Winners, Losers and Links


Australian Bureaucrats – Rebounding hard as the two biggest states have abandoned the zero covid policy approach. Protests and truckers have done work. Wait, what music is that? Is that the tech surveillance initiatives the Australian government wants to implement? You can leave your house and enter the tech panopticon (and forget your devices).

Neocons – While discredited, they have managed to get many Republicans to embrace the war drive with the Afghanistan bungle.

Workers – Wages keep rising with top to bottom bidding for employees ongoing. Covid appears to have caused many Boomers to retire.


The Empire – The Afghanistan withdrawal is a huge setback because the ideological rejection as well as the military loss. It is worse than Vietnam.

Biden – All his life he angled for the presidency. Now in his decayed form, he assumed the puppet role and in whatever flashes of lucidity he has must see how bad things are going.

Teachers – Reputation? Gone. The parental eye of Sauron is now on them via social media, and even with union protection, they have more mines to dodge.


Afghanistan is the graveyard for liberalism.

The mechanics on selling the idea of disinformation.

When all authorities are discredited, what does anyone believe?

Google bought out the National Review. No surprise but it explains their pro-Big Tech pieces.

China pulled off a tech heist.

A case study in covid with Vietnam’s unique experience.

The Ivy Leaguers really thought they would change Afghanistan.

The story of a young man who landed a Huey on the White House lawn in 1974.

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  1. Oliver Onion says:

    That Spectator piece is excellent, worth it just for the final conclusion paragraph and video.


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