Fauci’s Emails & Friday Reads

Buzzfeed and the Washington Post cover a treasure trove of over 3,000 emails from Dr. Fauci. The media is crafting a narrative of a cool under pressure Fauci. It doesn’t work that easy on people locked down for 17 months thanks to his warnings. The question becomes why and why now?

Fauci is a lightning rod. He has his Fauci tattooed fans and his angry detractors. He also has made many Americans brush him off as a flip-flopping bureaucrat. He is an empty suit. This email expose, with redactions, is a nice, limited hangout for a figure associated with the 2020 coronavirus response. Fauci can resign or retire and make big bucks for foundations and collect speaking fees. The timing with Gates’ divorce mud dragging is a bit too coincidental for the other big face from the 2020 coronavirus response. Fauci can be replaced with a new female figure to give us the vax to the max message.

Why now should be obvious. The op is over. It’s almost summer. They announced the vax news the day after the election, they lifted restrictions in January, and the mask mandate disappeared with one bad jobs report. Unemployment is ending, office workers are getting their orders to come back and Slutty Summer is almost here you crazy singles! They want to go back to the before times albeit with brand new tracking and surveillance powers.

There needs to be a scapegoat because just as Chauvin had no chance after that emotional 2020 for progressives, someone needs to suffer some prestige hits for the CDC mismanagement of coronavirus. Politicians relied on experts so the experts are the easiest to do away with and be replaced by all new experts. Fauci will do, and it will please some angry conservatives who hated his guts. No one within their circle of trust will suffer professionally, but people will be shuffled around. Not a soul went to jail for Spygate, and no CDC official will suffer for this.

Fauci should have realized his fortune rested on a slender reed: public adoration. Fauci bobbleheads, Fauci toys and Fauci tattoos must have gone to his head. It all happened at such a late stage in his career and life. He must have loved it. None of the Fauci Fan Club members bothered to think how he did so many media interviews yet still had time to do his job. He never turned down an interview. At that point, they should have realized his job was selling America on hysteria. He succeeded there with people who could not check his statements from 48 hours earlier. Alas, he failed at his real job. He also failed the public. His flip flops and fumbling were his undoing, but the re-opening of states with no adverse effects crushed him. The CDC still screamed about darkness ahead as Florida and Texas adjusted to normal with no dangerous spikes. All but the crazies were done with his line.

For the damage he did to people, businesses and families, he deserves all God has in store for him. It is especially difficult to know he’ll get a golden parachute from the regime, because no matter the stat or fact you would say to your loved ones, they would not visit or even venture outside the house because that impish fraud was on television scaring them that the apocalypse was here.

On to the links…

If they are just reporting it now, this means our enemies know our nuclear secrets.

This is 100% correct in stating that there are clear cut moves to make to fight wokeness and that it should be a litmus test for right wing politicians.

We don’t even feed ourselves anymore. It’s all financialized to make inputs cheaper elsewhere.

Hollywood and China possibly divorcing. Maybe China trusts its domestic industry now.

Greenwald on the new war on domestic terror.

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  1. Electrician says:

    Eugenics asserts that all men must be so stupid that they cannot manage their own affairs; and also so clever that they can manage each other’s.
    ― G.K. Chesterton


  2. miforest says:

    The absolutely sadistic torture done to people by the COVID op are incalculable. I was at an assisted living community visiting a reletive last month. the PTSD in the patients was very clear. imagine if you will , being locked in a SINGLE ROOM for a year, by yourself. Food in a box hurriedly handed to you 3 times a day. I talked to the director to get a feel for it . he confided in me that a number of people just refused to eat , gave up and died in despair. their is assisted living , mind you not skilled nursing. these people were healthy enough to be on their own in many cases , but chose to be there because they were lonely at home . He said their was an explosion of depression and anxiety disorders, and a lot of it was still with them. It doesn’t magically go away the youth suicides’ like the 10 yr old son of one of my sons coworker who hung himself . there were many instances of this last year. not to mention the lives ruined by addictions acquired during the isolated lockdowns. Drugs, alcohol, pornography, online gambling and god knows what else. Millions of people who lost not only their income , but their life savings as their Businesses were destroyed.
    All the while the savagery’s was being wreaked on the isolated and helpless , our woke comfortable suburbanites cheer the government doing it on. I now can completely understand how nazi germany happened , it was people like our woke counterparts who had complete love and trust in a political party, based on what they were fed by a biased and corrupt media.

    then there is the money. Our billionaire class , bezos and gates, musk , and many more , doubled their already collosal wealth.

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    1. Cthulhu says:

      Nazi Germany happened because a strong man with great foresight was democratically elected as Chancellor of Germany. I do not see any parallels between that and our current situation of plutocratic totalitarianism.

      As for the depression and suicides, well, not counting the unfortunate occurrences of child suicides which can only be seen as the gaslighting and killing of innocents, most Americans currently suffering deserve their suffering. Americans as a group have spent nearing a century exploiting the world and sabotaging not only the future of their own children but that of their racial brethren, and have not had so much as a single thought of remorse, justice demands it is about time they suffer.


      1. stallard0 says:

        Nazi Germany happened despite the Weimar regime because they simply didn’t have the political power to suppress them, and the reason Weimar happened was the shameful result of WWI was to leave Germany with a weak, fragile government treading water just to keep the latest revolutionaries at bay. The Empire is at the peak of its arrogance, and its decay is accelerating to the point that it seems fairly inevitable that its geopolitical enemies, who have bided their time gathering strength all the while, will utterly humiliate it whenever they see fit to strike. America is not Germany, and whatever might arise from the ashes probably isn’t going to look all that much like the NSDAP, but I do see the probably result being as radical.

        Your racial vilification of Americans is identical to the psychotic blood guilt programming that has demoralized whites since the WWII except with darkies swapped out with whytes. The white race is not going to be saved by crushing the spirit of American children for the crime of crushing the spirit of German children. I don’t want to sound like Gandhi here but retributive blood feuds between whites is utterly antithetic to the racial solidarity you apparently want to foster. I’m sure you’re a rosy cheeked Scandinavian and not some coping Americano half-breed anyway.

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  3. miforest says:

    you could substitute Stalinist Russia or Maoist china for Nazi Germany in my example. The big knock against the German of Russian or Chinese people is that atrocities were committed by their government while they said and did nothing . horrible things were done by our government while many of our citizens cheered them on. basically no difference.
    the whole thing now has an end times -“book of Revelation” feel to it . As a trad catholic , I see the west turning away from god after the war as a major cause of all this destruction .
    romans 1: 28-31 is before our very eyes: 28And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, 30Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

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    1. Cthulhu says:

      Christians have predicted 1000 of the last 0 apocalypses. The planet will continue to be here until the sun becomes a red giant and consumes it and what the time in between now and then looks like and the fate of the human race and the white race will be decided by the actions we take now, not by what exactly we belive. Don’t hold out for divine intervention, you will be sorely disappointed.


      1. stallard0 says:

        What we believe, what we do, and divine intervention are not contrary to each other. If we want to effect anything more than entropy, we need to rely on something more than some gay heat death. The only meaningful belief contrary to the Empire’s culture of death is the latent evangelicalism. Anyone who eschews that can show how idiotic pseudo-pagan rites are going to save America.

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  4. NC says:

    Again the 99% gets duped by 1%. When will the sub 90 IQers learn, you can’t trust a Wej!.
    No mot20C this week?
    Keep up the good work


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