Packing The Court & Friday Reads

The Biden administration has moved swiftly to implement a wide range of the left wing agenda. You knew this. Normies did not. Voting law loosening, huge muni bailouts, reparations, and now they turn towards packing the Supreme Court. Biden was a Trojan Horse and this was a theme that Trump lightly touched on in his scattershot campaign messaging, but one that should have been front and center. Biden was a bait and switch candidate.

For a moment, what normalcy did we return to? This was the biggest delusion normie Biden voters clung to. We returned to many Obama era policies, but it’s still wild and weird out there. The entire administration is a critical race theory spouting hydra on television and at international conferences, dumping on America and hunting for racism everywhere. They want to deem foreign white orgs as terrorists. They resist naming Mexican drug cartels as terror orgs. Tells you everything.

Pack that court! Go ahead do it! Destroy the last little comfort the right had in this system. They now know voting is a joke. They see anarcho-tyranny daily. They hung their hat on having 6 supposed conservatives on the court and believing in appointing judges as a way to win. This didn’t save Trump. They need to see that finally, finally getting a supposed advantage on SCOTUS and not being subject to a swing is not allowed. The moment they get an advantage the procedural outcomes must be manipulated.

This likely doesn’t go anywhere right now. The messaging is lame. Their fixing the court for Trump breaking it? This is expanding democracy? They are not even trying. Pelosi said she will not bring this to a vote and will let Biden’s commission do its work. They are planting the seeds for future change if they need it. The dumbest part of this is they just cannot wait for Thomas and Alito to retire. They still fume that they lost out on the Scalia flip opportunity, and Trump was able to nominate a flip to the RBG opening. Both Thomas and Alito are older, and Roberts might as well be a liberal vote now. Just wait. Moving to 11 would make the left subject to the swing, and they don’t tolerate that. They want 13 to be secure in their 7-6 majorities.

This was not an issue when for ages the left had a lock on the Supreme Court. Nixon changed the game by introducing the idea of appointing strict constructionists. Nixon appointed four justices and the court did turn from the Warren liberal excesses. The Warren Court did forever change our nation. We live in its wreckage now.

Many SCOTUS judges vote the same, and analysis found Garland and Gorsuch had similar views on 90% of issues. It’s those little differences. The secret is the swing was always in what nominally right leaning judge would defect. On the important votes, the left is always a secure bloc. The right only wins those splits when they get their appointed judges to vote as a bloc. It was always Kennedy that decided the 5-4 splits. He retired. With him went an accepted state of affairs. Roberts seemed ready to be that swing. Ginsburg’s death, while expected, threw this into crisis with her replacement not being a liberal. The left wants to align the new state of the court with their total control of the system.

Theory of the Crisis Actor – The image matters most and why wouldn’t crisis actors be deployed to manipulate the thoughts and emotions of the news junkie nation?

Left Behind – An essay that goes into J. D. Vance’s treatment of the white working class in rural America, and the way that it avoids specific actions our elite have taken and focuses on feeling and emotion.

Latinas Por Trump – Trump’s gains with the Hispanic vote were due to Latinas. The numbers do not lie. We need to replace AWFLs with Latinas. Castizo Futurism.

Twitter’s complicity – Twitter aided Saudi Arabia in going after a dissident. Take note.

US Intel worries about crypto – Our intel agencies, which run the show, worry about cryptocurrencies. They will find a way to attack them, and some random, odd event that shuts down the Internet may be in the cards. If that is what it takes to destroy Bitcoin as a threat, they will come up with some excuse for an event.

Suicides decreased in 2020 – Shocked to find out suicides decreased in 2020. One essay tries to explain why.

Stoller on Thomas’ Big Tech Gameplan – Matt Stoller is a goofy, autistic liberal, but he is waking up to the fact that the right may be the only force that will go after monopolies. He can see realignment happening, but he does not want to admit it.

EdRealist on the Woke – Sure there are two sides, but one has the institutional power. This was like QAnon and Russiagate both being conspiracy theory movements, but only one had the power to arrest and jail.

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  1. Tony The Tigere says:

    For the left, SCOTUS expansion is a better threat than a policy. If they go through with it, they’ll have no excuse for not enacting the popular (and less business-friendly) aspects of their platform. Better to leave it dangling over the current nine justices’ heads, to keep them in line if a vote is ever needed on the less-popular (more business friendly) aspects of the left’s policy consensus (think gun restrictions, not medicare for all).

    Normiecons in general, and Federalist Society types in particular, are very sensitive to the idea of “being judged by history.” Now that the narrative-makers in the press and academia are entirely in the other camp, they are hyper-sensitive to the idea that if they don’t vote the right way, they will be remembered as the extreme bigots who forced the left to expand the court. Obviously an insane mindset, but internally consistent.

    Roberts is in the bag for the left now, probably because of blackmail. I think this tactic is aimed primarily at Kavanaugh, since the standard tactic of presenting him as a sexual/substance freak already flopped and the attempt probably hardened his resolve. It’s aimed directly at the psychology of a man who is over-concerned with his reputation in posterity. I think it’s Kavanaugh, and I think they’ve communicated to him that he can “save nine” by rubberstamping Schumer/Pelosi.


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