Socio-Racial Roots of Black Cop-hating

While many elements of legacy media are busy obsessing over how the War on Drugs has escalated issues between the Black community and the police, and the more ‘out-there’ liberal media espouse Critical Theory, which states essentially that the “White supremacist structural roots of America and the police make these tensions inevitable”, the truth is that the deepest, but most unconscious part, of this issue, didn’t come about in Reagan’s presidency, or even in 1619, it ultimately came about as a result of the ethnic master-slave dynamic, exacerbated by waves of Irish and other ‘not-yet-White’ groups immigrating to the US, and their ascent to both the middle-class and Whiteness.

In the period after the founding of America as a nation free of England, from 1776 to roughly 1830, there was little immigration to the US, but significant emigration to Canada of those loyal to England or those simply seeking cheaper farmland. This began to change, with significant amounts of German, English, and Scots-Irish (a general category which usually means either from British Northern Ireland, or protestant, or both) immigrants to the US. These groups were quite rapidly assimilated into the US. The founding stock of America was largely British in origin, and while there was some resentment towards the German and Scots-Irish immigrants, especially the Catholic minority of them, they were largely treated as ethnic cousins; related, if a bit strange.

Around 1845, the number of Irish immigrants, overwhelmingly Catholic, began to rise rapidly as a result of the Irish Famine and other economic factors; this new group was among the first wave to be truly hated, and deemed “not-White”; the term “Scots-Irish” itself was first invented by Northern Irish Protestants in an attempt to avoid association with the new groups of Irish Catholics. However, these Irish Catholics rapidly filled the ranks of the police departments of their cities; for instance, it is estimated that over half the NYPD was Irish in the 1860s. While the Irish were still seen as generally lower class, both socially and ethnically, the huge number of Irish men in the police force worked quickly to improve acceptance of them as White, even if the economic resentment did not fully disappear. This was partly helped by a simple heuristic of the Old Stock Americans: “Well, I wouldn’t let a non-White tell me what to do, so I suppose these Irish cops must be White.” Although economic discrimination was still prevalent for some time, the denial of Irish people as a White group faded quite rapidly, especially within the city.

In Marketing, one of the biggest risks of exclusive offers for new members is causing resentment among long-term customers: “Why do these new people get better rates when I’ve been a loyal customer?” this issue played out on a much larger scale in the United States; in the great Master-Slave socio-racial dynamic that existed in the US soon after the arrival of the Europeans, Whites definitively filled the master role. To Blacks, who almost universally descended from slaves of the 1700s, this ability of Irish people to suddenly ‘become White’, on top of entering a solidly middle-class field, simply as a result of joining the police department, must have been very disconcerting, if not outright infuriating.

This pattern of new ‘not-yet-White’ groups entering the US continued for some time, with new waves of ‘non-White’ European immigrants entering the US, especially as the source of immigrants shifted from Western and Northern Europe to Southern and Eastern. Around the turn of the 20th century, Russians and Italians, as well as numerous ethnic groups from the surrounding areas, began to pour into the United States. These groups again began. to rapidly fill the police departments of their cities, and therefore assimilate into both the middle-class and White identity.

Surely, when the Hart-Celler Immigration Act of 1965 opened up the United States to all countries, Black Americans must have breathed a sigh of relief; they were finally being granted legal equality with White Americans. Surely White Americans would prefer them to become the new members of the master-class; after all, they had been in America so long there could be no conflicting national ties, whereas there were so many Asian and South American nations with deep Communist ties. It was not to be. While it took much longer and is still largely an ongoing process, the Whitening of Hispanics ensured this was not to be. Of the 4th Generation Hispanics, descended from the first wave of Hispanic immigration after 1965, over half consider themselves just White for the census. Each succeeding generation of Hispanics considers themselves more White, and less Hispanic. Most of those Fourth generational Hispanics speak little to no Spanish. A huge percent of ICE employees and Cops are now Hispanic. While it will take longer, as the genetic range of Hispanics is far larger than that of Europeans, a large subsection of Hispanics will very likely eventually be considered fully White.

