The Shootings Will Continue

Submitted by long time, first time

News alerts about shootings appear to have picked up. The gun forums are aware The narrative must be forming for whatever compromise reform will come in the near future. Forget compromise. If a parliamentarian decrees the Democrats can get a third reconciliation vote, they can consider new gun taxes included in any gun reform bill doable with what the Democrats have today. Still, the media is defying normal rules to spotlight shootings.

Recent shootings have popped up, trend, generate the proper Pavlovian response from gun grabbers, but then melt away. The shooters do not fit the safe demonization profile. Too many of these are just parties gone wild shootings. These are not useful to the media regime when older, deeper reflexes kick in when seeing urban crime.

The set up for a big, anti-gun media op has to follow some rules. Shooter must be white. Shooter should have a rifle, preferably anything that looks like an AR-15 so that liberals who have never handled an AR can shout that an AR has once again massacres innocents. That there is the last bit. We have to have innocents. This is why school shootings are so powerful for these messages. These guarantee child victims and schools are our holy, sacred ground in our world run by academics. Columbine, Parkland, and Sandy Hook were all schools. This hits the emotion buttons. Britain banned gun over a dozen or so dead children. Now their cops beat them for going to parks without worries.

Violate these features, and it gets tougher to make a mass shooting stick. A white shooter with a racial grievance like Dylan Roof was able to overcome only having a handgun, but his manifesto and murdering church going blacks was enough to push the narrative. After Roof, a series of mass shootings occurred that did not push the message. A Virginia news reporter gunned down coworkers on camera, left a manifesto we never saw and had some deviant behavior but was black. Other shooters after Roof used long guns but we not white (San Bernardino). The grand daddy of them all for disappearing mass shootings was the Pulse Nightclub shooting, which was the highest body count shooting to that point in America. The shooter was Muslim and claimed to do it for ISIS, so even though he used rifles, it had to be pushed aside quickly.

These shootings happen as we are an armed society with 330 million individuals. They can choose to push any shooting or crime they wish for a purpose. The media seems now to boost an event, hope the shooter hits the right profile, and moves on if they crap out. The Brony subculture finally saw one of theirs receive representation in the mass shooter pantheon. That shooters issues were too much to blame solely on guns.

If there is one thing going their way in 2021, it is that lockdowns have affected Americans’ mental health. Behavior changes on the edges, and people act out in their peculiar way. This will include mass shooters. We see it all around us, so why not include them? Being a mass shooter is an odd psychological break from normal, but there are 330 million of us. For the gun grabber narrative crafters, they only have to be lucky once.

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  1. Tony The Tigere says:

    The tech with 3D printers and the modularity of the AR platform are such that they really cannot get the toothpaste back into the tube. To ban guns now, they would have to ban machine shops and 3d printers. The only 2 choke points are ammo and barrels, which are things that can’t be made in a shop easily or cheaply. This means that they’re UNDERPRICED relative to the rest of the sector, in spite of the insane prices.


  2. NC says:

    Lock down crazy to mass shooter only helps the red fag laws. Once they have an excuse to take the guns, they will. More and more people will give them up for food, water and shelter over the next decade.


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