Winners, Losers and Links


China – Can’t have an effective Cold War when the media dances for the opponent. China has properly infiltrated enough American institutions to buy a victory.

Bill Cosby – He walks a free man with the added bonus of his conviction being vacated. One wonders if his ordeal will end his former role as a cultural commentator on the black community, which prior to his trial was a thorny problem for the media.

Employers – Unemployment incentives are ending, the border is wide open and free money is flowing. LBOs are up, too.

2020 Election Skeptics – NYC had irregularities and mistakes and was one city. Fuels the fire of the millions of skeptics of the official narrative for November 2020.


MeToo – This movement will be a footnote in the Trump era history. It’s over. It has Weinstein as a scalp but no one else.

US Air Force – They ended the running test for fitness requirements. Maybe drones piloted in office parks makes this unnecessary but someone has to set up forward air bases.

England – The little intrusion into Russian waters was first reported as Russian aggression but changed once a BBC reporter revealed the truth. Looks like it may have been a joint provocation with US guidance. Once a mighty empire, now they are America’s poodle.


What happens when the party line becomes completely detached from reality in matters of life and death?

What if military AI projects yield nothing?

California is luxury automated communism for the oligarchs.

NEET life growing in numbers.

Modi has roadblocks but does seem to be using power against big multinationals.

The narratives are crumbling for covid.

New covid narratives must form.

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  1. Anon Gen Xer says:

    Can’t say more because of doxx, but my dad was interviewed by the FBI yesterday because of Qanon posting. My dad is a dumb boomer and “trusted the plan” anc now he’s learned there are NO good guys in FedGov. Hopefully my dad will simply be intimidated by the regime anc not arrested. Straighten out your dumb boomer parents. Qanon is not only fake and gay but is a weapon against them.

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    1. Cthulhu says:

      Q anon is ISIS for white people. Here: go be a fanatic against the powers that be by coincidentally acting to their benefit at every turn.

      I wonder how the sane muslims deal with ISIS fanatics, there may be some wisdom to be gleaned.


  2. NC says:

    court in the street


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