A Reverse Critical Theory

Submitted by withered rose

Critical Theory is an ingenious piece of technology. Through Critical Theory (CT), disparate flavors of leftism—be it liberalism, social democracy, socialism, or anarchism—are united against the threat of racism. By interpreting all phenomena as either racist or anti-racist, CT can unite the anti-racists, no matter how much they may disagree amongst themselves, against the racists. If liberal disagrees with an anarchist who wants to shut down the bank account of a prominent conservative, perhaps because he does not believe in weaponizing private industry against political opposition, then that liberal is quickly identified as siding with the racists and is either ideologically purged (“cancel culture” is the cutesy way of saying just this) or is forced to hold to the party line. Through this technology, a divided left is able to unify as a single force and crush its opposition.

Unlike the left, the right is seemingly unable to put aside its differences for the sake of defeating the godless left.Conservatives, libertarians, nationalists and reactionaries cannot stop bickering amongst themselves despite a left that has taken institutional power and will stop at nothing to ensure that a Republican is never elected again. What is needed, if any semblance of America is to survive the leftist onslaught, is a right-wing equivalent to CT. So long as we render ourselves defenseless by opting to argue with one another, the left will flood the country with tens of millions of new Democratic voters, “fortify” our elections, make the chemical castration of children more available under the guise of “sex change surgery”, and de-platform what few men of the right remain on mainstream social media. It is either “join or die”, as Benjamin Franklin so aptly put.

If there is to be a technology for unifying the American right, it needs to accord with conservatives, libertarians, nationalists, and reactionaries. Common to each of these camps is the demographic: the American right, now matter how moderate or radical, consists of the middle class, those persons who own businesses, land, and are materially invested in their communities. Although there are exceptions, the American right is made up of white Christians and it is this demographic that inhabits the middle-class. The left, in contrast, are either upper-class oligarchs or are the lower-class foot soldiers of this oligarchy. It is this class distinction between right and left that will serve as the core for a reverse CT.

A Reverse Critical Theory

Since the 18th century politics has been the story of oligarchs stirring up the lower-class in an attempt to confiscate the wealth of the middle-class; politics has been the story of a high-low alliance against the middle. To conduct this looting operation the oligarchs, make appeals to justice, framing the middle-class as agents of sin that cannot be trusted with power, and thus gives a moral façade to the looting. In recent years this can be seen clearly with movements like “Defund the Police.” First, a middle-class segment is identified, in this case local and state police, whom the oligarchs want to loot and transfer the power of the middle to themselves. To do this the oligarchs enraged the lower-class, in this case BLM and Antifa, over supposed racism. Once the mass of the lower-class became convinced that local and state police were inherently racist, and, correspondingly, the middle-class became too afraid of the lower-class to voice opposition, then the oligarchs could introduce the slogan “Defund the Police.” What defunding the police would do is de-power local and state police, and, in turn, granting federal enforcement agencies, who are (for the most part) in the pocket of the oligarchs. “Racism”, as can be seen here, is nothing more than a convenient moral cloak to hide the upper-class’ desire to enfranchise those members of law enforcement under their control, while simultaneously disenfranchising those members of law enforcement under their control. By calling the police “racist”, the left is really saying “these people are middle-class and are not under beholden to our dictates…let’s burn them at the stake!”

When a church is deemed “homophobic” for not performing a gay wedding, or when a couple does not allow their child to be chemically castrated (transition surgery) and is accordingly branded as “abusive” or “transphobic”, what is really happening is, like the example with Defund the Police, the high and low conspiring against the middle. Our oligarchs might not even care about the LGBT community, but by smearing churches and families who do not agree with LGBT, and then calling for these churches to lose tax exempt status or for the parents to lose custody of their child, they disempower two key sources of middle-class power: churches and families. Whether an oligarch cares about LGBT issues or not, he will inevitably pursue this line of action because it grants him more power over the lives of the middle-class and, simultaneously, strips them oftheir power.

