Where Did The Creators Go

Submitted by Withered Rose

October has been a month of content consumption. Aside from my own consumption of Cowtails, KitKats, and hot apple cider, the right was in a consumption frenzy over Squid Game and Dune. I watched Squid Game, and I will watch Dune after I finish the book, and I understand the appeal of both. Squid Game is a softer version of Saw, but this time the dying old man running the game (who also inserts himself into the game) is not trying to reform his players, rather he is a member of the global elite who, having run out of the vanities of life, entertain themselves with gamified murder. It might be truer to say it is a much softer version of Hostel in that regard. For a crowd naturally hostile to the current elite, it makes sense that seeing a movie portraying the rich and powerful as sadistic villains would be popular. Whereas Squid Game presents a picture of the ugly world that is, Dune presents a possible archeo-future where traditional hierarchies, religion, and masculinity have returned.Put together, Squid Game and Dune are an adequate portrayal of the right’s psychology, both in terms of its hatred and its hope.

During the month of October, a friend remarked to me that it was frustrating that right-wing influencers are spending so much time-consuming content without producing any of their own. He did not mean yet another video on Julius Evola or current event commentary, but artistic creation. Taki Mag ran a piece on January 18th, 2021 titled “Whatever Happened to the “Man of the Right”? in which Marcia Christoff compares the right-wing of the 20th century to the right-wing of the 21st. In the 20th century,

“Ezra Pound, Wyndham Lewis, T.E. Hulme, W.B. Yeats, T.S. Eliot, Wallace Stevens, D.H Lawrence; the literary and art movements known as Futurism, Vorticism, and, to an extent, Expressionism… These monstres sacrés and their institutional expression raged from the margins of the general leftward drift of that totalitarian century and championed patriotism, nationalism, industry, and, via the traditionalist strain, monarchy.”

If Christoff wrote that article today, I am sure she would contrast the fine men of the 20th century to the right-wing influencers of October 2021, men who have not produced poetry, novels, plays, or film…they consume these things and talk about it on livestreams, so others can vicariously consume what the influencers have consumed. Consumption is a replacement for creation. Do not misunderstand me, I am not saying that it is wrong to watch movies or participate in consumption. However, it is the duty of a cultural-political vanguard to offer a positive vision, and traditionally this has been done through art. Both the right and the left of the 20th century, both T.S Eliot and Albert Camus, both Ezra Pound and Jean-Paul Sartre, spent most of their time writing poetry, putting on plays, or other culture producing activities. Yes, they spent time analyzing the political landscape. Yes, they produced political and social theory. And yes, they reviewed works of culture. Yet, this was always secondary to their creative efforts.These men knew that people do not live and die for theory, no, people live and die for visions, hopes, and dreams. Eliot’s Four Quartets and The Cocktail Party, or Ezra Pound’s Cantos,provide such visions, hopes, and dreams that are worth living and dying for.

If the right is to be victorious in the 21st century, it can no longer pursue the Sisyphean task of getting everyone to read Evola or Spengler. Poking holes in leftist fantasy will not suffice either. This is not because there is nothing of value to reading Evola or Spengler, or that it is profitless to critique the left’s ideology, but it is the case that the majority of people simply do not care about obscure philosophy, and it is equally true that people vote with their imagination rather than their reason. While voters can give you reasons why they vote the way they do, behind these reasons is a vision of the world that precedes reason. Arguments and evidence are the stars in the night sky, beautiful rays of light that are ornaments in a much larger landscape. What the right needs is to provide a positive visionthat appeals to the heart, we need artists, poets, and musicians. Christoff concludes her piece with the following,

“Such has been the main failure of conservatism in America—the lack of appeal to Imagination and of the ability to leave behind works of lasting emotional impact. In a word, it fails because it does not have the creative courage of the mad, bad highbrow right of generations past. It is all grassroots and no bloom.”

 I hope that by next October the right will be showcasing their own creations, not overindulging in consumption. Here I throw down the gauntlet, presenting one of my own poems in the hope that men with more potential than me will produce something better.


Green to orange, green to red,

All the sticky little leaves have turned up dead.

Strength sapped and brittle brought,

Life has now begun to rot.


Down to the ground, down they fall,

Turning of life apporaching each and all.

From what height they descend,

Never to grow again.


Yet, is this truly the end?

End of what? A leaf?

A leaf if you like, or the death of a friend.


Yes, the ground is a grave.

A grave is the end? Of both leaf and friend?

