Junkies, Liars, and Apparatchiks

Have you ever dealt with someone that has a serious drug problem? It is one of the most frustrating experiences you will encounter, because most of the cliches end up being true. Rapidly, the person is subsumed to their addiction until it is very much the drugs talking.

This manifests as an instrumental approach to truth. “Hey, can I borrow your wife’s car, I’ve gotta uh pick up some furniture. Yeah no she said it was cool. Why are you being a dick man, I’ll be back in like a couple hours. I mean sure I could use mine, I just need some gas money, I left my wallet at home with my car. Yeah I just took the bus. No he’s just a friend, I’m just uh doing a favor. It’s cool. It’s fine, just lemme use your bathroom quick. What, no I don’t know what happened to your motorcycle. Why am I always such a bad guy, it’s like you don’t want to help your own brother? Man, maybe you have a problem.”

What happens is that every claim is laser focused on the actual priority. The truth only matters to the extent it can be cut in to provide a veneer of plausibility, but the lacking element is trust. So much of day-to-day communication doesn’t matter in terms of specifically advancing a concrete goal, but serves to provide social context – building social capital. You discover what people’s priorities are, how they interact with each other, what they consider admirable or shameful, how they live their life. Trivial and reciprocal favors build up to more significant cooperation, but it is because it is not continuously goal-oriented that you can generally trust people you have known for a while to not put on a years long facade building up to a big grift. The sheer difficulty of doing so means that you find yourself able to discern character, and notice when things are out of character.

When communication becomes purely instrumental, and the only question is “what do I need to say in order to get my next fix”, there is no character left. If you find yourself convinced by a junkie on an object level (totally believable they’re out of gas, tbh), you merely need to recalibrate in light of the fact that they will say anything in order to get what they want.

Which brings us to politics. It is well known that politicians and various apparatchiks deep in the bowels of government departments are junkies for power. When they realize there is a kilo’s worth squirreled away inside some crisis, they will move heaven and earth in order to crack it open and spike it straight. “What do I need to say in order to convince you?” This is orthogonal to the truth.

We saw this dynamic play out repeatedly with covid.

Did you know? Masks don’t work, or only work once your RN certificate comes in. Cloth masks do nothing for anyone. Even N95 have too much risk of cross contamination if you screw up your donning and doffing, it’s very dangerous! Wait, actually no, what if I told you a facerag was the only thing standing between you and death? It’s okay, anyone can do it. Don’t bother with N95 still, you just need the cloth. Two pieces of cloth, actually. But not a particle filter. But not if you’re vaccinated, then you can’t catch it. Actually no, silly, of course you can still get it, no one ever said that, you’re misinterpreting what we said, it just lessens the symptoms. But you can still spread it. But you shouldn’t be tested if you’ve been vaxxed, that could confuse the issue. You keep misunderstanding what we never said. Can I borrow ten bucks?

The US government still hasn’t gotten their story straight on their actions just regarding the mask aspect of the covid debacle, but has claimed at various points that:

  • we never said masks don’t work; you misinterpreted what we said,
  • we were lying to the public about mask efficacy to preserve supply,
  • the “science changed“, meaning our entire understanding of respiratory infections up to that point was very confidently wrong
  • the science didn’t change; the virus evolved to be more infectious (but also more preventable via masks)

No one at any point was fired for getting it wrong or lauded for getting it right, because to these power junkies, communications with the public are a means to an end. Even the notion of “credibility” is treated as a chip to be cashed in when you need to tell a particularly glaring lie. “The science” exists purely to be cited to justify a preordained policy, and actually reading its contents is somewhere between discouraged and illegal, to the extent it isn’t just fabricated wholesale during data collection.

Such circumstances don’t mean there isn’t a danger, just as the disheveled man hawking catalytic converters may just be a humble auto scrapper. But it does mean it’s impossible to merely take their word for it, decontextualized from the fact that you’re dealing with liars. If they wanted to be taken seriously, they would mea culpa with a costly signal – making a list of people wronged and where possible amends (New York nursing homes might be a good place to start). Failing that, the only people they can appeal to are those who would rather engage in wishful thinking and live in a world where they don’t have a serious problem.

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  1. Electrician says:

    Doing nothing is very hard to do… you never know when you’re finished.
    -Leslie Nielsen


  2. plumber says:

    To this moment I still don’t get the deal with the vax. If it was a sneaky way to sterilize people, why is israel using it? If it is safe and effective, why force evil white rednecks to get it? If you want a registry of people who trust you, why force people?

    Am I crazy to say the powers that be know less about what they are trying to accomplish than I do? Can I get an explaination from somebody who knows more than I do? Does anyone know wtf is actually going on?


    1. Flobb E. Dongler says:

      It’s to get people used to accepting injectable biotechnology on command. The end goal is the complete enslavement of the human mind and body by exercising a level of granular control over the manifold aspects of human life that utterly dwarfs the 9/11-era security state that we graduated from in 2020. What we’re seeing now is the Establishment finishing it’s job of “breaking the horse” so that people will accept control of their entire organism and environment by technopolists, bureaucrat-politicians, and “experts” (i.e. scientist-shamans). The poke is just a single step in the construction of an all-encompassing techno-hell parallel reality that they want as many people as possible to willingly walk into.

      You have to look at the gestalt. The virus crap is just a point on a line on a graph that everybody has zoomed in on so much that they can’t see the overall trend.

      Physically forcing people to do things is much more resource-intensive, so they are trying to milk the media-propaganda teat for every last drop they can. They have to solidify the social, technological, economic, and political foundations for their new paradigm and they can’t afford to lose time. 2030, you know. They have to keep the tower of Babel from crumbling long enough to implement their high-tech structural reinforcement. This is why it is so important to be a refusenik and behave like a (really) normal person. Every “No.” is a grain of sand in the gears, or a speck of dust in the motherboard fan, or some other cumulatively obstructive small thing in a machine part.

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    2. GDR says:

      There is no end goal except power; there are multiple near and far goals to achieving this. As one near goal turns to dust, they shift rhetoric to achieve the next closest near goal – or if they are somewhat smarter, they arrange a group of goals from nearest to the furthest that maximizes their power overall, and find a way to use each one to get closer to the one after it to the end.

      Right now, since their donors in Big Pharma are paying them to shill and they are too stupid to understand the long term consequences, they are pushing “vaccines”. Once that plays out – once the donors stop paying, it creates a problem that costs more than they earn from it, or they actually achieve that goal – they will move on to the next one.

      There really is no end goal at all, it’s just them pushing as far as they can get. You can tell this is the case because they A/B test it with various constituencies, just like they are marketing a product or service.

      They have no ability to discern objective reality beyond how people who can to some degree perceive objective reality react, but even then they assume that your mind works exactly the same way theirs does.

      They are diminished in some way, though I can’t articulate exactly how or why. It’s more than them having an oversized social/status processing module, as Spandrell says. Their other mental modules are deficient. Not just oversocialized, but also under everything-but-socialized.

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  3. muunyayo says:

    Reblogged this on Muunyayo .


  4. NC says:

    Until a human makes the personal sacrifice and Punishes these offending Daemons (like you work with them), it will get worse and worse. Work at big farma, gov’t , etc Use the Pace Sol’n on the BoD when they next meet. Corruption has not been punished, so it rots more and more.


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