Winners, Losers and Links


Americans – The end of the Afghanistan odyssey is a blow to the empire. Getting out means no more deployments for a mission that had lost the plot a decade ago.

Taliban – Online videos showed the Taliban rolling up cities with little resistance. They pick up a lot of equipment donated by the Pentagon.

Lord Miles – This British lad went on a holiday to Kabul as the collapse happened. He had to hide, find safe houses, pass through Taliban checkpoints but he made his way out of the country. He confused the Taliban by saying he was from Wales. MI6 should hire him.


The American Empire – Leaving is good but the speed of Afghanistan’s collapse is a major exclamation point to all the terrible proclamations from the US military brass, State and CIA through the war. In a 20 year span, it morphed into such an abomination that the Taliban appear as freedom fighters.

OnlyFans Content Creators – Wait for the dust to settle but looks like Hans question of OnlyFans being their OnlyPlans will be answered.

Liberal Narratives – Afghanistan nation building, reopening but maybe locking down again, economic snapback, vaccine effectiveness… everything is cracking.


Scott Locklin summarizes everything the establishment got wrong with covid.

Technofog covers the collapse in Afghanistan.

The failure in Afghanistan is another failure by CIA.

Assabiya wins every time.

The failure in Afghanistan may not seem significant but there is something deeper to the end.

Both the nation-building experiment and the instantaneous collapse of the Afghan government are examples of how absurdly inept the people that rule the Globalist American Empire are.

Michael Anton covers the ruling class’ failure.

In short, an unserious country mired in the most masturbatory hysterics over bullshit dramas waged war against an insurgency of religious zealots fired by a 7th-century morality, and utterly and totally lost.

Veteran posts on lessons learned by the soldiers who fought and how they can be applied.

The Pashtun.

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  1. Han Chinese Supremacist says:

    The Stone Age 7th century savage barbarian dummy Taliban are clearly losers according to the regime bugmen.


  2. Atavisionary says:

    The USG’s failure in Afghanistan, or else the white hat’s victory in ending of the opium and related trade by the cia et al, doesn’t really bother me. Because of course, poppy harvests are probably over now and that sounds like the good guys are winning to me. I long ago knew that this regime didn’t represent me, so who cares if they fail? Or actually, great they suck so I am glad they failed. More of the same please. Ripping off the bandaide will be better than protracted malaise. But I think its important to distinguish the average pleb American from the USG regime. They aren’t the same. So their fook ups aren’t mine. And they aren’t yours. The days of any solidarity with this government are over. Piss on its ashes.


  3. Vxxc says:

    Good government formula found below. They are better ruled than we, of course our problem is most of the abuse and corruption is legal.


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