Winners, Losers and Links


America’s Unvaccinated- OSHA mandate is paused. Courts put a stay on it. Polling shows it is not approved. Might see a pause on the push.

Team Chaos – Kenosha now has a swarm of people protesting as the jury deliberations continue.

Floridians – Relative freedom compared to all other states. DeSantis is acting which other governors should mimic.


Europe’s Unvaccinated- Lockdowns now target them. We will witness compliance levels. They cannot have an eye in every store or restaurant.

Apolitical – They keep thinking fair play and even-handedness is our default situation. The Rittenhouse trial is the most recent sign those days are over.

1/6 Prisoners – QAnon Shaman received 41 months and it looks like credit for time served. With prison service requirements, he will spend years in jail for what we can see on video as walking into Congress in a political cosplay outfit.


Are the moves by the Biden admin a deliberate process to crash the economy?

Take back America? No. Tribe up? Yes.

The State of Dystopia.

We are guided by a cult of experts but it doesn’t have to be so. Unfortunately it does provide the ruling managers their rationale for power.

Destroy the charitable foundations.

This essay on the gnostics really runs wild.

Gottfried defends Sam Francis.

Trump admin vet explains how the permanent bureaucracy ruled as Trump held office. Doesn’t say we should destroy the permanent bureaucracy. Almost there.

Democrats distance themselves from the College Democrats. Leftist infighting.

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  1. bluecat57 says:

    The real Peace symbol.

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    1. bluecat57 says:

      The real symbol of Peace.

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  2. Exile says:

    Sam Francis deserves a better defense than he gets from Gottfried. Conceding that muh racycism is bad and building a weak if not outright false case for why Sam wasn’t raycist does not do the man justice. Sam was an obvious race-realist and had nothing to apologize for.

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  3. NC says:

    He got off for now!
    Have a great holiday weekend.
    Nice Myrth20C on timber industry.

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  4. Vxxc says:

    “Are the moves by the Biden admin a deliberate process to crash the economy?“

    Yes. Our Foreign Policy is now our Domestic Policy- this the sanctions phase. You forget that “Biden” is in via Color Revolution? This is the same people. That is our government. Not “Biden” or the rest of the non-entities. We’re in a Color Revolution and this is part of the process. We shall now learn what the Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians and Ukrainians learned and suffer as they suffered.

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