Trial Update: Can Chauvin Find an Irrational Juror?

You know how effective To Kill a Mockingbird is as regime propaganda from the fact that never gets brought up: That Atticus Finch is a lousy lawyer. He stinks. The whole case is based on the false testimony of a lying harlot, yet he doesn’t think to sequester the harlot to make sure can’t line up her story against the other witnesses’. He despairs of representing a black man in the segregated South, notwithstanding the fact that his client respected the bounds of segregation and the harlot did not. In the end, he has the audacity to go in front of the jury and condemn them all for being racists. He ends by talking about his chances of successful appeal, and the coming of more enlightened times. It is kind of like a doctor butchering you on the operating table and highmindedly talking of better treatments to come.

I don’t really know if Chauvin will be acquitted. He should be. By any civilized standard, Eric Nelson won the case. He engaged with more of the evidence. He undressed the State’s experts and used them for a complete defense. He pointed out that the jurors were being manipulated. Though I found his prosaic nature to be frustrating at times, closing arguments showed that Nelson was always in control. Litigators should turn to his work in the future for a hugely outmatched attorney who took control of proceedings. The mob violence outside is Keith Ellison’s, but for three weeks the courtroom was Eric Nelson’s.

The State was pathetic on closing. Their use-of-force experts ended up being better for Chauvin than the State. They were left putting up still photographs of videos, and sputtering that Chauvin did not protect and serve St. George with “compassion.” The State actually asked the jury to put themselves in the shoes of the nine year-old witness in making its decision. The State’s strategy was always to make the jurors one of the screaming crying mob out of Cup Foods. On rebuttal, identified the mob as a kind of new Rainbow Coalition. “All genders, all races, and they all came together to…try to stop the suffering. They were all symbols of the love and caring we want to encourage.”

I honestly don’t know how effective this was. The tactic was so lazy and so apparent that I can’t imagine it working, but I also can’t imagine watching “The Good Place.” A jury of twelve men–real men, I mean–would never fall for this garbage, and they would be insulted at these lazy attempts at emotional manipulation. It was always Chauvin versus the mob, but the mob and the media are the same thing.

The really unique thing about the Chauvin show trial is how the State did not feel the need to do anything but recycle the media narrative. In the end, they had almost nothing besides the mob sentiment, both in the media and the actual mobs roving outside the courtroom. Even in show trials you expect the prosecutors to look semi-competent in the courtroom. The prosecution seemed to relish its incompetence at times, knowing that they were just cruising on mob forces bigger than themselves. They failed to prepare their witnesses, they conducted lousy examinations, and they got within a hair’s breadth of a mistrial on the last day of testimony. From a legal perspective it was shameful. If it weren’t the media-mob the case would’ve never been brought, and if it weren’t for the media and mob it would end now in mistrial or acquittal. They ended with that gormless picture of St. George. They might as well have left it with a picture of the jurors’ homes burning.

Robert Barnes talks much about appealing to people’s “lizard brains,” that is the parts of them that are sub-rational. I think this is overborne. People who talk about “lizard brains” usually think things like honor, family, and religion are irrational because they do not conform to a utilitarian outlook. In fact, we often react most virulently when we are treated like mere animals, when we are not engaged as moral or rational agents. I can’t imagine watching the State’s closing argument without being so insulted.

The problem Chauvin faces now is that the jurors will be too rational. If they are rational, the jurors will know the State made a garbage case. They will also know that their names are likely to be released following the verdict; it is not unlikely their houses will be vandalized, maybe burned; and if they are rational they will surely know that Keith Ellison will never punish anyone for these crimes. A rational utilitarian will know what to do.

To get an acquittal, Chauvin needs the jury to get mad–indignant with Keith Ellison’s staging his show trial, indignant with his incompetence in conducting the show trial, and indignant with the entire State of Minnesota’s descent into anarcho-tyranny. Will they stand up for Rule of Law, even while knowing the law will not protect them?

