Winners, Losers and Links


Corey Lewandowski – Snagged himself another high profile romantic affair.

Energy Sector – Inflation shows no slowing down and now a supply crunch. Good times for producers.

Hospitals – Buried in the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill is a second hospital bailout as was done in 2020. Will they hire anyone though or keep nurse productivity levels at 70%?


Drivers – If the mileage tax is real, they will fork over a grand or more per year to drive.

New York Nurses – Hero to zero in a heartbeat when the left needs you to play either role. Losing thousands before a potential winter covid wave would be disastrous.

Airlines – If the vaxx mandates falls on air travel, they will see passenger numbers drop, which had been inching closer to pre-pandemic levels. Add to this higher oil, and more trouble awaits them.


Ford Foundation wokies were the iPhone harassers in that Arizona clip.

The Ford Foundation is a partisan pool of money and needs to be dealt with via legislation and regulation.

Russia & China invested in missile tech and now America is vulnerable.

False Gods vs Corona Chan.

Trump was right that the election was rigged.

Will all cities be the Gaza Strip in the future?

Michael Hudson interview about China’s economic situation.

Karlin covers Russia’s nationalist turn and the nationalist state.

The purges of the unvaccinated have begun.

Turkey is a quasi-sovereign nation and keeps making moves to become more sovereign.

The turn of the century C suite criminals are out of jail. What do they do now?

2 Comments Add yours

  1. bluecat57 says:

    I was wondering why Noem’s star stopped rising. (No pun intended, but if you think of a good one, share it.)


  2. NC says:

    Well daegal has USA @ 100million in 2025, so all those ICBM might be lander here soon. Hopefully just the coasts + chicago.


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