Covid And Counterinsurgency Measures

The media and government have difficulty managing and maintaining narratives about covid and 1/6. Bits of reality leak out ruining the current story, forcing the quick, shoddy creation of new stories. Observing these two topics, it’s not hard to see how covid fighting methods and the media hysteria of 1/6 preview what the American government would do when battling a real insurgency.

Covid is a virus that is highly transmissible with a low fatality rate. For a variety of reasons (legit and opportunistic), state governments invoked a variety of powers to combat the virus. It’s spread person to person. Due to fears of asymptomatic spread, no one could be sure who was infected. It was most dangerous for transmission in large, group settings. These same risks apply to domestic strife. No one would be sure who a rebel is or level of involvement. Each of these unmarked rebels could recruit others. Large gatherings would be a problem for masking clandestine meet-ups or potentially be high casualty events.

The anti-covid measures would be effective for counterinsurgency as well. Infected areas had different levels of lockdown and limits on when people could leave their homes. Isolation, check. Destroying intermediate economic players. Economic starvation, check. Aggressive tech measures such as the electronic misinfo scrubbing were deployed even as misinfo changed for months. Propaganda, check. Some governments used apps (compulsory or voluntary) that performed centralized contact tracing. Tracking, check! The hotbed for infections, New York, implemented a hotline for informing on lockdown violators. Narcing, check!!! Quarantine for the exposed is similar to a form of detention for unreliables.

It’s all there for government mechanisms to fight an infection; counterinsurgency being a political virus. The governments involved would have even greater justification for enforcing such measures, and doing so in a much stricter manner. This would be an existential threat to the regime, giving it carte blanche.

Covid shows the mechanisms while 1/6 shows the propaganda and social measures. Any counter-government signaling would make one suspect, therefore reducing any signaling of that nature or even adjacent. After 1/6, self-identified right wingers on Twitter declined. Many denounced the actions and gave no thought to motivations of the protesters because of the heavy media spin of what happened. Family members informed on relatives for participating in the 1/6 protest.

The narrative is hysterical even if reality does not conform to it. To this day, the death toll invoked is framed as people killed by the protesters when in reality the only death that day was a protester killed by Capitol Police. In the event of a real rebellion, why would the regime allow any pushback on the regime approved message. Julie Kelly wouldn’t have essays explaining the sham insurrection. Posobiec wouldn’t have a Twitter account. Total memeplex dominance would be enacted.

That might not even be necessary. Look at the covid cult. Think of the bloodthirsty left when they see 1/6. This is why discussions of flip flops and narrative destruction are partially true. The left does not notice the 180s. They enjoy collective amnesia, update their software with the new patch, and support the new narrative as if pure. We have always been at war with East Asia.

The tools for fighting an insurgency enjoyed dry runs with covid. The instant mythology of 1/6 shows how quickly the media can gin up support with the proper framing. The federal government labeled white supremacy as the top threat. The media quickly calls any opposition to government policies as rooted in white supremacy. No resistance to left wing tyranny will be allowed. Totalitarian governments always create resistance but the nature of handling them differs in each instance. We know the why. We know the what. Watching covid and the 1/6 aftermath, we can see the how.

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  1. Cthulhu says:

    Insurgency at this point is suicide. Better to just check out, find isolated areas, build independent communities, and let the non-white and woke apspirational spics and mulattos destroy the compliant white liberals. Soon enough things will start to fall apart, and we move back in


    1. Oliver Onion says:


      We’ve already lost the war, retreat is the only sensible option. Ride out the storm and be ready to rebuild.


      1. GDR says:

        Don’t forget to file for disability and get while the getting is good. In a couple years there won’t be SSI, food stamps, or VA disability. Lot of people are gonna starve afterwards.


  2. miforest says:

    tentacle guy is correct about attempted insurgency. there’s no winning that . All we can do now is work on getting through the bottleneck .


  3. NC says:

    I disagree::

    Some of use will need to sacrifice for others. But courage and honor doesn’t exist much anymore. It has been replaced with desire and greed. Crawl into you self made prison and rot.


    1. Cthulhu says:

      Make no mistake, resistance will be mounted. Conservatives are going to fruitlessly throw themselves against the empowered state. Fine by me, as long as they are willing to act as the barrier behind which we can find cover, let them be that.

      Remember: they had an opportunity to change the course of this country after Trump was elected. They chose to decouple the alt-right alt-lite alliance, to trust Trump was a magic talisman who would magically “drain the swamp” by his mere presence, ignore the abuses of the feds, morally posture aa better than those who would dare criticize jews or have the incorrect opinions on the last world war, believe in absurdities like Q and “trust the plan”. The arrogance and self righteousness of Americans has brought upon this unavoidable fate which we are now confronted with. We were not the arrogant ones. We seen the mistakes. We admitted our personal shortcomings and overcame the lies we were brought up with. It is not just for us to share their fate. Let them suffer it, let their empire and their “nation” of lies burn under it’s contradictions. We just need to be here to take it for ourselves when the madness is all done.


  4. Razumov says:

    “The anti-covid measures would be effective for counterinsurgency as well”

    The anti-covid measures were a total fail unless they actually meant to kill off everyone in the nursing homes.


  5. muunyayo says:

    Reblogged this on Muunyayo .


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