Whenever a leftist says “racism”, “sexism”, “homophobe”, or “transphobe”, know that they are trying to cloak their intention to rob the wealth and power of the middle-class. There is a word for this behavior: criminality. Though we may want to believe otherwise, the left is not a rival political group, they are criminals who will try and moralize their theft one way or another. Apologizing to criminals, crying “please don’t hurt me, I’m not racist”, is either cowardice or compliancy with crime. It does not matter if you are a conservative or a libertarian, a nationalist or a reactionary, the left wants to steal your wealth and take away your power. The American right, also known as the middle-class, if it wants to survive, needs to put an end to criminality disguised as politics, call these goons out, and do everything possible to exclude them from any further political decision-making process. Those on the right who disagree with this are either cowards who have no place in politics or are apologists for criminals, either way there is no legitimate opposition to taking power away from the left and ensuring that they cannot take power ever again.

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  1. Cthulhu says:

    You seem to be implying the best distinction to be made between left and right is “criminality”, which does point out a salient distinction and would have been good rhetoric 30 or even 20 years ago when there was hope for a civil society and being right wing wasn’t borderline illegal. It is also important to point out that calling people “criminal” is an appeal to the authority of law, an institution the right has no power over.

    I like where you are going with this, don’t get me wrong, but I think the line to be drawn is best phrased as the productive vs the consumptive. Criminals are consumptive. Stealing the tools out of a tradesman’s truck is the perfect example of the conflict of the produvtive vs the consumptive: if the tradesman is allowed to use those tools he will go to work and *earn* a living by being productive. The criminal, being a consumer, takes those tools and consumes the value by selling them to a pawn shop and does not produce anything. The same can be said to WNs: the consumptive races have stolen productive white civilization and causex humanity to stagnate on this planet when white man has already made it possible to explore the solar system in the last century. It works with libertarians: the state as it currently exists is an rentier state which takes the excess of producers and consumes it for personal gain instead of using the taxed capital to bootstrap a better and more complex economy. To reactionaries: things used to work, and now they don’t, and they don’t because they are no longer run by productive people who make things work.

    All of those examples exist without taking into account the legal system, which is one strength. Another strength will be once rhetoric in the country shifts to watermelon communism/green bullshit. Consumers are taking from the environment without producing wealth from it, whether thay wealth is an oil well or a wind farm (ignore the issues of catabolic systems for a moment). It can be adapted to plague politics: consumers didnt and do not make medicine possible, but they are disease vectors. In fact the dichotomy can be adapted to everything up to hunter gatherer living, because once you have agurculture you are producing food instead of gathering what food exists around you.

    Anyways, without getting too long winded I think the distinction to be drawn is between the productive and consumptive because it fits into all situations and speaks to the soul of a class of people who became the class they are by accomplishing things.


    1. BaboonTycoon says:

      That’s completely ridiculous. There’s no way you can frame that and have the same sense of moral indignation that “criminal” or “racist” evokes. That is what gives words like this political power, not how logically appropriate they are.

      That said, I’m in agreement that the time for something like this was decades ago, or at the very latest while Trump was in office. It doesn’t matter anymore. All we can do is wait for them to burn it down at this point. The dearth of articles on this site compared to a year or two ago reflects this, I assume.


      1. Cthulhu says:

        The right doesn’t currently have a direction, Trump killed the GOP, the system killed Trump (thus far only politically). Right now if you shout something relatable enough loud enough it has a good chance of sticking, and it is more important to give the system no quarter than anything else.

        My opinion ofc.


      2. Coltfan says:

        I would have reluctantly agreed w you a year ago, but am feeling optimistic. The pressure from parent now just getting involved in their kids education. The blow back Biden is getting on his pile of failures and his persecution of the unvaxed have perhaps created a tipping point. His ratings are so low, if he does start using the DOJ to go after parents at school board meetings and we see thousands lose jobs over covid…there’s gonna b hell to pay


    2. Agree, but I would phrase it as “productive vs. parasites”. Everyone after all is a part-time consumer, but not everyone is a parasite, while the Left consistently is. “Parasite” is also more general and evocative than the cold green-eyeshade word “consumer”. As LIMEO notes below, the Left has a fully-fledged religion, and however many the Left’s competing sects are, placing a what sound like mere economic theory against it is letting the Left have all the high rhetorical ground. .

