Broken Cultural Control

The great shuttering of the Internet has been an ongoing process since the 2016 election. Fake news and disinformation was the original explanation. This has been a flimsy rationale, which was quickly thrown back on the media by President Trump himself. The greater lengths that the regime is going to are a product of their loosening control of culture.

Internet access has been likened to the birth of the printing press, and there is truth to it. Democratization of information creation, dissemination and analysis has been a problem for the media and academic overlords. Anyone can set up a site or account and spread information. Control over the concept of truth was shattered. This became a large problem as the left wing and regime embraced more lunatic beliefs that are easily refuted by reality. Manufacturing agreement is much more difficult in today’s culture.

This explains the major pressure on Big Tech to clean up its platforms. Did Assad survive due to military tactics & Russian support or because he had such a strong online presence that spotlighted jihadist atrocities and provided a believable story opposite of the US media’s? America avoided deeper involvement even after red lines were crossed partly due to the meme of a No Fly Zone turning the US Air Force into Al Qaeda’s Air Force.

What started with NatSec concerns turned to anyone outside the Overton Window and countersignaling media approved facts and beliefs. Questioning Biden’s mental acuity caused Berniebro and Trump supporters to be locked or deleted from Twitter. The application of preventing disinformation and even harm due to hate facts spread to nearly every public policy topic. YouTube now uses demonetization to squash climate change denial content.

Youtube, Facebook and Twitter all instituted new policies to destroy the small reach sites out there, even tiny accounts with limited follower counts. Right Wing twitter saw all of its Covid takes be banned and mocked in 2020 only to be vindicated and partially embraced in 2021. Platforms complied with bans and continue to this day. Now they are coming for TikTok.

Media outlets are pointing out the dangers of TikTok. The algos lead to dangerous far right ideas. The left’s longhouse soldiers are getting frazzled debunking random TikTok videos. It is a repeat of the YouTube algo recommendation battle. It’s all so tiresome.

Does it matter? The left and regime have total institutional dominance. They are in a position of unchallenged strength. It does matter. They hold all the cards but the problem is fewer people want to play their game. CNN has nights averaging fewer than one million viewers. MTV’s video music awards had fewer than one million viewers. These are not one offs as all network shows’ ratings are way down. Check those TikTok articles. Some videos discussing hyperborea or other dangerous ideas have one million views. This is why it matters to the regime. Their traditional mediums are losing viewers and effect.

TikTok is a perfect example of this issue, and the picture used for this article clues us in. The young woman who started a dance routine to a new single “Say So” was viral enough that when the studio paid for a music video for Doja Cat, they incorporated the dance from the TikTok video into it. This sequence does show the problem media has in generating cultural force like before. Previously, the spread of video allowed them to shape people much easier via the Big 3 channels and then in music via MTV. With the advent of Nickelodeon & Disney, they could create a teen product, build a huge audience and then have her turn slutty at 21 or so to send a huge message to that pool of girls.

Doja Cat herself is a funny example as she has a checkered past with online far right engagement in her online life and is the embarrassingly transparent undefined race, body positive figure for girls to project themselves onto. She has no talent but was selected to send a message as a cultural product. She wears see through clothing for her official videos, yet does any man want to see her goods? The TikTok dance girl is far cuter and far more real and authentic as an aspirational figure. Now compare media made Doja to the thousands if not millions of women who can pantomime her song on TikTok. They are better looking, and far more successful at conveying a message of being the girl next door who can have fun and be a star. No wonder the follower counts grow. Who needs a mixed race, lowest common denominator mass media product when you can find a cute white, asian, black, latino, blonde, redhead, etc figure to follow dancing and lip syncing just like a star? There is a reason OnlyFans killed big production porn, and it’s not just the pandemic.

This is why they go after the smallest of communities like tradwife TikTok. The regime has full media control to push sexual promiscuity, careerism and wine aunt life, yet fears small communities promoting tradwife life. They know their positions are against nature and many will resist. They cannot allow any voice to say there is another way. They have full spectrum dominance and all of the credentials but are miles away from the truth. As it was with Twitter and Syria, YouTube and covid, so shall it be with anything and TikTok. They have total control yet realize their message does not grab and hold the population as before. We will see further clampdowns on all messaging that deviates from Harvard’s script.

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  1. Regime Knobjobber 🇺🇸🇮🇱 says:

    Free speech is domestic terrorism


  2. muunyayo says:

    This is a great read…the content on this site deserves alot more attention from people who are serious about combating the hellscape our corporate-occupied states of the West.

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  3. Lamprey Milt says:

    Doja “I make it Juicy Juicy moo moo” Cat is a Jew for the recored.

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    1. Vxxc says:

      . Did Assad survive due to military tactics & Russian support or because he had such a strong online presence that spotlighted jihadist atrocities and provided a believable story opposite of the US media’s?


      As for playing tge Regimex game, compliance is enough.


  4. reknell says:

    This post makes me want to make a TikTok, if only to contribute to MSM’s decline.


  5. Niles Wright says:

    If they had neither competence or control or forethought…… how could they ‘lose it’ ‘overlook it’ ‘not worry about it’ ? Oh, that’s right…..not necessary for today’s savvy people. O.K. ….. whatever 😦 So sad, sick and totally reprehensible.


  6. Banned by Twitter 3-17-2020 says:

    The humiliation is the point


  7. Cthulhu says:

    You really have to wonder how much this is the result of a new communicatiom medium and how much it is people nust being unwilling to tune in to the oligarch’s bullshit message which is now highly defined and inflexible and more and more widely hated.

