Winners, Losers and Links


Kyle Rittenhouse- Acquitted and free, Rittenhouse revealed he has a team of lawyers looking at defamation lawsuits.

OPEC+ – The US released oil from the SPR while still pursuing green goals. Oil will keep rising whether OPEC+ pumps or not. Every problem we have will not be fixed because of progressive ideological handcuffs.

Pete Buttigieg – The Democrat bench is so weak that a lightweight pol grown in a lab gets the shine treatment from the media as ‘24 approaches.


Waukesha – A horrendous attack in their city by a BLM madman will get shifted off the front pages because of the who/whom.

Shoppers – Inflation hitting hard. They’ll notice it as Black Friday arrives.

Ukraine – War tension is never good, and when your war can come with an oil spike to guarantee to cripple the US economy, it is a tantalizing gamble for someone hoping the US doesn’t step in.


We don’t know how to handle China because we haven’t faced a peer like this in over a century and have a traitorous elite.

We won’t be able to control a super-intelligent AI. Welcome back Tay!

Latino journalists ended up helping Rittenhouse.

Kunstler on America’s stumble into a dark winter.

Unz covers the media giants suppressed by pygmies.

The Boeing 737-Max was a joke. Boeing used to make airplanes. Then they decided to be project manager systems specialists. It failed.

BAP’s newest essay.

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  1. vxxc says:

    I hope Latinos know they are now the. Reagan Democrats and will not be forgiven. The Democrats were never and will never stop punishing the White Working Class for voting Republican- they are extremely vindictive, unto extinction if they can (do look at who exterminated the Indians, and tell me looking at the results that they have forgiven the Blacks).


  2. Vxxc says:

    “ Every problem we have will not be fixed because of progressive ideological handcuffs.”

    The handcuffs are chains and serve their intended purpose, working as designed. Don’t confuse core features for flaws.

    Who is this We you refer to?
    They are Who, “We” are Whom.
    The Progressives are doing this to us, they don’t have a problem we do.

    That’s like the Germans accusing Curtis LeMay or Bomber Harris of Fire Code Violations.


  3. NC says:

    More and more I want to see our collapse with the hope that some of our Pharaohs will get the axe.
    AI is flawed, it was designed by a Human and we are flawed as a rule.
    Smart(er) people realize that destroying the Yeti civilization is not good for everyone. See you have to have a level of IQ to understand the rules you can break and the ones you have to follow.
    It will be so good when booster 5 is in and all the political class level get the clot finally instead of the saline.
    When is the Pagen going to wake up to the Abraham 3 being evil and torch all those temples to Baal.
    737-WEF and friends is destroying that industry.
    Fiction is Fiction.


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