Reworking the Military & Friday Reads

As the Biden administration took shape, the Secretary of Defense initiated a stand down to purge extremism from the ranks. The 1/6 Capitol Protest was the excuse. As subsequent details have revealed, it is about a public reworking of the US Military culture and make-up.

Any concerns about an immediate conflict with China or Russia should be snuffed out. A military preparing for such a conflict would not hit the pause button for such a ludicrous internal review. This isn’t about external threats but how to better mold a military to reflect the woke civilian leaders and woke ideology. There is no advantage on a foreign battlefield that messaging about internal extremist politics gives a force. This does prime the audience of soldiers, airmen and sailors for an unlikely but potential use at home.

Space Force boots leader warning of Marxist infiltration & propaganda. Leaks of anti-extremism sessions being about combatting anyone to the right of Mitch McConnell, while simultaneously excusing BLM 2020 riots as justified or outside the scope of the training. Video of an officer explaining to National Guardsmen that they were going to DC to fight nationalists and supremacists. The woke recruiting advertisement with the cartoon lesbian wedding. It all points to one spot on the horizon.

Hank Oslo has a running series on the coming decay or American crack up here at the Sun. The military is not a force for it. The red team war games reports that leak (unverified of course) always cite desertion and stay behind saboteurs as serious issues. The thorniest problem remains. Would US troops shoot on fellow Americans?

That question is easier to answer if the military is purged of right wing Americans who may have kinship, regional or background ties to the declared internal enemy. It is easier to answer wiping away the old force and recruiting from reliables. As we see the media portray any force objecting to policy as evil, white people, the regime needs a military already primed to buy that story and act on those complainers and protesters as evil, not fellow citizens. Same applies to any peacekeeping action. This was first trotted out for Virginia’s 2A Rally, which turned out to be far larger and broader in crowd size and composition than anyone expected.

This is a near future concern. People mocking the cartoon lesbian wedding ad compared to Russia’s recruiting ad miss an implication within them. America’s tech dominance makes our mandarins think they don’t need brutes to win, and this is an extraordinary power move. Our tech will allow us to defeat you with small women! One could even see this fallback to rely on high powered weaponry with that weird release about using nukes in the Pacific if a scuffle with China occurs.

It is near future because the robots are not ready yet. A regime cannot use super weapons on its own people, as it then opens itself to foreign intervention and the dismemberment by other rivals licking their chops. No robots, so they need people. They need reliable people. They do not want heretics nor allow heretics within their force to have any chance to coordinate or signal heresy and therefore spoil regime plans for domestic applications of force against citizens. The undercover work is already being done by the Pentagon. It’s never about today’s little culture war tussle, but always about ten steps later.

On to the links…

Trump dealt with four years of deep state insurrection on policy. Trump’s failing was a Boomer assumption that our generals were Pattonesque and not small bureaucrats.

On the formation of an expert class and how they are so malleable.

Is woke a new religion? Does this last a long time? Seems more like just a cult.

Greenwald looks at Biden’s backing down on Russia’s pipeline.

A fiery review of just how malicious and evil the Great Reset is shaping up to be.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Bean Hannity says:

    Will you eat the bug?
    Xir, yes xir!
    Wil you live in the pod?
    Xir, yes xir!
    Will you take the jab?
    Xir, yes xir!
    Will you cut off the penis?


  2. Electrician says:

    Tis time to fear when tyrants seem to kiss.
    Willy S


  3. Plumber says:

    America can only rely on military technology to hold down the domestic population, it is already outclassed in peer to peer conflict and unless more and more stringent demands for ideological conformity are going to improve the products of the MIC the U.S. military is no longer going to be able to maintain the empire.

    I think we should be preparing for a nuclear exchange to happen, Jewry is running out of options and is insane enough to use nukes. On the other hand, anyone up against Jewry would be foolish not to return fire. One the worlds thermonuclear cheery pops there is no reason to cave in to jewry to prevent further devastation. Anyway, would anyone really miss NYC and Tel Aviv?


    1. GDR says:

      Nuclear bombers and drones require gas, jet fuel, industrial lubricants, and plenty of other stuff. Drones are useless if the power is out in your drone tranny gaming pod trailer – no power, no computer. No generator fuel, no power. They are very vulnerable to anything which cuts them off from resources they need to function, similar to China being surrouned entirely by bottlenecks while the USA is protected by two huge oceans – they’re sitting ducks, conveniently isolated from the rest of the population in areas it’s very hard to escape from and usually with hostile terrain, and surrounded by Trump voters deep in MAGA country.

      Bombers require Straight White Christian Men too, as do power plants, munitiions plants, truck drivers, river barge pilots, water treatment plants, and pretty much every other piece of infrastructure that sets us apart from the Congo. I’m amazed that our enemy is setting themselves up to preside over a massive breakdown in infrastructure due to neglect and incompetence while they also do their best to create a racial awakening among the people who actually keep this country running. It’s like they want to lose, or they’re not capable of thinking beyond their noses.

      What we need right now is for the Regime to lose all of it’s remaining legitimacy, especially among their own supporters. I’ve seen rumblings from lefty women concerned that the vaccine will sterilize or kill them, and if this is accepted by their supporters then they are permanently fucked. If we get a natural disaster like Katrina, another record breaking wildfire season only closer to cities, power outages, or the Juan de Fuca plate megaquake and resulting 500 foot tsunami that destroys everything between the west coast and 30 miles east of I-5, then they’re fucked. They will of course bungle the response as the Bureaucracy did with Wu Flu and the vaccine, which will make it worse.

      Things look pretty shitty for us in the next 1 to 5 years, but I think we’ll be in a pretty good position in 10 to 15 years.

      I will of course be knocking up random white women and getting them set up on government benefits so the generation after them will be based, but what else can you do?


  4. GDR says:

    blm and antifa road blocks are essentially military ambush checkpoints. It’s a counter-insurgency tactic designed to draw out their enemy, like how in Iraq we’d do roadblocks and grab people’s nuts while whispering that we worship shaitan and we’re there to rape their wives and daughters so we could have an excuse to detain and hand them over to intelligence for processing and intel extraction.

    Get your enemy in a vulnerable position (isolated, encircled, outnumbered, unable to retreat or advance, outgunned) in a place where it’s cheap and easy to sift lots of enemies out (population centers, transportation hubs), and where your backup (antifa/blm militias, with cops in case things go south) can take them down when they become violent.

    blm and antifa are paramilitary intelligence units with counter-insurgency training who happen to be unable to use firearms… for now. Sometime this summer or next summer – once the military is sufficiently purged and has been tested in a few dry and moist runs against targets for whom it is easy to justify violence – we’ll start to see blm and antifa attacking people and then jumping out of the way so the cops can arrest or assassinate them as required by circumstances.

    Those arrested will sit in solitary confinement for months or years – being starved, beaten, and refused showers, soap, toothbrushes, clean water, and acceptable food – until they give in and agree to a plea deal for 10 to 20 years in prison. After that, everything they own will be taken from them via federal civil asset forfeiture and passed out to bureaucrats and cops.

    Direct confrontation will not work because we don’t control any institutions. Our only options are subversion, parasitism, and camouflage.


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