Ghost Shirt Arguments

The right falls into the left’s frames with ease. Race issues are an obvious one, as recently Rep. Greene complained about the $450,000 for separated illegals by citing the lack of Democrat movement on reparations for blacks. It is idiocy and admitting the left’s frame of the necessity of any money. On occasion, the right takes angles on their own that can lead their flock astray.

A major one is the issue of gun rights, commonly tagged or described as 2A in reference to the second amendment. Over and over GOP politicians cite the constitutional right to own firearms. This is a legal right all Americans have. They pound the table about this.

Actual action is hit or miss. Lobbyists track the changes, with some states empowering individuals and others using backdoors for restriction. Tennessee passed legislation allowing permit-less concealed carry while equally right wing Indiana has killed similar attempts. Deep blue states and new blue states add in new regulations whenever given the chance. It’s a safety or public health issue now to obfuscate the truths about gun violence the left will not acknowledge. It is the nuance of legal rights that the right gets bogged down in.

Better rhetoric is that the right to own firearms is a natural right. A natural right is something we consider inalienable and universal. A legal right is just legal code granted by the government of the time. The founders’ view was of natural rights all men should have and not be restrained. There is the natural right of self-defense, and one must have the weaponry to defend oneself. Criminals will always use the weaponry of the time that gives them the greatest chance of success, so citizens should have the same opportunity to defend themselves.

There is a philosophical difference between the right and left now where the left has not just gone pro-criminal but cheerleads criminality. It is not organized banditry destroying businesses and creating chaos. It’s just shoplifting! Rape and murder are tragic accidents of life. Even when pressed about being robbed themselves, liberals will say they wouldn’t fight back. They are sheep to be slaughtered or eloi to be sacrificed to enjoy their urban playgrounds. It is part of their decay into passive consumers.

The GOP waves the Constitution around and speak ferociously about defending it. The Constitution is the GOP’s ghost shirt. What has the Constitution done to protect use from the steady erosion of freedoms? How does it protect us from the private, corporate trampling of our rights? We live in anarcho-tyranny which only the most naive do not see. There is a purpose to this rhetoric.

The day will come when the Supreme Court curtails gun rights or Democrats disregard judicial review and push hard on guns. Attacking the 3D printed gun movement is important to the left because 3D printed guns would squash any hope of disarming Americans. When that legal disarmament day comes though, the tough guy GOP politicians will shrug and say, “the courts decreed. It’s the law.” They will tuck tail and distance themselves from prior rhetoric. Framing gun rights as a natural right in an age of personal firepower and lax law enforcement will gird all of the right for this moment. Judicial diktats cannot erase that. It is a natural right to defend oneself with the same weaponry that criminals have, especially when the government that claims a monopoly on justice and violence shirks its responsibilities.

It will be easy because it was all about legal rights and those can disappear with law as easily as they were granted. Legal rights mean less in an age of overlords with completely different mindsets. Those first rights spelled out centuries ago were considered universal for the Anglo descended defectors from the British Crown. These new rulers are long separated from those men in mind and spirit. Their minds see opponents to disarm, not fellow citizens to extend the basic right to defend oneself to for life, liberty and happiness. The idea of natural rights is not granted to dehumanized outgroups. The ghost shirt movement with its promoters ended in a bloody massacre. That is all the Constitution waving will grant the right today.

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  1. stallard0 says:

    Complaining that we’re giving dem reparations to the wrong minority first is almost banana republic level “opposition” that once again shows that we have as much political freedom as China has, who at least don’t subject their population to the indignity of pretending legal political party #4 is an independent entity with an oppositional platform whose representation meaningfully affects the governance of the country.

    The system has little to fear from gun ownership at the moment because they walk all over the despised serf race without anyone lifting a finger while letting the true model minorities commit petty terrorism against their communities and ours. Frankly I think the Boomer scenario of goons marching into every house to confiscate guns isn’t all that likely specifically because it is a specific scenario that people are primed to resist. More likely if they felt threatened would be banning the deadly stealth assault murder rifles that MSNBC host go pale even mentioning. But even if there was a scenario where there was fragmented resistance, our enemies cannot help but gloat that it would be routed by regular tactics, and there is almost nobody with the mettle to engage in irregular tactics. I really don’t see fighting our way out of footstool status until collapse reaches institutional meltdown levels.

