Third Obama Term + Friday Reads

A new stimulus is on the way. A new war may break out in Ukraine. A rush at the border is occurring. A white cop is in the judicial process involving the death of a black male. Islamic militants are attacking a third world country. Check the calendar. It’s 2014 again. The brief break in the trajectory and patterns of America that was the Trump administration is officially over and the old timeline is back.

Some people have dug into the new infrastructure bill with eager energy, which has $400 billion for home health care. Hard to see why there is $400 billion for home health care in this, but so it is. There are green energy initiatives, there is money for mass transit, and there is money for R&D. This is reminiscent of the Obama Stimulus. This money will pour into institutions the left holds and little will reach the people affected by covid lockdowns. There was money for mass transit in the first Obama stimulus, but that money was converted to road rehab and repair. Our infrastructure is in bad shape. We can barely cover the upkeep, forget new initiatives.

War in Ukraine is as silly as it sounds. This just popped up now. It was that quick. If we look back at the 2014 calendar, there was the Maidan Revolution, and quickly, fighting started in eastern Ukraine. America dropped sanctions on Russia, and we saw a Malaysian airliner get shot down. We will probably repeat this process unless Ukraine gets desperate enough to ask for air support for a no fly zone. Sanctions will likely come, but how many more can we levy on Russia after even Trump added to their sanctions? Let’s pray for no new war.

There is a rush of Central American immigrants at the border. In 2014, this was a surge of children that inspired even Sen. Ted Cruz to go to the border and hand out goods. Dana Loesch and Glenn Beck handed out teddy bears. The charities are back in business processing these newcomers. California is preparing to educate them in-person, while native Californians stay on Zoom. The GOP is talking tougher on this, but is pretty helpless as the entire government is in Democrat hands. Even if they wanted to stop legislation, the administrative state will just enforce and execute on what it wants to enforce.

Derek Chauvin is on trial for the death of George Floyd. This is a more dramatic and meaningful repeat of the Michael Brown situation, but I can’t breath was the newer version of hands up don’t shoot. There is no way a nuanced approach to the case was going to happen. Not after the three funerals given to Floyd when all of America had to stay locked down and funeral free. No way would State AG Keith Ellison let this one not be pumped up. Could they have sought involuntary manslaughter? Not with Ben Crump involved. We will likely see more acrimony when the trial is over.

Whatever you expected during a Clinton presidency will be tried now, just with less finesse. There was just a minor change in programming for a few years, as everyone tuned into the Orange Man Show. We will keep seeing the same shows over and over at louder and louder volumes.

On to the links…

What is Big Government – There is never going to be neutrality. The sovereign is everywhere.

Fashion died in 2010 – Is fashion dead? This is a long read but is an interesting take on the idea fashion died around the financial crisis.

Corrupt officials – It’s not corruption when we formalize it and make it legal. Just one example here.

Defunding cops gone wrong – In Minnesota, they found defunding the cops led to bad consequences.

The Terrible ’20s – Long read on the military issues we face in the ’20s. This allows a gap where a challenger may see the window of opportunity to challenge us at random spots before future tech can come online.

Britpopper – This is not about PARK LIFE or being born in the ’90s PARK LIFE but about the ascendant generation PARK LIFE that runs the UK PARK LIFE.

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  1. krustykurmudgeon says:

    Do you see this as a settling of old scores that Obama has?o you see


  2. Cthulhu says:

    Washington: Trump doesnt count, I quicksaved in 2015. It doesn’t count!


  3. Gunner Orpheus says:

    Nice update and our never changing situation


  4. NC says:

    Ever notice that “mass shooting” coverage is increased 1000k when a DAEMON Rat is in charge!


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