      Besides which, it’s true. The Left are effing parasites. They really can only prosper by looting the productive. Whatever the “catabolic” effects of oil wells are, they are as nothing compared to catabolic looting of society by the financial oligarch overclass and their antifa/BLM zombie minions, which will bring about catabolic collapse much sooner.


  2. Limeo says:

    A decent summary of the reality of things as they currently are, but I think framing in terms of economics is a mistake. This is basically a religious war, and beliefs, narratives and ritual traditions stir people to action much more than balance sheets or codes of law.

    The left has successfully framed a millenarian, nihilistic crusade as an appeal to fairness in economics – a deception which extends even to most of their own foot soldiers and supporters. The right needs to do something like the reverse – restoring sanity by restoring belief in the transcendent.

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    1. Correct. If this was purely economic then we would see far more economic choices being made, but we don’t; the left with sacrifice economic success for cultural power. You are correct Limeo. The left has successfully framed a millenarian, nihilistic crusade as an appeal to fairness in economics, but not just economics but also cultural power and general “success” (which is mostly economic because of the marxist DNA in this).
      So yes, it IS a religious war. But the western/european ‘right’ has abandoned its religion; Christianity. As long as it continues to do so, it will lose. There is no alternative. Conservatives, nationalists and reactionaries can all unite under Christianity.

      Libertarians cannot unite under Christianity, because, and I cannot stress this enough: Libertarianism is not right wing. It shares little, or nothing with conservative, nationalist, or reactionary thought. It is one of the older forms of modern leftism that survives because it has rather beguiling tenents to a certain minority of the population. Because it is so outdated, the ever-progressive left views it as an obstacle. But to say that the enemy of my enemy is my friend in this case is WRONG. In the end Libertarians come down on the left wing side, to the detriment of their right wing “allies.”

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    2. Emmanuel says:

      You lose 100% of the territory you don’t fight.

      The war of independance happened because of the junction between ritual (tea drinking was connected to family time, dinner, and friendship) and economics (taxation in this case).

      The state’s next move is using ‘green’ policies to destroy the middle class, empowered by the precedents of the pandemic.
      In fact I suspect their next move is to rename “climate change” as the “climate pandemic.”

      They will manufacture shortages like oil and new crises and everywhere they will blame it on the “climate pandemic.”

      Taxation by itself doesn’t upset americans enough anymore.

      Gasoline prices and joblessness do though.

      So the first step is to pivot and instad of the “conspiracy theorist” boogieman-phrase of “the great reset” used to ridicule us, we need to change the narrative to “its the economy stupid.”

      This does two things

      1. It opens us up to push “covid is a stealth tax meant to destroy americans and the american dream.”

      2. Gives us the immediate grievance of gasoline costs, and relates it back to all the other costs in the u.s.

      DOD will back up this message because its desperate for another war. That leads to infighting.

      Otherwise, having played all its other cards, the state will revert to “muh racism”.


  3. muunyayo says:

    Reblogged this on Muunyayo .


  4. stallard0 says:

    “Oligarchs and lower classes encircling the middle class” isn’t accurate, not least because it conjures up some Toryite or 19th century Dem noblesse/salt of the earth alliance. The upper echelons are the financier tribe, of course, but most of the footsoldiers for BLM and Antifa are radicalized college kids, often from nicer places, or other strivers. The lower status thugs the leadership can mobilize are almost always firmly underclass lumpens, i.e. superpredators, chomos, other unemployables (not a coincidence everyone Rittenhouse shot had a rap sheet). They assail not only hapless middle-class Americans but the working class and even the moneyed if they do not actively collaborate with the terror-state. The underclass are worshiped because they are outsiders to society and so inherently destructive to it. It is a Bolshie regime of malcontents attacking the entire spectrum of society.

