Winners, Losers and Links


Southwest Employees – Unverified but they flexed using time off and now Southwest is backing off their mandate.

Crypto Hodlers – Money printer go brrr, all coins up and the trillions in federal spending are still to come. Cryptos taken over for gold.

Homeschoolers – Vax mandate fears and CRT lunacy are combining for a full press into homeschooling, which will make coordination easier and drain funds from government schools.


Rod Dreher & David French – They keep one upping each other for ridiculous takes.

Southwest Airlines – They felt the force but are likely not the last.

Holiday shoppers – Cali port slowdown means moving goods in time for holiday shopping will be tight. Add inflation to the mix, and it will be brutal.


The establishment speaks to manipulate not communicate or inform.

There is a light within us.

The woke took down a black professor at Harvard.

Metaphor alert: the inmates run the prison.

Anarcho-tyranny at its finest. Trans teen rapes girl. Upset dad gets prosecuted by imported Soros DA who ran on being lenient on crime. Entire system covers it up. Trans teen rapes again.

Can the Durham probe uncover anything? Wake us when the arrests happen.

Indonesia is deploying wild measures to mold a new normal.

Robodogs now are armed. This is how the elite will maintain control.

Humanity is old. If you still believed in it, Out of Africa is dead.

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  1. Big Daddy McFadden says:

    Take a look at the book โ€œAncient Bonesโ€ by Madeleine Bohme for an accessible overview of the recent fossil finds in Eurasia. She completely demolishes the out of Africa story.


  2. Eat the bug Take the jab ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ says:

    David French is the very definition of American conservative


    1. Societalruin2424 says:

      I don’t agree with Sohrab Ahmari on everything, but he deserves credit for repeatedly calling out French’s bullshit.


  3. NC says:

    2nd link was broken for me
    fuck NYC
    dad needed to exercise his 2A along with his 1A. If pigs continue to side with Brandon, they get it too.
    Dump was a plant that worked too well
    New Dogs making 50cal more viable.


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