No, it’s unlikely justice will be served. Nelson needs a juror who is smart enough to understand “reasonable doubt,” but dumb enough not to know his house will be torched. Unlike Atticus Finch, Nelson made the masterful case. He did all he could, and he might even succeed on appeal. But the “long arc of history” is against justice, and the State will remain effeminate and evil as long as it can stay solvent.

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  1. GDR says:

    It’s probably a good thing if Chauvin is convicted.
    1. Cops quit en masse.
    2. Remaining cops zone out.
    3. More diverse police forces (who overwhelmingly kill more non-whites than white cops) are incompetent and corrupt in public.
    4. Crime skyrockets.
    5. White people are forced to depend on their neighbors and families instead of the cops and the government.
    6. Local mafias and mannerbunds form.
    7. Authorities freak out about this, but with degraded human capital are powerless to do anything but increase the incentives for forming mafias and mannerbunds.
    8. We bypass corporations and government using personal relationships, and slowly control territory, resources, and institutions. What we can’t control, we destroy.

    Make sure you lay low while this is going on, and be report all known shitlibs as racists.


  2. WS says:

    Shameful day. Today is the day I add the courtroom to the list of illegitimate American institutions. Perhaps I should have done it sooner, and someone may point to x y or z case that should have brought me to this point before now.

    Regardless. This is the point for me


  3. Toaster Biden says:

    There is not a person smart enough to know what reasonable doubt is and yet dumb enough to not understand the consequences of acquitting Chauvin. A fair trial may have resulted in a conviction too. But, I don’t think a fair trial was possible. If you got stuck on that jury, you had to vote to convict to have any reasonable chance of a future. The world will know who they are, and they knew that before handing down the verdict.


  4. NC says:

    A sad day. Jury was rigged and cowards, not a single peer was on it. Ok if you count a Wej as white and around the same age. 6 whites,(4 female) and 6 PoC (2 at least immigrants). MN is 80% Norse at a minimum state wide. Yes MPLS is 95% cuck, tranny, lbg…. or POC. So jury should have been 8 norse (4M/4F) and 4 PoC(2M/2F).


  5. Noon says:

    As was said before and as we all knew, it was over for Chauvin before it even began. This is America, land of the damned.


  6. NC says:

    THE MOB RULES by Black Sabbath

    Close the city and tell the people
    That something’s coming to call
    Death and darkness are rushing forward
    To take a bite from the wall, oh
    You’ve nothing to say
    ‘Cause they’re breaking away
    If you listen to fools
    The mob rules
    The mob rules
    Break the spirit and you’ll be blinded
    And the end is always the same
    Play with fire, you burn your fingers
    And lose your hold of the flame, oh
    It’s over, it’s done
    The end has begun
    If you listen to fools
    The mob rules
    You’ve nothing to say
    They are breaking away
    If you listen to fools
    Break the circle and stop the movement
    The wheel is thrown to the ground
    Just remember it might start rolling
    And take you right back around
    You’re all fools
    The mob rules
    The mob rules
    Oh, yeah! Thank you
    Alright, cha!
    It’s a good platform that
    We’d like to especially thank you for this next one
    First time we were around to see you
    We had an album out called Heaven and Hell
    And from that album, a song that we liked quite a bit
    Enjoy doign every night thanks to you
    We’ll do it for you now, it’s called Heaven an Hell, ay!


  7. jessix says:

    Chauvin’s problem is that EVERYONE saw the video. If I was cuffed behind my back and forced prone on the ground, I’d be HALF-DEAD without someone kneeling on my neck, whether or not I’d ingested drugs. Chauvin did NOT call for EMS w/Narcan for suspected overdose. Everybody who uses Fentanyl DOESN’T DIE. Immediate report showed TRACES of drugs. Hard-core addicts become desensitized to their drugs and will take HUGE DOSES with no effects. I feel bad for the trainee officers with Chauvin. If they objected to his actions, they might have gotten bad write-ups or been fired from the force.


  8. vinny says:

    11 ng/ml killed st. george.


  9. Curiosity says:

    Just curious how the victims of Floyd’s prior crimes feel right now about his sainthood.?


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