    We have no uniting narrative or discipline to a party line, true, but those are symptoms of the lack of organization. Probably the greatest strategic masterstroke of the Left was the destruction of the freedom of association by civil rights/equality legislation, which essentially made entryism enforceable by law. We can try every tactic against these people, but in the absence of any organized power, they easily bounce off them. We can make callout posts, but we can’t make Ivy League commissars blackball people. We can expose any amount of wrongdoing, but we can’t make DAs or the FBI lift a finger. We can have 90+% of people on our side on an issue and not make any progress on it because we don’t have any mechanism to convert the common consent of hundreds of milliions into power.

    In the absence of any legitimate method of projecting or exerting power, we must resort to “illegitimate” tactics. The scattered school board resistances are a good start, if still too straightlaced. We cannot imagine that we might rest on some claim to legitimacy when our enemies get to write the book. Their goal needs to be to cow these corrupters of children such that they no longer have the will to stand in defiance. Target and wear down weak points in anarcho-tyrannical vanguard in the same way that they purge their opponents. Almost nobody has the willpower to withstand sustaining haranguing, as we see every day from our side. Only from acts such as these will it be possible to claw back and carve any room for nobler things.

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    1. Emmanuel says:

      We can limit entryism by taking the “motorcade” approach that the trump train did, and magnifying it by 100.

      Most of the worst of the underclass dont drive anyway, let alone the college marxists.

      They’re forced into conspicuous assaults on motorists, which plays into our hands, and gives us the victim narrative again.

      And it limits them from infiltrating us because cops and federal informants working for the u.s. spy state can’t simply join your car pool like they join a protest. Vehicles also protect you from small arms fire, kettling by blue union police, knock-out style assaults, stabbings and bludgeoning. Vehicles let you move quickly away from a mob. They let you reorganize on a dime. They can work as shelter in a pinch when the hotel industry starts to decline us for ideological reasons.

      They allow us to do night missions, such as sign drops, allow us to meet up anywhere, and scatter as needed. They allow us to do ride alongs and longer protest campaigns.

      Gasoline and vehicles are key.

      The tyranny is also a LOT more visible when the police inevitably crack down. It’s not like the FBI breaking down your door with swat, killing your dog, and pointing guns at your family. The media can limit exposure of any film. Out in public, like at check points, or where
      police cut off a convoy, its dozens, maybe *hundreds* of eyeballs on them, eyes and cameras, so they can’t limit any abuses of the public from getting out to alternative news and social media.

      Vehicles, like tea, are an *absolute* psychological *core* symbol of the middle class, which, naturally, is why people with vehicles were the some of the VERY *first* victims of assault by blm/antifa/anarchists.

      Thats ultimately where the conflict is at.

      First step would actually be *rollback* of laws protecting drivers from mob assault. The conflict has to be amplified, not squelched.

      From there we let them make the mistake of being emboldened.


  5. NC says:

    JUst ware the racist, anti-Semite, bigot, anti vax with a smile. I’m a Yeti, I was born with all those ‘defects” and can’t change them by the woke’s definition.


  6. Baseball Pundit 🇺🇸🇮🇱 says:

    Our job as conservatives is to protect liberalism from the far right. The Nazis are against CRT. This conservatives must protect CRT. It’s called logic, bigots!


  7. Scalp Merchant says:

    I once read that the Left is a collection of interest groups held together by radical egalitarian ideologues and the right is a collection of ideologies held together by the chamber of commerce interest group. The JQ more completely explains the current political economy, but this model still holds.

    The right must purge nationalists because we will inevitably dissent against the chamber of commerce. The left must purge TERFs because they dissent against universal egalitarianism.

    Because of this, I believe you have described the wrong strategy. Yes producers vs parasites united the right against the left, but it reinforced the chamber of commerce as their unifying force. We need to tear that down before we can reorient the right around a new unifying narrative.

