A Nation of Domestic Terrorists

The security state has identified the newest terror threat to America. The Department of Justice has announced it shall investigate anti-CRT parents as domestic terrorists. This kicked off outrage and one US Senator has demanded answers. Will there be any action from GOP governors is an important question yet to be answered. Welcome to the era of the domestic war on terror.

Anyone expressing skepticism or disagreement will have the full array of government tools applied to them. The casus belli to this front is aggressive threats from parents. At the core of the teachers begging for protection and application of anti-terrorism protocols is this mind-boggling odyssey that one parent in Loudon County endured. There is no argument, only enforcement, harassment and punishment for those who disagree.

The left calls anti-CRT groups astroturf. There is some truth to this, but all political movements are. This is outgroup astroturf so it is bad unlike BLM. These are concerned parents that got to witness via Zoom their children’s education in 2020. Some organizations started as concerned over the gender and sexuality messaging in schools. The CRT wave has added a new flood of angry parents. Are they terrorists? No.

This does not stop the methods of harassment experienced by politically engaged individuals from being applied to normal Americans like stay at home moms and engaged dads. Organizers are doxxed, have their employers harassed, are sued by well funded nodes of left wing power and experience threats from left wing activists or the growing volunteer thought police. This ratchets up tension in a nation already tense and politically divided within communities over covid compliance and enforcement.

This is an abuse of the idea of anti-terrorism strategies and enforcement but effective. It has a chilling effect on engagement and for those deemed a danger to the education system enough, targets of federal scrutiny and harassment. This is very dangerous for organizers and even ground level volunteers. With the FBI/DOJ involved, expect a flood of infiltration ops and agent provocateurs to make these parents look bad. They will serve their purpose and disappear just like the MAGA Bomber in 2018. No one should be harassed for wanting a say in their child’s education. Similar to Trump revealing the deep state, these parents have uncovered, for the unaware masses, a bedrock of regime power: education policy & bureaucratic proceduralism.

There is an upside. These parents are labeled domestic terrorists and often times called proponents of white supremacy. As the accusation of racist lost effect and anti-white racism grew in prominence, the label racist was going to be replaced and very quickly, we see the results. Labeling these parents terrorists or white supremacists, who are obviously neither, lessens the power of the label and also creates a problem for the globalist regime.

The nationalist problem is nationalists cannot have a say in policy. The best way to deal with them is to impoverish and then eradicate them for globalists to maintain preeminence and rule a decaying empire. By expanding the pool of untouchables, they make the cost of eradication much higher. It costs a lot to squash a problem when every other home harbors an evil deplorable. This is a boon to anyone hoping for a Bannon style reorientation of the government and implementation of nationalist policies.

From the above link:

As stated in 2014, all you have to do is exploit globalist paranoia and make globalist advocates see nationalists in every single manifestation of human activity, especially among potential allies and fringe supporters. Upon doing so, the chances of nationalist extermination are spread among non-nationalists perceived to be nationalists, allowing nationalists an extended survival while exposing the raw power of unchecked globalist petulance among the general population in ways mass media cannot cheaply explain away. Convince the world racism is where it isn’t. Make people see violations of equality in trivial matters. Make the world associate you with genocidal maniacs despite the fact you haven’t killed a single person. Mass media is in a position where their revenue sources are so spurious, they have to engage in clickbait to pay the bills. Exploit the attention economy and overload the public with unsubstantiated fears of their impending demise at your hands… only to give them access to hilarious memes making fun of the wolf-criers instead. The world has already been trained to fear everything you are and everything you believe in: All you have to do is show how nonchalant you are with this new found power and drive your accusers mad that you aren’t abusing power like they are.

This is where we stand as subjects of the globalists’ empire. Everyone who disagrees is a domestic threat. Everyone of any race who pushes back on critical race theory is a white supremacist. Per the US security state, white supremacists are the biggest terror threat. As the terror risk demographic expands, the brutal war on terror fixes can be used on millions more but become much more expensive. It becomes an all or nothing game. The endgame becomes much clearer. No one will be safe.

A nation full of domestic terrorists makes for complicated suppression. Disappearing 20,000 Argentinians was too many to hide before the Internet Age. The iPhone is an asymmetric tool in the hands of users, and martyrs create cohesion for loosely connected opposition. General Flynn became a martyr via his deep state persecution despite being a faceless soldier for decades to 99% of America. Ashli Babbitt has become a martyr for a wide swath of the American right. Hot civil conflict is an unlikely outcome, but we drift further into uncharted waters when a simple demand to end showing children LGBT pornography or asking schools not to blame every bad outcome on white people merits FBI investigations.

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  1. BaboonTycoon says:

    I considered writing a bewildered comment over the (very boomer) idea that the word “racist” had lost any power at all before realizing that might be in “not even wrong” territory driven mostly by the growing incompetence of our rulers, but also by, as you said, them deciding some other buzzwords are more useful at the moment. I truly can’t think of any high profile racism accusations lately. They probably realized that it’s better to use “white supremacist” because that is a term that cannot be thrown back at them without using a lot of roundabout justification that inevitably loses people along the way.

    I will say that I still don’t understand what you and other people think “exposing” this or that bit of information about our regime accomplishes. The regime wields all levers of power. It does not mater what people think of it anymore unless they have been driven to planning a coup. And if that’s what you’re hoping for, it’s unreasonable to expect that until economic collapse.


  2. Cthulhu says:

    “As said in 2014”.

    It’s nice to hear a callback to the golden age of the alt-right. So far as the strategy of making everything racist goes, antagonizing mid and low level globalist apparatchiks into vulgar displays of power, can we say the last seven years have been so bad? We had our ups, downs, took some wrong directions, had perhaps an embarassing amount of infighting, but we were all new and new people make mistakes.

    Be a defeatist if you wish, I don’t think you could call 2014 to 2021 a unqualified success, if you can call much of it a success, but we certainly managed to derail a lot of cultural control in that time, maybe the next 7 years can go better with the experience we all now have.


  3. NC says:

    Time for the purging of all traitors foreign and domestic. Politicians, teachers, barista etc…


  4. Vxxc says:

    Martyrs create more intimidation than cohesion. Flynn’s betrayal by Trump left him without many previous willing allies in the IC.
    Babbitt’s death ended MAGA.

    Pity is useless or beggars would be Kings.

    To draw the wrath of foes when you will not strike back- and no, talking is not striking – to summon retaliation when you are passive is utter incompetence and madness.

    Be serious as they are or stop provoking the foe.


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