to soak up unskilled labor. Their geopolitical goals were achieved and even exceeded in the ’00s and they really only need to protect their pseudo-empire from rival powers encroaching on it. An EU-CIS concord, which projects like Nordstream seem to tend toward, would stabilize the balance of power to the immense displeasure of middle-aged NATO functionaries who spent their entire working life plotting the installation of some redditor sodomite as a puppet over Russia.

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  5. NC says:

    Just need to kill off some more pale facers. Ukraine vs Western Russia is all pale face, even if it is only the SLAVes.


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