    I’ll grant that I never knew pre-internet world as an adult, I hardly did as a kid, but at this point you really have to wonder even if the internet was fully locked down how many people would be tuning in to hear establishment messaging, I think most would just begin cutting the cord and focusing on people they physically know.

    I heard two normies today talking about how they want to shoot thieves and blaming the government. People have just transitioned to their own worries.


  8. Political Science Believer says:

    WTF I love TikTok now.


  9. Political Science Believer says:

    It’s really very simple: the binding force that has held the civilizational ship together since the Industrial Revolution and the London Money Power jointly endeavored to make the freeholders, yeomanry, and craftsmen into career wagies working on the megacorporate plantation has been a gradual and ever-escalating mind control. Call it advertisement, call it public relations, call it propaganda, call it psychological operations, it is, in the last analysis, mind control. The snag comes in the “ever-escalating” part of the thing. You see, the first advertisements were small little blurbs in the back of newspapers. They were enormously effective. Then the effectiveness began to taper off. The public had been more or less habituated to the basic classified ad. Then there came the illustrated ad. Then there came the color ad. Then there was the advertorial. Then the long-form “personal letter to you” copy so loved by no less a man than Gary Halbert himself. Somewhere in here there was radio and television, which deserve treatises of their own. The point is this: these days, the old branding that so successfully hacked the old-timey psyche looks benign and quaint and nostalgic. Hell, people get calls from “the IRS” and they just hang up; something that would have petrified someone in 1950 is just a joke today. The public has been habituated to everything, up to and including unlimited, high-definition hardcore pornography routinely involving acts unspeakable and probably literally unthinkable to people within living memory, such as your dear old granny. I myself have watched more people be stabbed, shot, decapitated, disfigured, blown up, and violently impaled than I can count. Even Stanley Kubrick is no match for 2021: open up Netflix and you’ll be offered half-a-dozen serials unambiguously involving one or more literal occult ceremonies straight from the jump, quite possibly involving convincing or implied human sacrifice. There’s nowhere to go from here, really, except to start showing people literally disemboweled on a Times Square altar dedicated to the goddesses of science.

    But the occultists have made a fatal mistake. You see, they only adopted the mind control. The Zoomers were born in it, molded by it. They didn’t meet Jesus Christ until they were already men, and by then He was nothing to them but e-Catholic.

    A very, very serious fraction of Zoomers are impervious to all conventional forms. They’ll need brain chips to be brought back into line. And so to the aspiring WorldHive™FedNow® occupational crass I say, “You are a pale shadow of your NWO precursors. Good luck, chum. You’ll need it.”



    1. anonymous says:

      It’s not merchants conspiring to run your brain, it’s harvard priesthood conspiring to run your brain.


      1. Political Science Believer says:

        Ah, yes, I see an honorable member of the high-functioning computer wagie Jim’s blog commentariat has breached for air.

        I’ve got bad news for you, bruv. The old “Harvard priesthood” was racist, sexist, and explicitly eugenicist. Lothrop Stoddard was a representative member. Did you get a PhD from Harvard back when that meant something? But it wasn’t just the Harvard priesthood pushing these things, of course, they were broadly shared by old-stock Americana. Henry Ford, for instance, the low-brow Midwest industrial tycoon, used his low-brow industrial tycoon billions to publish and distribute The Dearborn Independent. it didn’t last, of course. Americans were deposed from American institutions shortly after SIS set up shop in America and [redacted] set up shop in SIS.

        The United States has been bankrupt since approximately 1938. Your “merchants” own the county lock, stock, and barrel. Harvard is just a small corner of the Empire’s administrative apparatus. Those destined for greater things, like Secretary of Transportation and open homosexual, Pete Buttigieg, land Rhodes Scholarships and study at Oxford.

        Weird, that.


      2. anonyous says:

        Well you see comrade karl marx believer, men like Lothrop Stoddard got canceled by their own erstwhile friends.

        The racist, sexist, and eugenicist sentiments of Progressives in yesteryears, being merely unprincipled exceptions incoherent with the deepest held Progressive ideals, were persuasively argued against (read, purged) by their fellow Progressives, the Window Wilsom Regime being the first major turning point, and the FDR regime sealing the deal.

        New England first conquered America, and then the world.


  10. Political Science Believer says:

    >unprincipled exceptions
    >Progressive ideals

    Haha, nailed it! I can spot you nerds from a mile away. “Ah, yes, I see an honorable member of the high-functioning computer wagie Jim’s blog commentariat has breached for air.” Oy, what a wit I have! And such x-ray vision of the soul, praise Hashem.

    Anyways, great shitpost about Wilson and Roosevelt. I laughed.


    1. anonymous says:

      I accept your concession of the point.


      1. Political Science Believer says:

        There was no such concession.

        Evidently you and your passive-aggressive pocket-protector-ness weren’t shoved in enough lockers in your youth. Breaking: the swirly was a public service and, come the Revolution Restoration, will be brought back in its full glory.

        You personally may escape judgement but your sons will not.



      2. Political Science Believer says:

        To be clear, there was no such concession because you failed to rebut the points of contention. Subsequent mockery rests entirely on and is entirely justified by this reason. Retvrn to tradition!


      3. anonymous says:

        You don’t need to express it verbally, you expressed it physically by letting me put my dick inside your ass just now.


      4. Political Science Believer says:

        Fuck me harder, baby. Slap my ass and call me Sally.


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