Winners, Losers and Links

Special Rittenhouse Trial Edition


The Left – They win no matter the outcome. Victory conditions are numerous. A potential Rittenhouse conviction is an obvious victory. An acquittal lets them push the white supremacy canard. A mistrial gives them another shot at it. They get to push gun control. This warns others off from ever doing something when cops get stand down orders as towns are burned down.

The defense team – No matter the verdict, they did good work. This case is a mockery of justice, and they have skewered the prosecution’s case at every step. Witnesses for the prosecution turned into witnesses for the defense with their cross examination.

Online case streaming – No media coverage so amateurs have done all the reporting.


Regime legitimacy – More of the normies see that the media narrative was a lie. This trial is anarcho-tyranny in purest form. Normies can see that if they catch trial moments.

Media – Reporting the event. Reporting the trial. It all erodes their little remaining credibility.

Self-defense – Basic concept of defending oneself is being attacked. The prosecution asked Rittenhouse why he would shoot and not just take a beating from people who said they would kill him.

The prosecution team – They look like malicious, incompetent fools. Doubtful they face any consequences and likely they get short term gigs on MSNBC for legal analyst appearances.


Nasim the prophet is resurrected! Find her on Apostate.

Trans advocates target children. NGO grooming.

Taibbi on Loudon County’s red pill moment.

Is Breezewood more than one image?

China’s growing military power.

Aaron Mate on Russiagate’s new revelations.

California ending the use of Ds and Fs. There are just too many of them.

Locklin on China’s view of America.

Our intel agencies cannot penetrate China.

If migrants are weapons when Belarus uses them, what are they when the Western left lets them in?

Biden isn’t stopping Assad. Maybe he knows about the curse.

It is not all in your head.

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  1. Will not eat the bug says:

    Kyle was supposed to die. He is guilty of living

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  2. stallard0 says:

    Lot of people overconfident based on court proceedings as though the Chauvin trial never happened. The only people who are both naive and intellegent enough to buy into and apply impartiality are those on our side. The prosecution case was just as farcical in the Chauvin trial but it turned out dangling over jurors the threat of being hunted down by rent-a-rotfronters worked. Rittenhouse is definitely in a better position though, if only by virtue of being a babyfaced kid who only shot white degenerates, and the “proud boy” fearmongering being passe when forces already orchestrated the Gulf of Trumpkin. The libs “accidentally” tuning in and seeing the other side are really signalling that the sight of a blubbering teenager pulled their heartstrings and the disposables Rittenhouse disposed of aren’t even worth pretending to care about. A lot seems to rest on just how vindictive the orgs Kyle spared the trouble of paying out a few $10 checks are.

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  3. NC says:

    (Paw-Pact) PAPAAC = Purge All Pedophiles At All Costs


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