Winners, Losers and Links


Bureaucrats – As covid related regulations and rules proliferate with vaccine status, they gain more power over all daily interactions.

Japan – A smooth Olympics spotlighting their well run nation might become even more memorable when compared to Paris ‘24 and LA ‘28.


NBC – Olympic ratings are down big time. Rumor has it NBC is going to sweeten NFL commercial rates to make up for the Olympics slump.

Small Business Owners – Firms prepare for a return to partial lockdowns or total lockdowns depending on the state.

Small Landlords – Blackrock type investors are safe but small landlords are dealing with eviction moratoriums that may slowly end while landlords bleed money.

Gotham Cashiers – Lord have pity on the first cashier who is made a 2 Minute Hate figure for asking for a vax card in New York City.


There is no such thing as a private company, and the faster we destroy this thinking, the quicker we improve our situation.

ZeroHP Lovecraft has a new Borgesian story. Well worth your time.

Luongo provides an update on where we are in the Great Reset process.

Science has overtaken capitalism and Christianity. Science though is now in total service to progressivism. The neo-lysenko age is upon us.

This Lew Rockwell link is valuable for the video embedded in it.

Space exploration and BAPian ideas? Yes, the two are brought together here.

Red state governors can secede from Covidstan but will they have the drive to?

The South African model is a preview.

Contrarian essay on student debt. There is no crisis.

The Salazar Option.

The FDA is awful, part #957.

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  1. BAPtist says:

    Loser…BAP. His account survived for 5 years with hard R gamer-word in podcast. But the minute he was critical of blaq atletes and Simeon Bowls, he gets nuked. This regime 🤡🤡🤡


  2. Tony The Tigere says:

    One thing I noticed about the college debt article is that it included every relevant fact about college loan repayment *except* it’s duration. If ex-students are paying 5.5% of income today, but they were paying 8% some years back, well, it matters a great deal how long they’re paying. I suspect that it’s longer now, and that’s money that could, under different circumstances, build wealth. *That’s* the crisis: not that young people aren’t able to make their payments, but that making the payments prevents them from building the wealth that could propel them into, or even above, the middle class.


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