Leaf and friend end in the grave, as much as they begin in the nave.


Lest they rise.

Rise? They decompose, not rise.

Nay, life may just rise even if escaping our eyes.


How can it be, without ever been seen?

Seen it might, or to be seen it will…

You speak of magic, a zombie, or a fein.


No. I hope for a Sun rise to crest death’s hill.

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  1. scott says:

    maybe, just maybe, some men on the “right” watch these movies or read these books, or look at art as a way to hold in the rage. Ecclesiastes 3:8


  2. Bugman Pod-Amerikwan 🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈🇮🇱 says:

    feed me more corporate IP product can’t get enough Star Wars gay Disney trannie movies Hollywood yummy yummy corporate product consume it all don’t stop be gay consume consume Marvel DC capeshit gay gay gay blm bm butt-stuff autotune soy banks yum yum yum globalism democracy corporate product consume consume consume meat-is-a-treat consume Apple Amazog McGlobohomo Inc.


  3. Cthulhu says:

    Foregoing a long form explainatiom for lack of cultural production on the right, I’ll use bullet points:
    -the huge influx of a populist base starting as a trickle with Trump and as a tidal wave after covid
    -the disunity between the now very big tent including right libertarians (again as before), populists, natsocs, traditionalists, and every variation arrived at by combining those
    -the past targeting of cultural producers, remember Byron De La Vandal and Paddy Tarelton being semi-doxxed and intimidated
    -the heavily left-wing derived critical culture of certain factions of the right
    -everyone’s cultural background being at best cultural marxist and at worst post-modern tribalist dadaism. Saturday Night live may have been funny in the 1990’s but it was very poor as high culture, and that is nearing 30 years ago. If you grew up in the 2000’s your cultural reference is already early internet memes.

    Now, negatives can be positives, at least, knowing negatives can be a positive. New right wing culture needs to be accessable to a broad spectrum of ideologies and levels of sophistication, and it can’t reach too far back for references because going back pre-45 is elitist for a lot of people. And you have to either find a way it can be decentralized or accept being a lightning rod.

    My suggestiom for some inspiration: there is a youtube channel called omnistar east. He isn’t right wing and possibly not even western, but he posts a lot of music from behind the Iron Curtain during the cold war, and some from 1990’s russia. Something about having a failing economy, being ruled by oligarchs, having failed in a war in Afganistan, and widepread secularism sounds familiar, doesn’t it? If the music worked for them it can work for us.


    1. stallard0 says:

      Among the myriad more reasons that could be added:
      -No real artistic milieux within the right
      -No real opportunities for one to be fostered
      -Total, suffocating LW control makesaccessing the channels that 99% of people consoom from impossible
      -Media consumption primarily based in film/movies/video games, whose barrier of entry is much higher than literary media
      -Few RW cultural elements that can be tapped into
      -Systems of control specifically designed to sniff out and destroy RWers and “subversive” messaging

      The thing about subversive subcultures in the Iron Curtain is that, for better or for worse, they were the wholesale importation of, or slavishly derivative of, American culture, with all its foibles. Aping a foreign culture you see as superior is hardly novel, not in Russia, other parts of Europe, nor indeed America. The amusing contemporary analog would seem to be our anime right, downstream from the only foreign culture that captivates a decent segment of the population (no, the libs who own a Dr Who mug but couldn’t produce “the river Thames” don’t count), and which unquestionably has influenced much cultural expression regardless of what we might make of its own aesthetic/ethical merits.


      1. Cthulhu says:

        Go listen to some of the music on the channel, a lot of it is songs for soldiers thay anyone can learn with a few chords on guitar: decentralized. None of it apes western culture, it’s all pretty original. Would we be aping Russian culture to take inspiration from it? Maybe. All culture has something it is copying to some extent. Blues rock brought the blues into post-Beatles rock, black sabbath aped that with it’s own darker style, people aped them with their own twist, keep going down the line you eventually get Dying Fetus from Eric Clapton. There is no shame in a little copying. Russians are white and struggled under jewish communism, we’re white and struggle under Jewish capitalism. How different is it?


  4. NC says:

    Very few conservatives have Billions of $$$$. They have no reason to jeopardize their family for the greater good. Better to hole up with less bodies (of higher quality) and Build, back, better after the collapse.


  5. miforest says:

    for what it’s worth , vox day is creating books and comics . he should be supported https://voxday.net/


  6. Well I’ve writing for two damn years.


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