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The left pounced on the Columbus shooting immediately. One problem. Bodycams. There was clear cut footage of the event, which showed very clearly how split second decisions are made. He saved a life but took a life. People see it and can understand. This saved Columbus from arson, and it saved that cop and police department the fate of Chauvin & Minneapolis. Expect bodycams to be removed from cops.

Now they were just requested, no, demanded to be added to police officers for accountability after the ‘15-‘16 season of BLM. Why remove them? Because for millions of interactions, cops are annoying but have trouble free touches with people. Bodycams now show reality. Reality means the “hands up don’t shoot” lie would have been snuffed out quickly. That is exactly why the Columbus mayor and police department did full disclosure on day one to defuse the situation.

This is why body cams will be removed. With that technology, the finessing of the moment is tougher. Who needs eye witness lies when there is an eyewitness without a bias watching everything from the cop’s chest? This happens with traffic stops too where dash cams turn on automatically and keep rolling & recording. Bodycams will disappear. In the long run, we will get cameras everywhere and robot patrols but no real safety. People will cocoon. Human cops might exist still as a jobs program. After the last twelve months of mayhem with stand down orders while also harassing maskless grandmothers & churchgoers, does anyone care about their fate?

Chauvin? What chance did he have? Forget the facts. George Floyd’s death was in month two of an experimental nationwide lockdown. People were stuck inside, cops spent the spring harassing beachgoers and hikers and then that video hits. Everyone was on their screens. Remember Minneapolis didn’t release the bodycam footage until months later and to few people in person, which changed the narrative a bit as Floyd was yelling about breathing while standing or sitting up untouched. By then though, millions had protested and the woke congregations had their services in the streets. Floyd had three public funerals while you buried your loved ones in groups of five, or if lucky, ten. There was anger and many people who felt righteous anger, and there was a need for a scapegoat.

It’s a common religious ritual. There was no scapegoat at the time, and the media tried to link it to Trump, but it was misplaced. Americans did feel revulsion to what they saw, and wanted someone to pay. Chauvin was there in as easy an emotional situation as any woke lawyer would want. His defense did do a good job, and despite that, I 100% expected him to get at least manslaughter because he didn’t intend to kill Floyd, but no matter what the jury would want some punishment. That’s a human thing, and juries will make human compromises. As Bogart said in The Maltese Falcon, “There’s got to be a fall guy”.

Doesn’t matter the facts. It’s all feelings. This trial always was going to be that, and hinged on having a few jurors who weren’t already settled on guilty when they were picked for jury duty. Think of the open claims of systemic racism, which is vague but applied liberally to unbiased programs like credit scores or multiplication tables, and right there, in the defendant’s chair, was sitting a human they could actually punish for it.

Cops will adjust. Many will get careful when iPhones are out (many are already), and a lot are going to recede from dangerous spaces. We will get more anarcho-tyranny. More dogs will get shot. This happened in Cincinnati after their police riots around 2000. It happened in Baltimore and St. Louis after BLM riots. It’ll happen nationwide. They will minimize liability and maybe your area won’t suffer, but the cities for sure will.

On to the links…

The book now has an audio version if you are interested.

Maybe those UFO reports are just foreign drones spying on our military.

The Sacklers were commie bastards who poisoned millions and killed hundreds of thousands. They will burn in hell.

Why has nuclear flopped? It was all the regulations put in by the Carter admin and then after Chernobyl which scared everyone.

An explainer on why the middle class educated class loves communism.

Facebook, like other Big Tech ventures shad a military origin. Lifelog!

Forget mockingbird, CIA is the media now. Formalization of the old process.

Hezbollah girding up for Lebanon’s collapse. Hezbollah is a curious entity for its rise and strength in a seemingly impossible situation.

Media on media attack. Enjoy.

Greenwald saw the coming of Trump, no one knew it’d be Trump.

The post office is spying on your social media posts. Must be why the mail is delayed.

Interesting thesis for why everything is liberal. Worth the long read.

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  1. Brett Clever says:

    The System tried so hard in 2020 to push through the “systemic raycissm” (=blacks are helplessly dependent on the DNC and white upper middle class libruls) -narrative. Remember, they tried to hype the jogger guy eho nobody talks anymore about first. In a way, this was totally arbitrary and Floyd as well as Chauvin were/are pawns.


  2. anderose says:

    >it became publicly known that at least one Sackler brother, and possibly all three, were Communist Party members. Raymond and his wife Beverly Feldman cared enough to transfer their membership to the Boston chapter when they moved there in 1944 and then back again to New York when they relocated.
    > Here the Sacklers had assistance from conservative think tanks such as the American Enterprise Institute
    I’d previously though the neocon’s Trotskyism a taxonomical curiosity, a way to show how something can flip into its opposite. That was naive. They’re still communists and they all know what they’re doing, hence why they immediately defected once the national political program started to shift away from their long term goals.


  3. Supper guy says:

    Dumbo goodwhites will keep relaxing…

    White cop relaxed… big mistake

    The beatings will continue until morale improves…


  4. Mr. DNA says:

    Removing bodycams will deprive the hate machine of outrage fuel to peddle to an international audience. There is no way they’re going to go away because they’re too useful to the ruling class in keeping the idiot masses stirred up and at the throats of whatever the elites consider a threat. Blacks, being what they are, have violent encounters with police many dozens of times around America every single day. With bodycams, that’s an ever-replenishing supply of video footage to blast out any time it’s needed.

    You seem to be under the delusion that objective facts such as “that fat teenage black girl was swinging a knife at someone and that’s why she got shot” still matter. Let me disabuse you of that notion: they absolutely don’t because anybody who would care about that has virtually zero power at this point. The only power that matters right now is the power to direct bloodthirsty mobs at desired targets or institutions. One side has total control over that tactic at the moment and the other has none. Until that changes somehow, this cycle will not stop.


  5. NC says:

    The Drone article was fantastic!


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