Misinformation & Friday Reads

James Carville did an interview where he said everyone knows wokeness is a problem. For his team, he wanted them to talk in better language to reach people and shimmy out of the accusation that the left is a coastal party. Carville wants people talking like regular people talk. Carville is encouraging the left to engage in widespread misinformation.

Carville wants them to talk better, not govern differently. It is all in the sales and marketing. He does say the left needs some rural, white voters, but it cannot just be talk. That’s where this attempt by an old school centrist is a lie. Running Biden as their figurehead is out of this playbook. Carville could come out and say the policies are hurting us, but it is language. They just need to sell it better and with some down home verbal tics.

Misinformation and disinformation are going to ramp up as outcomes and promises continue to diverge. The regime will use misinformation while accusing critics of spreading misinformation. The amateur right was correct vs. the regime on nearly all “2 Movies, 1 Screen” moments since 2015, but one has the keys to power. It is also on everyone’s mind as even Nature magazine wants misinformation pushers to be punished. Please read that article to understand this is the formula. It’s not just for national security anymore, but the same methods will apply.

Counter-narrative outlets and voices will be automatically called misinfo/disinfo, Russia will be attached somehow and they’ll likely censor and deplatform these forces. Consider the call to disband anti-vaccine forces. Like there are forces out there stronger than Moderna and Pfizer by the little people. The author cites getting law enforcement involved so what lengths should the authorities go to suppress the counter-narrative? Who decides? Of course it will be the same class of experts that protects one another via bureaucratic, media and financial channels. The narrative is just marketing.

What Carville wants is better salesmanship. Even using him is like Bill Maher telling the woke left they’ve lost their mind. An older, white but properly liberal male can be the voice of reason. Not a single policy change is suggested. It’s salesmanship to appear to be the calm centrist on the high ground. They can be moderate radicals and criticize their partners in power who they do nothing to stop. It’s all a sales job.

On to the links…

Starting to think Loki is right about all the mirages and special effects for the Biden administration.

The Air Force is lowering standards. Must not see any wars on the horizon. Look up South Africa’s air force to see flight logs.

Wolves act like families in their packs. Our research and understanding of wolves was faulty.

Our leadership class sells us out so to China. The Chinese don’t even have to work at it.

Radio is dead. More cultural stagnation.

The nationalist bloc grows and coordinates in Europe.

The problem of the new right is a long read but feels like this is old ground.

Houellebecq on euthanasia, dignity and France.

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  1. Hyrule says:

    Jonah Goldberg said “go woke go broke” yet he is woke and making 6-figures.


  2. jcooper711 says:

    Ryan, I would love to read your take on the French generals’ letter to their government. Dare we hope the scenario posed in the old Social Matter essay “An Open Letter to France” is coming to pass?

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