Winners, Losers and Links


Virginia Parents – Heightened awareness of education means more focus on education policy and execution. We will see if Governor Youngkin delivers.

Vaxx Salesmen – Approval for covid vaccines for children happened and the roll out starts. They will blow out quarterly EPS.

Screen addicts – Facebook’s Meta VR world will formalize the online experience for many users. To steal from Snowcrash, they had become gargoyles. This makes it official.


The Progressive Wing – Pet issues were defeated in blue cities. Buffalo’s socialist candidate for mayor who won the Democratic primary with much fanfare lost to the incumbent as a write in. Seattle of all places has a Republican city attorney. The intra-left fight will be intense as the blame game plays out.

Swing Democrats – Redistricting will help, but this is not a good result for them to see going into ‘22. New Jersey’s results should bother them more than Virginia.

Secretary Buttigieg – No end in sight for the port jam. Question will be how bad are shortages for Black Friday shopping. His cabinet role was to give him visibility and gravitas for future roles. This failure will stick to him as his resume will be empty and have this albatross if it doesn’t turn around quickly.

The Steele Dossier Crowd – This is the roll up part of the op.


The obsession with ethnic food is a product of imperial tastemaking.

A vaxx side effect tragedy.

Arrests are down 25% nationwide.

Negative feedback… who cares when destruction is the goal!

Foreign money can now be deployed for state referendum elections. No worries.

The supply chain crisis and inflation will get worse.

David Cole offers pushback on demographics is destiny.

An alternative view on the spiritual but not religious crowd.

Sailer reviews Quinones new book. Both are must reads. Fentanyl changed everything.

The anti-woke are just the woke but not woke enough for the current year.

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  1. Miforest says:

    big big loser, the American people . clearly we have een conquored by someone . its not clear who, but the latest mandates show that they have consolidated their power. if they had not, the wreckage of the economy and life overall for tens of million of people resulting from the mandates would be a bridge too far. Their control is so firm that they do not fear the destruction and inevitable backlash.


    1. NIGEL is a TEAPOT says:

      oh joy, posts aren’t showing up again.

      Ok, part 1:
      your country was founded by freemasons under delusions that they could steal what The Church Created and live (you could see that go away within seconds after ANY “revolution”).

      their ultimate goal though was to spread ancient roman paganism worldwide, then have the world collapse like rome. this is because all paganism collapses.

      the freemasons thought they could be immune from this bomb, but what The Church Has Created cannot be taken outside of Her. therefore it immediately blew up in their faces. God then waned The Catholic Capital of the world slowly, which meant that what you stole began to rot quickly as you go mad.


    2. NIGEL is a TEAPOT says:

      Part 2:
      this is especially amusing when you see the “dissident right” promote paganism when the world that frightens them so is a 1:1 recreation of all paganism.

      in other words, it was always like this.

      What changed? the devil’s century ended (took place from 1917-2017) and so therefore God has forced you aware of what was always there in front of you.

      The result could be to wake you up, but it could also be to show just how far gone people are that they would still reject The Church even now.

      The result is what was always foretold: The Three Days In Darkness. you are simply being measured now to test your worth.


  2. Vxxc says:

    Nothing happened in Virginia except Maculiffe forgot a basic rule of politics; AWFLS and their Drone husbands rule Democrat but live Republican. In NJ they live Rumson and Montclair but govern Camden and Newark.

    They rule peasants they degrade and destroy, but they do not live that way. This has been the case for decades. That’s why Rudy and now Black Rudy are in office in NYC.

    As for the parents being “winners” – yes. They got rid of the rug rats.
    They can go back to being c_nts in the office. Education is daycare, prestige schools are to line up the Trophy kids. If you think they care a whit about CRT ~ the curriculum of decades ~ you have never been married have you? Of course not.

    You are projecting what you want on to the “parents “. Listen to the parents in Montclair, NJ. Woke and CRT have nothing to do with it, that they pay $19,000 a year for Day Care and had to take care of their kids anyway is the problem.

    He’s still shaking and his wife is traumatized that she had to be “full time caregiver.”

    As for Youngkin delivering ~ Youngkin is an effete version of Mitt Romney. He’ll deliver for his donors. He may keep the insufferable brats in Day Care aka school. That he can or would do anything about CRT is unserious delusional wishing.


    1. NIGEL is a TEAPOT says:

      your hatred of Children is absurd and makes no sense.


  3. Vxxc says:

    I don’t hate them, their parents do.

    Learn to read Nutjob.

    Mind you, I’m sure if they get bigger they’ll be hateful.

    Which is why I’m no longer anti abortion. The other side is welcome to unlimited Abortion, never too late in the term Abortion, post-partum Abortion, etc.

    Frankly these parents who can’t wait to be rid of their kids should have Abortions.


    1. NIGEL is a TEAPOT says:

      you are fully guilty.

      Oh, you certainly hate Children, you hate Humanity too going by your desperate inclination towards Martyring Children, the worst satanic rituals, dehumanizing everyone, and the like.

      you calling me insane tells me you have at least some self-awareness, as you wouldn’t have projected that if you didn’t at least know you were evil.


  4. NC says:

    Stop buying anything corporate (if you can), or at least limit it. No more food chains unless local only. Fucked on gas and food, but can be done. Don’t even bother with x-mass gifts this year. Give Au/Ag if possible (once of silver is only $30) or make something thoughtful. Make your Coffee at home.


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