Winners, Losers and Links


Censors – This week saw an orchestrated op to push for the removal of any counter-narrative messaging.

Left – Any anti-misinformation moves will hurt the right. The left makes narratives and deem what is official. Ask Project Veritas.

Scandis – Their nations are relaxing lockdowns and doing the opposite of the Anglosphere. Nordic model for the win.

Courageous Whistleblower


Skeptics – Anyone questioning Big Brother will be silenced.

Anti-CRT Parents – This is the latest overreach in the domestic war on terror. While this does mold an opposition into a coherent force, the power of the FBI is intense.

Police Unions – If the FBI will raid the NYPD union office, they can do it to any. Once again, the feds might be molding a coherent opposition which would have remained disorganized and lacked unity.


Michael Tracey digs into covid snitch culture and its harmful effects of social interactions.

Astral reviews the great American Novel Blood Meridian.

Wes Yang explains how he got here.

Carlsbad explains why liberalism has been dead a long time and post-liberalism failed.

The Israeli origins of Whatsapp.

Akinokure on Zoomers being jealous of Millenials.

Paywall! On the decline of the Mob.

No charges in a wild west style gunfight that ended in one death.

Xmas shopping starts soon. Inflation will bite hard.

One professors fight against vaccine mandates.

Another atomic era Soviet spy who was Jewish.

How does one become a supervillain?

First in a series on the Afghanistan withdrawal catastrophe.

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  1. Israel 🇮🇱 up my ass says:

    We’re there any Atomic spies/traitors who were NOT J$wish?


    1. Political Science Believer says:

      To a first approximation, everyone involved in the nuclear program at the top level was Jewish.


    2. NIGEL is a TEAPOT says:

      freemasons made the bomb, considered it the apotheosis of “alchemy.”


  2. frankcolumba says:

    Winner: small town in northwestern Wisconsin.
    Amazon has decided to not put a distribution center and a 500+ Unit housing project near a small town in Wisconsin after both the town and the surrounding community reacted extremely negative.
    Reports are that property was vandalized and construction equipment destroyed.
    Not much of this in the local or wider area news.
    BIG WIN as losing would have meant another Amazon-Somali colony.


  3. Political Science Believer says:

    I saw it persuasively speculated that the reason for the comparatively benign Nordic response to the hoax is that those countries are already completely cashless: they are already fully tracked and traced. Build Back Better, y’all.


    1. Anonymous says:

      Speaking to some conscious humans who happened to live in the area, it was more like that, since the institutional rot typical of the more general anarcho-tyrranic trend in vassal states of the american empire in general, had metastasized to such a degree in Sweden in particular, they lacked the ability to enact any sort of large scale institutional response at all to begin with.

      So hey, sometimes breznevian stagnation works in your favor!


    1. NIGEL is a TEAPOT says:

      how can someone win a war that isn’t even fought?


  4. NC says:

    thx 4 the Mot20C last week!

    Every single time it is the ‘wej’

    MIlls and zooms, wtf did you see billy irish comment? Got to throw that in my female offspring when she was taunting my body my right- Don’t put your aborted fetus in my vaccines.

    Well even 1/2 white can get away with school shooting these days

    again Every single time it is the ‘wej’

    Superman now super queer!


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