Friday Reads

On a family vacation right now, so no time for an essay. I do have links to share.

Nicholas Wade has a report that covers the idea that covid was man-made and escaped the lab. Evidence mounts up but procedural outcomes will be manipulated to prevent a full audit.

The struggle against the Great Reset is here. Evictions starting soon should add fuel to the fire this summer.

Codevilla on the oligarchy. Little light on remedies. What we need are aristocrats, not oligarchs.

Caldwell takes a victory lap on the civil rights act overriding the constitution as the woke fill bureaucratic positions and push equity policies.

Bezos against the tabloids. Interesting read how Bezos used his power and holdings to fight the tabloids. Wild theory I saw yesterday is that Bezos and Gates are stage managing divorces to liquidate stock as our markets hit a top without spooking the market.

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  1. Earl Shetland says:

    Enjoy your vacation!


  2. Exile says:

    Finding myself at National Review is a jarring experience – trigger warning next time, plz.


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