Winners, Losers and Links


Workers – Wage pressure continues as even MickeyD’s is offering $30K a year.

Federal Reserve – They can posture about tapering but some weakness provides cover to keep the spigot open.

America’s MIC – Winning the Aussie sub award provides billions.


France – Macron could go all out after the AUKUS sub deal and turn the EU into a Franco-German entity that stands apart from America. Doubtful.

Atlanticists – Tension between NATO partners does not bode well for the alliance.

Chinese investors – Maybe this is China’s Lehman moment, but they handled covid well so we will wait and see.


Carthage really did sacrifice children. Twentieth century academics hardest hit.

Along those lines, Satanism dominates.

Russiagate was fake news and maybe someone will suffer for pushing it.

Tunguska event in the Levant. Might be source of Sodom and Gomorrah story.

Michael Anton does an interview and lays out the situation and what is needed from the right.

Wuhan lab was up to shady business with bats for years. No surprise to our corner of the web.

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  1. NC says:

    Carthage was interesting. Phoenicians = caninittes = jews = satan.
    Satan article = every single time = the same fire god worshiping tribe
    Clinton’s = pedos =zion = every single time
    Dead sea = they were nuked 3K ago for the same reasons.


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