Truly, the roots of Black hatred of cops is not structural things such as the War on Drugs, or even more immediate causes such as whichever Black person was recently beaten or killed by a cop, deserved or not, but the fact that every one of those badges subconsciously yells “You will never be White! You will never be a part of the master class!” To Blacks, the police force as a socio-racial entity is a new wave of immigrants pressing the boot down upon their necks, forever.

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  1. NC says:

    Just follow the rules and you wont get shot, tased……..


  2. G says:

    Doesn’t matter why


  3. guy says:

    This ain’t it, chief. I get that you (and some others) think that coming up with a convoluted but transparently wrong explanation to an obvious question is a sign of intelligence, but it’s not.

    Blacks have an adversarial relationship with the police in America for the same reason they have an adversarial relationship with the police in Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.


    1. Zaoist III says:

      The relationship they have in other countries is very different in that what few Black elites exist generally do not participate in the same woke crowd as the lower class ones do; pro-Black movements in Europe are generally solely led by Jews, with minimal Black involvement; in the US there is a mixture of Jewish and Black, with heavy involvement and endorsement from elite Blacks.


  4. Anon says:

    What is this leftist shit? Black people are against the police because they want to steal, kill and rape with impunity.


    1. Zaoist III says:

      So why do the Blacks that have not done that, hate them? Or Blacks that are financially rich, with the influence to get away with it. Do you think Al Sharpton couldn’t rape someone in broad daylight and be found not guilty?


      1. Anon says:

        Whenever a black gets arrested/brutalized/killed by the police it lowers the collective standing of all blacks. They are against it because it hurts those with whom they feel kinship.


      2. Zaoist III says:

        Struggle to see how it could lower the collective standing of Blacks; they get to air grievances for weeks and publish a million articles about every single Black to ever succeed at something. If anything that would cumulatively raise it.


  5. standfastMS says:

    Long time reader, first time commenter. This got me so worked up I had to say something. This article is total garbage and I am blown away to see it on American Sun. This is the same exact “race is a social construct” BS that the blue-hairs shriek at us. Dude. Point 1, The Irish are White and always have been. Yes I am aware they were viewed as “not white” in earlier America but those earlier generations where also doing the “race as a social construct” thing and where just as DEAD WRONG as the blue-hairs. The Irish are White. Period. Full stop. Point 2, what we automatically think of as Hispanic in America (mestizo) is not White. Period. Full stop. End of story. It does not matter if they are “consider themselves” White and say so on the census. They are not. It does not matter if the are freaking 1000th generation Americans, they are not White. White is a biological reality. Neither my, nor your, nor colonial Americans, nor the blue-hair’s opinion on the matter amounts to a hill of beans. This article is absolutely awful.


    1. Zaoist III says:

      This is nowhere near an argument that race is a social construct; I would comment that people back then might make the exact same argument based on the biological reality that Irish people are more biologically different than English people are to German people. This change is already happening to some of the “Whiter” Hispanics. It’s not something I even agree with, simply a fact which occurs. Declaring a large existing group to be White is a comfortable and easy way for less committed Whites to shore up their position as the master class. Yes, the average Hispanic is roughly 65% European, but that percentage goes up with each succeeding generation. The average 4th gen Hispanic is between 75% and 80% European. Hispanics on the Whiter end are becoming increasingly European and tend to be treated as such. You can’t disagree with that that is happening just because you don’t like it, something I have accepted, even if I don’t like it.


    2. KL says:

      They are already partially white (hence why they are Mestizo and not Indians) and they intermarry with whites at fairly high rates, so over time you’ll end up with people who are mostly white with some Indian, who in American society were considered white. Religious people will marry across ethnic lines but within the religion, racialists (a minority in US society) will marry within the race, the average individualist Netflix-watching American will marry literally any random person they happen to get along with regardless of background, (the exception to this is that Blacks and non-Blacks will very rarely intermarry).


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