Winners, Losers and Links


NGO Complex – As the infrastructure bill shapes up, it is rebranded human infrastructure. That means money for non-profits to fake their engagement with pressing issues.

Unemployed Democrats – The Biden admin is hiring door to door vaccine awareness advocates. It’s like the census hiring spree all over.

Asset Holders – Inflation continues. Shortages are worse. The FED may raise rates a tiny bit but note that the late ‘00s commodity spike happened as the FED did step increases in the ‘00s and ended with a blow off top after they stopped.


English soccer fans – It didn’t come home. Additionally, the loss became a means of cracking down on social media use. You might need a loicense fa attending matches.

South Africa – Chaos as widespread looting occurs. Even police joined in. Private security and Indian and Afrikaner community groups put up some defense. Rainbow Nation unraveling.

Unvaccinated – Physically, they’re winners. In the narrative battle, they’re losing. The regime messaging is a little discombobulated but the threads are maybe boosters are needed, mandates should be considered, privileges for vaccinated, etc.


The war on air conditioning ramps up. This also is a nice rationale for declining living standards.

The psychedelic ‘60s were an op but also were when Boomers were passed around to be molested by Silents.

Old essay but even more important now. We have an aristocracy that won’t admit it is one.

Chris Hedges says bless the traitors. Note that everyone involved in CIA torture evaded punishment while the whistleblower got jail time.

Our Navy knows its diversity. Does it know our enemy? Does it know how to sail the seas?

South Africa going Zimbabwe so the options are few, but the status quo must end.

The woke eats the left that birthed it.

The anti-misinfo push is the play of a regime that has lost legitimacy.

Gen. Milley sounds like a Resistance poster.

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  1. Earl Shetland says:

    To be fair, I could make a case against air conditioning as well. Quite simply: from time immemorial until less than a century ago, the West Coast and Southwest were relatively thinly populated. The use of air conditioning has helped balloon numbers, and thereby put a greater strain on the water supply than the area can handle. The narrative blames cows and almond farms instead of their constituents.


    1. GDR says:

      Don’t forget to blame the retards who put 2×4 stick frame housing with barely any insulation up in a fucking desert.


  2. JQ Aware says:

    What % will take the jab? My guess is the same those who will:
    eat the bug
    live in the pod


  3. NC says:

    Can’t read time article = paywall
    Kool-aide = Pedo Wejs, every fing time its th eWejs!


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