Winners, Losers and Links


Logistics firms – They are pushing transportation costs through with massive price hikes. They just need truckers, merchant marines and train engineers.

Vaxxers – They get a booster coming so they have something new to talk about like a Marvel movie cycle.

Kids – School is back in session but masking is reduced and not mandatory in many districts.


National Security State – Afghanistan evacuation going bad.

Immigration Restrictionists – At America’s peak, it had 100,000 troops in Afghanistan. For some reason, all of them had translators we desperately need to settle in Wyoming.

Australians – Returning to its roots, it is an open air prison.


Carlsbad’s work on Haller. This is a thorough work on Haller. It’ll take time to read, but is the best work put out by anyone in a long while. (Haller specific posts start here).

Sam Finlay writes a requiem for the Stan.

Dalrymple covers the globalization of culture and consumerism.

How bad was American military planning? There was no plan and no thought to a plan.

Nike’s woke advertising is for their elusive hunt at female dollars *and* a woke pivot.

Snowden on Apple setting up the infrastructure-for snooping on everything.

Abrahms covers the strategic organizing and hard work the Taliban put in to roll up their nation.

The state used the war on terror to boost capabilities and reach. We live in that totalitarian prison now.

Attack institutional funding and turn off the spigots.

The Current Year Regime.

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  1. Vicky Raughn says:

    deep state v. Biden v. Kameltoe

    whose juicing who??

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