    In the advice of Tim Murdock (Horace the Avenger), only divide the social space once. We are in a war and your skin is your uniform. Too many White people would fall on the wrong side of that producers/parasites divide because of the opioid crisis.


    1. BaboonTycoon says:

      Yes, if I had to pick a word, the one I would use would be “traitor.” It’s something that cuts to the heart of the vague, vestigial patriotism that still gets conservatives of every stripe to still believe in America while simultaneously throwing it in the face of the enemy that they are not so fair-minded as they would have us all believe; they are agents of a hostile, possibly foreign system of ideas that seeks to materially and spiritually impoverish everyone other than its founders. They actively seek to undermine their fellow man, and even themselves. According to certain GSS data compiled by Audacious Epigone, many of them are somewhat self-aware about this. But they are not made to feel shame over their lies and moral hypocrisy nearly as much as they should be..


  8. JR says:

    “Critical Theory is an ingenious piece of technology.”
    Nothing at all to do with technology but only a linguistic trick to lead people into a “catch 22” or “damned if you don’t and damned if you do” conundrum once you accept that everything has to be viewed from the perspective of race.


  9. citizen says:

    Remove your investments from Wall Street.
    Buy and invest your values.
    Invest carefully in key individuals.
    Make your hobby with friends somehow fixing it.


  10. Michael Bambino says:

    Critical Race Theory is nothing more than Marxist Critical Theory, with RACE being substituted for CLASS. Just as offensive, and just as worthless.
    That is CRT in it’s entirety.


  11. Rocky says:

    The core asymmetry that makes a ‘unified Right’ impossible, at least in the sense that there is a unified Left, is that the left is commanded top-down by international finance, whereas the Right is, as you say, made up of anyone that international finance wants to loot. It isn’t theory, ideology, or any other organic process that makes the left cohesive – they’re incredibly insufferable people, and they can’t go a day without discovering something new that they all hate about each other – it’s the fact that their patrons ultimately decide what they do and what they want.

    The upside of this asymmetry is that the Right is made up of individuals with high agency, and can develop a natural hierarchy. Leaders emerge when they do something fun, interesting, or successful, and they remain on top as long as they remain useful. There are no sinecures, no second-place trophies, and no rewards for failure, and the people that join up are people with useful, practical skillsets and a surplus of talent that they are willing to exercise for the cause. While the Left has attempted to foist professional losers like French, Kristol, and Douthat onto the Right, it has categorically rejected them. Instead, the main figures have been anonymous. Murdoch Murdoch’s funny animation back in 2016 had more cultural pull than every Prager U video put together, for instance, regardless of reddit communists’ obsession with the latter. Similarly, Ricky Vaughn was far more relevant to Rightist strategy and operations than Frank Luntz, and CisWhiteMaelstrom’s (creator of T_D) subversion of the Reddit ranking algorithm probably made a difference in at least one 2016 swing state.

    My examples above were both categorically purged from social media, and the new escalation by the regime (dropping the pretense of fair elections, freedom of speech, and peaceful conflict resolution) means that new figures and actions will have to emerge. The core conflict, however, remains the same: A horde of brainless hedonists on the left, led by a few inbred cosmopolitans, and a chaotic but capable swarm of high-agency actors on the right, with shifting leadership determined by recent successes and failures.

    The best strategy for a Rightist right now is to create or join something, learn to exploit vulnerabilities in censorship and political suppression mechanisms, and group up with reliable friends to create the basis for a new order in your area or domain. A group of competent programmers can make a game that might go viral, create an adversarial exploit for one of the many automated censorship systems the system relies upon, or find a way into a successful business (hiding their power levels) and hiring up their frens. A group of competent artists can create memes and push them towards viral status. A group of politically active guys can draft legislation, and coordinate efforts within red states to do things like fire UofO’s $230k a year diversity czar, giving us stronger enclaves that present an alternative to the system. Any group that succeeds in these efforts will attract imitators and potential recruits.


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