The Left’s Paradigm Shift

The left loves to talk about the path of progress as a never-ceasing arc of history. There is a linear progression to everything. One is either on the right side of history or an evil obstacle to inevitable progress. This is a hustle as Gaetano Mosca noted that most of the rationale of democracy promoters is tied up in the inevitability of it all. There is always another group for power to fight for as we have seen since the gay victory turned into a trans fight, but is it inevitable? What we are seeing now in the fight on the left is proof that it is not linear. The left has nearly completed a paradigm shift.

Thomas Kuhn took a wrecking ball to the idea that science is an incremental, linear development and instead is a mass of competing stories where one wins out, explains the world better and causes a paradigm shift. How does his approach fit here? Not as much with the stories as with how the old stories died. Often, they just died out as practitioners and scientists died out, so no one was left to tell the older explanation. Many time though those who held onto the older story were just uninvited from conferences and not given any voice in journals and publications any longer. One going on in the science world is the asteroid wiping out the dinosaurs theory. It wasn’t the explanation, but then a crater was located. A competing theory involves massive volcanic activity that made Earth less conducive to the dinosaurs. There is a little overlap now, as more scientists see that there might be a way to bridge the two. We will see what happens with more time.

In media and online, we see the fight on the left happening daily. A natural progression for the old left would be single payer or other economic programs to tax the 1% who have reached wealth holdings last seen in the 1920s. That would have been the natural progression from the New Deal to the Great Society to Obamacare to the ’20s. It is not happening, and the rejection of the Bernie ’16 program for woke social policies is.

This is the shift. The story that justifies the current coalition and ruling clique is bioleninism. Bioleninism was always there waiting to be used, but the situation was not right. What happened is the McGovern coalition of ’72 that was destroyed in Nixon’s landslide victory did not have the voting muscle nor the decades of funding and spread to give it critical mass. Foundations like Ford had to build the chairs and faculty posts in colleges. Those colleges had to indoctrinate more students, who washed in like the tide as our economy shifted towards minting mind workers. The body politic needed millions of different special interest groups to cater to, organize with, and fund for later use.

All through the ’80s and ’90s the Democrats needed to re-orient towards a pro-growth and not as left socially platform. The Democrat Leadership Council was started with massive donations from finance and business interests with this exact idea in mind. They sought politicians like Al Gore, Richard Gephardt and President Bill Clinton who could present as heartlanders and push through a safe enough message and pro-growth policies to win. Bill Clinton’s 1992 Sister Souljah moment was the quintessential DLC move. Today, Democrats cannot even push back on BLM without risking ostracism and denunciation.

The Bernie class based analysis crowd is losing, and in fact, have lost already. Their old story of anti-capitalism or anti-elitism is now found on the right. Want to fight monopolies? Want to fight faceless corporate power? Join the right. The left’s dominant story and narrative is an anti-white race based program. It is the glue that holds it all together. Each hiring of a race focused or ethnonarcissist writer places pushers of this story into positions that matter. Where are the class based left wing writers? They are on substack, tweeting into the void and hoping for grants and money to come their way from somewhere.

This also reveals why cancelling on the left is so useful. As Kuhn wrote of scientists no longer invited to conferences and select councils, cancelling removes class based analysts and writers from positions of power over policy and narrative. They get replaced by adherents to the new woke narrative. The 1% loves this because it divides the low and middle to remove any threats. The other problem is that the same ideological indoctrination on the masses who went through the university system also washed all over the professional managerial class that occupies positions of power that administer the system for the 1%.

There are no brakes on this train, and with each cancelling of a class based lefty and retirement of an old Democrat, the system gets more pure. It gets more totalitarian. It also gets crazier. Now any criticism even from the left on policy is considered a betrayal of woke ideas and cause for removal. The last to get it will be these center-left individuals and class based thinkers who still think they are on the same team as the woke. The shift has occurred. The McGovern coalition is victories on the left. To stop this train would require mass defections from those confused center-left and economically focused groups. Defections of donors and the professional managerial types that staff our bureaucracies need to occur, and they need to occur quickly.

A cultural revolution sponsored by Citigroup, Google and Amazon should clue them in that the arc they assumed would happen has jumped train tracks and is racing down an identity based path to ethnic strife. They’d have to defect for any chance to get on the old track. That may be impossible. Anyone reading this has seen their other tweets and essays. The defectors would have to throw in their lot with people who do not wear masks outdoors.

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  1. Colleen says:

    Solid comment on the “freight train” that is racing down the tracks at ever increasing speed.

    The writing was however, terrible.

    The author may consider giving his article a reread before submitting. It was a beast to read…and not because it was intellectually heady.


    1. Ted says:

      I think the writing was fine. Concise, got to the point, and the ending line was biting and funny. My only issue is that it mentions the “1 percent” as a driving force, rather than pointing out the high+low versus middle dynamics of the situation. It’d have added a paragraph to the length, but it would have added enough information to be worth it.

      This article seems to be written to the “class-focused left wingers”, but I don’t think there are really any of them left. ‘r/stupidpol’ was the main conglomeration of them, and it peaked a few years ago, with some engagement from the right. The rightists wanted to turn it into the next libertarian pipeline, and pick up the last handful of clever White 20-somethings that they didn’t already have, while the neolibs wanted to break them completely and continue pushing their doomed “deradicalization” campaign. The outcome seems to be that neither side really won, and that ‘class-first leftism’ disintegrated into irrelevance without any real heirs. A few podcasters engaged with RW twitter ecelebs and infuriated the gender people (especially when some of their women talked about having the hots for BAP and Steve Bannon), and the subreddit itself eventually became a tame, harmless, and largely abandoned liberal subreddit full of Daily Beast articles about the Right, but the Bernie left was made up of people too weak to ever meaningfully challenge the powers that be, and its total impotence and insignificance as it evaporated into irrelevancy makes that clear.

      The Democratic party has made the transition that they started in 2016. The Bernie people are irrelevant now, with their (relative) organizational and GOTV talents made obsolete by a pod of Stacey Abrams lookalikes being able to scan a stack of ballots fifty times over.


  2. Rich ireland says:

    It’s way better that they are showing all of the cards now. This will test our mettle now. Let’s get this squared now!


  3. NC says:

    electronic virtual intelligent life


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