Is Dating Hell?

As a reader of literature of the edge, I had to pick up Welcome To Hell (on amazon). The author, Billy Pratt, was not prolific but when he wrote about the dating game it drew me in for ten minutes. His book is a journey through the contemporary dating world and an anti-hero’s journey.

It is sad, it does build with pain and for every moment where things look promising, you wait for the stomach punch to end the phase in his life or new, hope filled relationship. Built up over years, you begin to wonder if the narrator is trying to capture the moments as they happen or looking back trying to solve where he made missteps. If I had only done this or that, I’d be happily married with a family and the Cape Cod style home.

There is no chance though, and the narrator seems to come to grips with that by the end. This is hell, and we do what we must to get by. While some of his observations confirm the online red pill squad, he finds new points to poke at those same men with. You make choices. You always can. The hell we live in might be devised by others far from our control but you choose to use dating apps, you chase the partners you know deep down are wrong for you, and sometimes one gets away.

The cover using Casey Anthony seemed so appropriate. Casey is not just a reasonably cute young woman with a coy smile for the cover, a blog banner or even a Twitter profile pic. She was and is so much more. Casey Anthony has a chapter here because all men dating since the ‘90s have run into a Casey. Cute, charismatic and with a child; she’s crossed all of our paths. Some date her because the allure is there, and some warn others not to date her because of everything else.

Other people cover for a Casey’s mistakes. It’s the cute looks and expectations of recovery that are long gone in this new hell. She’s never recovering because she doesn’t have to do so. The final cover up was not just her parents working with her defense to spare her jail despite her murder of their grandchild. It was a jury hearing all of the details, all of the lies and still letting her walk. It was a national approval of all female misdeeds in the sacred structure of our legal system. A get out of jail free card for all those partying single moms because we all know a Casey. She’ll clean up if we give her one more chance. Despite this infamy, gossip sites run blinds that men pay for time with her. We all know and all tacitly approve.

That’s who is out there to date because people took the Boomer advice to date around to find out what you like and not get married too soon. You should’ve married that high school sweetheart. That’s some of Billy’s softest passages. The longing for normalcy that the narrator feels he tossed away. Some of it was the hell that was set up and some of it was him. He wanted to sample the temptations of modern carnal pleasure.

I managed to get married right around age thirty. It was years ago but just as Tinder took off. A couple years in and a friend said, “You got out man. Me, I feel like you got taken up by the Rapture, and I’m dating the villains left behind.” This is why Welcome To Hell is such a proper title. This reads like a cautionary tale for Zoomers from a Millenial who now knows better.

This is why the narrator is an anti-hero. He lacks the normal heroic qualities but is navigating the swamp out there. The book doesn’t end with finding a bride in a white dress because he’s already explained how that’s not possible at his deep stage in the game. He knows his methods or motivations are not pure, but he’s making the best of it. What exactly is “it”? One last robbery, one last job, one last swipe, one last date.

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  1. bluecat57 says:

    Her? Yes.

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  2. Magic Dirt says:

    Absolutely true. If you meet someone who is not married by the age of 30 the almost universal fact is that they had numerous chances where they could have been picked by a good mate and got skipped for very clear reasons. People try to wallpaper over that fact by making it seem like endless drinking sessions, shopping, travel, and sex with strangers is somehow an adventurous good time. Maybe for a couple of years in your 20s that is a fun way to live but after 30-being-single you are really just hanging out with damaged, alcoholic, drug addicts and complete perverts where nothing ever adds up to anything meaningful and you get nothing in the end. Nobody cares about how much fun you had on vacation 15 years ago when you were single and the “experience” counts for zilch.

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  3. Alex says:

    Lol , I left the decaying American empire many years ago because the women were so bad. I knew there was no way in hell i could get what i was looking for, and that I would have much better luck halfway around the world, and boy was I right! I am about to propose to a lovely, virginal, modestly dressed woman, who is traditional and always supportive. She is like the archetypical girl from 50s Americana… except Asian. It beggars belief what Western men (especially Americans) are willing to put up with in this hellish age…

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    1. WS says:

      Lmao, enjoy your resentful hapas.

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  4. cartoon_vinny says:

    the reason prostitution is illegal is that it provides unfair competition to matrimony (ecclesiastical and governmental.) matrimony is merely prostitution under the guise of ceremony.

    males simply want to get laid and don’t want to have to enter the fray every time the urge strikes them. females want financial security and are willing to prostrate themselves to ensure it.

    the problem with matrimony is that prostitution, for males, provides a much better return on investment. a simply monetary transaction, fee for service, without the lifelong headaches associated with female cohabitation.

    the benefit for females is that matrimony spares them necessity of continuously seeking random partners so as to provide them with financial remuneration. without matrimony sex becomes work.

    and the last thing a female wants is to have to work to provide for herself. that’s what men and marriage are intended to do.

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    1. miforest says:

      prostitution is a vile thing. it degrades the seller and buyer. As wonderful and sex is , it has to be part of a bigger thing to be fulfilling in the way we all need it to be fulfilling. That is why our society is so debased now . people get into more and more depraved things trying to get the fulfillment that sex alone is not providing them.

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  5. Lamprey Milt says:

    As much as I respect Billys work I just cant get into his writing style. I do enjoy following his blog. Regarding the dating aspect of things, the overriding majority of American women are not capable of being fit mothers let alone wives. This has been discussed at great lengths by many and maybe in the future I’ll write about The Box Wine Revolution and thotism.
    70% of all single women above the age of 40 live in D.C.

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  6. Cthulhu says:

    You arent looking on the bright side guys, at least we don’t speak German!

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  7. miforest says:

    Crap guys , I am a old trad cath with adult kids and a grandson. the parish I go to is brimming over with girls from high school to collage age who come to mass , have no visible tats , dress appropriately, are height and weight appropriate . they are pleasantly good looking but not 9’s or 10’s . their hair is longish and in a feminine style . it is in colors found in nature.
    I and not deluded into thinking they are perfect or all chaste . but they aren’t wrecked yet. but give them a few years and they will get tired of waiting and start doing what all the rest of the women are doing. they will become damaged goods and when that doesn’t work they will become lesbian to get out of the game and go on with their lives .
    It has never been truer that ” you snooze – you loose” . thinking you can play around for a decade after high school then find a “good one” will cost you everything in the end.

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  8. NC says:

    If Caucasian doesn’t work there is Asian in there. Most USA woman in a city are AWFL. Also many country girls run off in there teens to be stained for life (I read about 1 minimum a week from the land of 10k taxes) . Best of luck young lads, if you want to be immortal (kids) you have to mate with one. Single parent raised kids are all FUBAR in the head (I know, I’m one of them. At least a male raised me and not some crazy biatch on the dick carousel).


    1. golem says:

      I dont want to shatter your beliefs, we all believed the same thing, you are talking about 17-22 aged women in 2021, i dont think you are aware how fast things have degraded, what you said is not true 25 years ago. Today, avg 1st age for women is 14, by 18 vanilla no longer does it for them, they need to be choked and other far more subversive things. The same women can be trad 1 min, be cosplay one min, be gamer girl 1 min, be goth chick, be skater girl the next. They discard identities like costumes like chameleons. Everything they display is a pitcher plant to snare the target, im sure its not all of them but its the majority.Men believed foolishly they were sugar / spice and everything nice, unfortunately experience and now the internet has completely obliterated this for most intelligent men.

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      1. miforest says:

        your statistics are made up crap . and you even though 50% of women may be exactly as you say, 50% are not . get off the couch friend there is a bigger world out there than you see . you will probably like it when you find it .


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