Winners, Losers & Links


Authoritarians – As long as you are in the inner party & say a private firm is doing it, it’s all good. Amazon warehouses can become work camps.

Censorship – Psaki stated if one is banned from one platform, they should be from all. This is an even stronger example of denying expression in the public square. Repeat, “As long as you’re inner party…”.

ESPN – The NBA Finals ratings were terrible, but they did not resign the black female TV talent who was asking for millions more than ESPN was willing to overpay. No one cares about the annoying TV talent. ESPN did not cave into a woke media leak nor pay the precious victim class millionaire.


Immigration Restrictionists – It’s a turnstile at the border while natives still deal with internal restrictions.

Feminists – Looks like Selective Service will finally be about equality. It only took five years but they really will draft our daughters.

Election 2020 defenders – The news keeps trickling out and by next year the Chapo crew will admit ‘20 was rigged and we all knew it.


Private Israeli spyware hacking phones.

Revealing this shady work might all just be an NSA op to squash competition.

Good summary of the Dutroux affair in Belgium that is a window into the elite blackmail circles.

Why use pedo blackmail on politicians when Euro bureaucrats hand orphans over to pedos in one giant experiment?

FBI agent in the Michigan Governor plot is accused of having a wild, violent side.

Hopefully this opioid settlement money goes to rehab programs.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Smarty pants says:


    Winners: Jews

    Losers: everyone else


  2. NC says:

    Purge all the pedophiles at all costs!


  3. GDR says:

    How do we know that the FBI agent was banging other women at swinger’s parties?

    Maybe he was banging men.

    Maybe he was watching men bang his wife.

    A literal shit-eating cuckold sounds exactly like the right guy for the FBI.


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