Winners, Losers and Links


Far left of DNC – Cleaning house of rivals and licking its chops over pet project implementation via infrastructure and budget bills.

Taliban – They are rolling up cities quickly this summer. A lot of US military equipment falling into their hands.

Kamala Harris – Cuomo is gone, clearing out a big name on the left for ‘24.


Andrew Cuomo – Cuomo dynasty ended due to an internal fight over power that is dressed up as #MeToo.

Biden Administration – Afghanistan crumbling, economy stalling, vaccine underperforming, and the January 6 narrative is wobbly.

Taiwan – The Afghanistan fold should give them a clear signal that America isn’t going to do much for them and that they need to make arrangements with mainland China.


Ethiopia is fighting an internal war and the central government looks wobbly. Here are five possible destinations for this journey.

Dark power grows across the globe.

Covid and BDSM dommes, they’re connected.

We might not be late Soviet. It might just be the start of the woke terror.

Credentials catapult a charlatan to covid fame. We are guided by goofy, faux experts.

L0m3z does an interview on using state power.

The flu disappeared. What does it mean?

Mishima’s death should evoke emotions in Westerners now.

Abandon the abstract, seek the concrete.

Digital passports are the stepping stone to the ultimate prize: a cashless society.

The path forward is Trumponomics but it will take waning sectors and a declining slice of the population to coordinate and build.

As we go deeper in our imperial implosion stage, old structures will be razed so we are not reminded that we had it so good.

America looking more Soviet.

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  1. Rad says:

    >Taiwan – The Afghanistan fold should give them a clear signal that America isn’t going to do much for them and that they need to make arrangements with mainland China.

    Not sure this is the case – the Afghanistan fold is pretty clearly part of a wider DOD shift to Pacific focus. Even abandoning piles of equipment makes sense in the context that US-stamped arms could well start showing up in the hands of Uighur militants in a few years.


  2. Cthulhu says:

    I think there should be a global television event, the most interesting in Russia and America: Donald Trump and Mikhail Gorbachev meet in a legitimately third party country (if such a place exists, Switzerland is definitely out) and discuss questions asked to them by reddit and 4chan about the decline of the Soviet Union and the Trump presidency. I wonder how similar the two are.


  3. NC says:

    Jones’in for another Mot20C podcast episode. It seems the group is fraying. Is it nick that is the total wej hater? And has to interrupt everything with wej. He has good points but just does not know when to shut up and listen.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Chad Stevens says:

      They’re all fairly hip to the JQ but Nick’s the only one that can’t help but sperg about it. Nick’s internet connection seems like it’s been an issue when they’re all together too. Specifically, that 2 second delay means he’s always interrupting everyone.

      But to Nick’s credit, he is on just about every episode.


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