    The framing of the Constitution as enshrining natural rights was a strong conceit but a wrong-headed one. The strong sense of rights that led to the taking of arms in the 18th century in much the same way as it did in the 17th had nothing to Justinian, and predates the Christian liberty that Europe tore itself apart in violence to. It was distinctly and specifically the patrimony of the Anglo-Saxons, and there was no pretension of it belonging to any other people (the right to bear arms the founders enjoyed before the revolution was granted to the Protestants of the Realm). The Bill of Rights was an appendix simply explicitly stating the rights which the founders and their forbears had defended by the sword, unlike the “rights” of the regime that are invented daily. By the point that these rights were seen as merely providentially encrusted in a sacred document they were already a dead letter.

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    1. NIGEL is a TEAPOT says:

      Oh, it’s you evil incarnate, I suppose since freemasons are mohammedans are the same group, you would take after both.

      Natural Rights are from The Church and come from Natural Law which you openly reject.

      you are simply a stopgap to prevent people like me from actually solving the problem you panic over. you are an outdated satanist, you are only allowed to live so much that you attack The Church under the guise of a protestant devilry while the “other side” does so from a freemason devilry.

      you are simply a s*vage here to try to revive ancient roman law , spread it by violence, then have the whole world collapse. that was the goal anyways, but like every one of you who are against God And His Curch you deservedly fail and are wiped out to the last for your trouble.


  2. Barack says:

    The author refers to crime victims as the Eloi. Who are the Morlocs?


  3. It is the people who will defend that 2nd Amendment, not simply the Constitution. A paper can’t defend anything. When and if the government tries it will be met with deadly force, even if it is suicidal. Most people believe that with the second amendment will go all freedom, and they refuse to live under tyranny. The fact that liberals may support this only means they are uneducated, misinformed, or mentally ill. There are simply too many gun owners to stop them if they decide to take the country back, and more than that there are too many people who know how to use guns, even if they don’t own one. As for the old ladies I am reminded that Jesus said, “I did not come to bring peace to the world.” “If you have no sword then sell your cloak and buy one. At some point the religious angle will prevail regardless of what the left wants, and the people who would normally protect them, will be on the other side. What makes this battle different, is that I fully expect the media will be wiped out before it really gets started, and targets of opportunity (celebrities) and big tech executives will be open season. Anarchy is a difficult thing to stop, but with Communism as the alternative many will adopt a high cost alternative – You may kill me, but I’ll kill at least 5 -10 of you. Americans have never shied from battle, and the numbers favor them. So there is nothing to worry about. As for the JBS treaty argument, treaties are not allowed to change the Constitution. America is probably headed to death squads that will make South Ameria’s cartels look like a walk in the park. Its gruesome to consider, but that’s what happens when you play with fire. I suggest this is a place we dare not go. Just read about the carnage of the civil war if you think you know everything and can read.


    1. NIGEL is a TEAPOT says:

      there is no need for a civil war. years of a motion movies have taught you (and you listened) that violence is the only possible solution to anything, when violence solves nothing.

      you are simply falling into the trap you accuse others of.


  4. NC says:

    You will either submit and swallow on your knees or Stand up and defend yourself/family (win/lose/draw).


  5. Lon Spector says:

    These damn bastards are using the Covort/Piven” technique. The idea is to flood welfare entitlements to the breaking point,
    to release violent criminals and anarchists in the streets to lead to soceital breakdown.
    You can’t fight them through legal means. Americans don’t have the guts anymore.


  6. NC says:

    went to vote on 11/2 after overnight shift, ballot was eating by Dominion machine. Bedded down for the day. Got up to get ready for another overnight. Got to work to find that the Clot mandate email came out and my last day will be 12/8/21 unless I can get an “accommodation”. After midnight check the local elections and find out that yes the Dominion unit voted for me. Skinny, Fellow white and traitor all won the local CRT education election. The end is near…..


  7. NIGEL is a TEAPOT says:

    for however dull you people “react” in insisting republicans are (you do no thinking), you are mistaking Mrs Greene’s point:

    the left is inconsistent and regularly betrays its followers.

    this is a bit more complex than a “reaction” can tell you, and since the “dissident right” is just the cultural marxist half of the hegelian dialectic, you don’t actually want anything “fixed.”

    your job is to lie to boys with a slightly different set of perversions than the “left” does (both of your are liberals though), to lead them away from The Church and to the same hell the “left” goes.


  8. Vxxc says:

    Guns are useless in Americans hands. Cowards.

    Had ye 1% of the sand of the Iraqis, but you don’t.


    1. NIGEL is a TEAPOT says:

      your worship of evil is due to fear of evil.


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