Winners, Losers and Links


Crypto Altcoin Hodlers – Lot of alts taking off. If you had $100 in Shiba in January, you’re a millionaire.

Homeschool Families – Now that the flood of families into homeschool groups is happening, coops and organized events or activities now have scale working for them. Field trips? Contracting with trainers for old school gym sessions? Organized sports? A parallel system is growing.

The 1% – Wealth taxes look dead on arrival. Stocks up. Green boondoggle sort of shaping up for them to game. Who else will trade carbon credits?

Immigrants Separated At the Border – US government floating out the idea of $450,000 to individuals separated at the border in 2018.


Jewel – On the Joe Rogan podcast, Jewel revealed her mom stole $100 million from her.

America’s Sexiest Senator – Sen. Sinema has been hounded by the far left. She is a product of it and needed them to win her seat, so this is just desserts. Media entities are even using her as a bad example of bisexuality. Set photo ops with Sen. Romney won’t help.

American Sun Writers – No essays this week! Promises have been made for content next week.


Good explainer for what happened in 2020 to set up the election farce.

We live in a system that is like Jurassic Park.

Same writer as above link with another essay on CRT and woke politics being a layering of complexity for elite competition. The fight is just the start of problems for a dying system.

Alex Jones and PJW have a weird angle on conspiracy and how to explain who rules, why and how. It is their limitations that is the problem.

Bitcoin hedges against inflation and… deflation?

Good dive into the Pentagon using eco and medical research to launder bioweapon research and worse.

No it is not the ‘60s again. It is much worse.

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  1. Lon Spector says:

    It’s plainly obvious that the Western World has entered it’s terminal stage. The 1% and the Chi-Com dog eaters think
    they can reduce the world’s population by 2 thirds, as their Master Satan demands. That may be so, but once the middle
    class and under white males are eliminated, the the Chi-Com, elite, and 3rd world scum will turn on each other.
    The land will become a barren wasteland and it will be rediscovered by a new “Christopher Columbus” 400 years from now.


    1. NIGELTEAPOT says:

      The Three Days in darkness comes in 2029, so none of that will have a chance to happen,


    2. NIGEL is a TEAPOT says:

      The Three Days in d*rkness comes in 2029, so none of that will have a chance to happen,


  2. NC says:

    Thank you again for the Mot20C episode this week.


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